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Sugar Pop is a 5 reel video slot game without standard paylines. Developed by software provider, Betsoft Gaming, the game has a 5×5 grid of symbols, with three or more needing to match horizontally or vertically in order to create winning combinations. There are 21 levels in this game which players progress up as they play and there are two bonus features – the Super Colour feature with multiplied wins and the Colour Bomb feature with exploding symbols.

Something completely different!

This game is sure to attract anyone with a sweet tooth with different coloured and shaped candies all over the screen. The reels are set onto a light pink and purple background of cotton candy, sugar puffs and more. There is a large metre on the right of the reels which controls the level you are playing in the game. The symbols themselves include different shaped and coloured candies and these include candy canes, caramel chews, chocolate gum drops, jawbreakers, jelly beans, white chocolate and more. Additional symbols can be added as you progress up the levels of the game.

Any time three or more candies touch either vertically or horizontally, a winning combination will be formed. Those candies will pop and disappear, making place for new candies which may create new winning combinations.

Four of the same coloured candies can combine to create a Super Colour symbol. If this super colour symbol matches with other symbols before the next spin, they will multiply the combination they are used in.

Five or more of the same coloured candies that combine to create a winning combination will create a Colour Bomb of the matching colour. If the colour bomb combines with matching colour candies before the next spin, it will explode every symbol of the same colour that is on the reels.

There are twenty one levels and nine unique worlds in this game and players will move up a level every time the metre on the right of the reels is filled. There are unique candies available in certain levels and each of these special candies has unique features associated with it.
-Lollipop swirls new symbols onto the reels, offering the chance to hit new winning combinations. -Jawbreaker crushes candies that are nearby.
-Chocolate makes a 3×3 bar out of the candies that are near it.
-Candy cane explodes all candies in the same row and column.
-Caramel chew explodes a random path of symbols around the reels.
-Cotton candy sweeps up additional wins.
-Gum drop sucks up nearby candies and explodes them.
-Jelly beans send out 1 to 5 jelly beans to explode random symbols.
-White chocolate shoots out almonds and explodes random symbols.

There are also unique bonus patterns indicated on the left of the reels and players who create winning combinations in those patterns will be awarded up to 600 bonus points.

Sugar Pop is a uniquely designed slot game with plenty of bonus features throughout the levels of the game. Try it out for a sweet win.

  • Almost like Candy Crush!
  • Very special gaming experience
  • Level based playing
  • Nothing special