Cookies are used by almost all websites. They are small pieces of technical data that are sent by a web server to a web browser and are stored on your hard disk to allow the server to collect information from the browser. This information is used to help improve your experience on our site and here we will explain exactly how we can do this through using cookies and how you can prevent the cookies from being stored if you want.

What Cookies Do

We use cookies to gather information about your preferences so that we can offer you a super experience on Irish Luck. By knowing what you enjoy, we can ensure those experiences are conveniently available to you.

Disabling Cookies

It is possible to disable cookies by adjusting your browser settings (go to Help in your browser if you need help with how to do this). However, be aware that there is generally no way to disable cookies without losing all the great features and functions that you can benefit from with them enabled.

It is therefore recommended that you do not disable cookies if you want to maintain the high level of features and functions available on this site.

What are Our Cookies Used For?

We use the cookie on our site for a number to offer a number of features.

Cookies may be used to remember any data, such as user details, that you may have previously submitted to us on forms such as comment forms or forms on our contact page.

We want to be sure that your experience on our site is convenient and offers features according to your preferences. When you set preferences, the cookies help to remember them so that the site can recall these preferences whenever it is relevant.

We offer a newsletter and email subscription services and our cookies are used to remember if you are already registered with us and to make sure we send you notifications that are exclusive for subscribed/unsubscribed customers.

We sometimes run user surveys or questionnaires that are used to provide you with useful information such as helpful tools or information about our users. We use cookies to monitor who has taken part in the surveys and to provide relevant results once the survey has been completed.

Third-Party Cookies

There are a few specific cases when we might use cookies provided by a trusted third party. Here we will look at when you might come across third party cookies.

Google Analytics is one of the most popular and trusted analytic solutions available today. We use Google Analytics to help us gain a better understanding of how you use our site. The cookies can keep track of the pages you visit and how long you spend on our site. We can then use this information to improve your gaming experience.

Third-party cookies can provide us with information by linking a social media account. This can either indirectly or indirectly provide us with information about you so that we can offer content to you that we know will interest you.

Any More Questions?

As we mentioned, it is always better to leave cookies enabled so that you don’t inadvertently disable a feature or function that you use on this site. If you have any questions or want anything clarified about the use of cookies on our site, please feel free to contact us via customer support.

Cameron Murphy

Junior Copywriter

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