Online Bingo Ireland 🎖️ Best Bingo Sites Rated 2023

Welcome to our guide to online bingo in Ireland. In this guide, we will provide you with information on how to play bingo online, the rules of the game, and the different types of bingo as well as reviews of popular bingo sites that are available to players from Ireland. By reading through our guide and reviews, you will be able to learn more about bingo and find top online casino sites that best suit your needs.

We understand that some people might not be familiar with bingo, so our guide will be easy to read and understand, making it the perfect resource for anyone new to the game. We hope you find our guide helpful and that it helps you find the perfect online Irish bingo site to play at.

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Best Irish Bingo Sites March 2023

Here at Irishluck, we have spent countless hours researching and rating the best online bingo sites available to players from Ireland. Our team of experts has carefully evaluated each site according to strict rating guidelines and editorial principles to ensure that the sites we recommend are of the highest quality. 

You'll find detailed reviews of each site, which will give you a sense of the features and generous sign-up bonuses, you can expect as a player. Our bingo site selection and guide were created to help you find the perfect bingo Irish site for your needs, so feel free to browse our list and pick the one that you like the most!

RankCasinoBonusProsSecure Link


Quickslot Casino has been evaluated as the leading destination for playing bingo online due to its broad range of games with various themes, providing an unprecedented gaming experience for players. Additionally, Quickslot Casino proffers ample promotions and bonuses, thereby increasing the chances of players attaining victory. The casino also comprises a professional and amiable customer support team, which is available around the clock to assist players with any queries or issues they may have. These factors culminate in making Quickslot Casino an ideal choice for bingo enthusiasts seeking a secure and entertaining online gaming experience.

Spinaway Casino

Spinaway Casino has been considered a suitable alternative for bingo players due to its extensive collection of games that are engaging and effortless to play. The casino offers bountiful promotions and bonuses, inclusive of daily and weekly specials which may enhance the chances of winning. The user interface of the casino is designed to be easily navigated, and the site is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, providing players with the convenience of playing from any location. Furthermore, the casino is fully licensed and regulated, ensuring fair gameplay and the protection of players' personal and financial information.

Unibet Casino

Unibet Casino has been ranked as a credible option for bingo players due to its wide selection of bingo games that are very exciting to play. The casino's interface is relatively uncomplicated yet intuitive, facilitating ease of navigation. It is also optimized for mobile devices, allowing players to play on the go. Unibet Casino comprises a proficient customer support team readily available to assist players with any queries or concerns. The casino is fully licensed and regulated, ensuring fair gameplay and the safeguarding of players' personal and financial information. Furthermore, Unibet Casino has a reputation for providing quality online gaming experiences to its patrons for an extended period. All these factors make Unibet Casino a top choice for bingo enthusiasts seeking a reliable, secure, and entertaining online gaming experience.

Our Monthly Bingo Picks

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Interesting Facts About Bingo

  1. Bingo is a game of chance that originated in Italy in the 16th century and has since spread to become a popular game worldwide.
  2. In the early 20th century, bingo was known as "beano" and was played using beans to mark the numbers on the card 
  3. A study by the University of Lethbridge in Canada found that playing bingo can improve cognitive function in older adults, including memory, attention, and problem-solving skills.
  4. Bingo in Ireland is still going strong, even 60 years after it was first introduced.
  5. In Ireland, bingo is also sometimes called "housie" or "tombola," and is traditionally played using a paper card with numbers on it, rather than electronic machines.

How to Play Online Bingo

Similar to land-based bingo, online bingo games are all about crossing off the numbers on your ticket as they are called out in the draw. Like lotto, the idea is still the same - check draws each time and crosses off all your ticket numbers in their place in the final results before anyone else does and scoop that top prize. Depending on the bingo game you are playing, you will have different amounts of numbers on your ticket to cross off.

The numbers on your ticket will match the numbers that are possible to be called. In land-based games, these numbers are printed onto balls; in online casino games, the balls are simply virtual. Often, there are several opportunities to win a bingo game - you don't just win for a complete card (or full house) but also for filling vertical or horizontal lines.


The Rules of Online Bingo

All bingo players will be happy to know that online bingo rules are straightforward and don’t differ from regular bingo. First, you need to purchase your bingo tickets. When doing this in an online bingo room, tickets can be from as little as 1 cent per ticket and will be available for purchase in the lobby before the game is due to start. The game starts as soon as the first number is announced, and no more tickets can be bought.

Online games will simply mark the numbers off for you as numbers are called out, which is helpful as you don't need to pay such close attention and can have numerous tickets on the go. Numbers will be called continuously until someone has reached the first prize (often just a single line matched). If there are other prizes, the numbers will continue until a full house is reached.

Top Rated Online Bingo Bonuses

Like online casinos, online bingo rooms frequently use enticing casino bonuses to attract more players to the game. The most common form of online bingo offers found at casinos is a welcome bonus. The most common welcome bonuses available are a multiple of your first deposit. Offers to claim a bonus of 200% are some of the most common ones. As with all other free things, these bonuses have a little catch. There usually are withdrawal restrictions around how the bonus or slots bonus spins can be spent. The most common one of these kinds of restrictions is a wagering requirement, also called a playthrough.

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Pros and Cons of Online Bingo

  • Very easy to learn
  • Good amount of winnings
  • A large variety of bingo games
  • The jackpot is not huge compared to other casino games

What Are the Wagering Requirements for Online Bingo?

When playing online bingo you have to pay attention to the wagering requirement, which is the minimum amount you have to spend when the website gives you a bonus. The minimum spend is generally going to be a multiple of the bonus itself and it could include any deposit you have to make and winnings (if you received the bonus from an online slot spin for example).

This means there is always a certain amount that you need to deposit and play through before you can start withdrawing money that you win using the bonus funds. It’s always worth checking out what the bonus rules are exactly and what your minimum deposit has to be.

Sometimes you might be asked for your deposit balance to reach 15x your first balance. This would mean that you would have to spend €150 of your own money before making a €10 deposit with a 100% welcome bonus. An online bingo wagering requirement can usually be used on bingo tickets online and not on other games or slot spins.

Bingo Winning Options

Players will win the top prize for a full house, but depending on the bingo type, players can also get prizes for one line, two lines, and even for wins in a specific pattern. These patterns can come in many forms and will often be diamonds, chevrons, and crosses. It is, therefore, important to check what the goal is whenever you join an online bingo game.

Different Types of Online Bingo

90-Ball Bingo

90-ball bingo is the traditional version of this game and is generally always found online. The tickets are a 9x3 grid with a ticket containing 15 numbers ranging from 1 to 90 (as the name suggests). Usually, 90-ball has three different prizes available to aim for - two lines and a full house - the prize increasing all the way to a given wins cap as the difficulty of reaching the required goal gets higher.

When it comes to what the goals are, a full house is the easy one - you have to match all 15 numbers before anyone else does. The two different lines can be any line on the grid unless it is stated otherwise in the rules of the game you are playing. Make sure to check this beforehand so that you are not caught out.

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80-Ball Bingo

80-Ball is also called Coverall Bingo, and it's a popular variation nowadays. This game is set on a 4x4 grid with 16 numbers that range from 1 to 80. Unlike 90-Ball, 80-Ball bingo only has one prize. And this one is as you would expect - you need to match and mark off all 16 numbers on your card or ticket before anyone else does. Often, prizes are larger for 80-ball.

75-Ball Bingo

75-Ball Bingo is also known as pattern bingo. The game is set on a 5x5 grid and has numbers from 1 to 75 on the cards. Occasionally, you will find a coverall game on 75-ball, but generally, you will be required to match a specific pattern before anyone else does if you are to win. Patterns can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal and will be announced prior to the game starting.

Choosing a Bingo Room

Once you're at any bingo site, head over to the bingo lobby. Normally it is here that you will find the lists of bingo games available alongside the cost of the ticket and the prize that can be won. To purchase your tickets you can pay by phone or using any other casino payment method accepted by the site. Each room will cater to a different budget and have different game times, making it easy for you to select the next game you want to play.

How Many Tickets to Buy 

Once you've selected a game, you need to determine how many tickets you'd like to purchase. The more tickets you have, the greater the chance you have of winning prizes. Don't worry about having too many tickets, as there's no need for you to keep up with the numbers as the system will do that for you. Just make sure you can afford the number of tickets you buy!

What is Free Bingo?

For those bingo players still unsure about depositing their money at unknown online sites, there's another option for you. This is free bingo and it gives you the chance to test the waters if you are unsure. Perfect for the beginner, free bingo games do not generally require a deposit from customers and will simply show you what's what for minimal to no prizes, all in a low-risk environment without creating an account.

free bingo

Some free bingo games will cost a little, usually a penny per card, and will have low prices for you to get a hold of. In fact, the only real drawback of playing free bingo is that the prizes are not exactly great. Sometimes, too, you'll win in credits only (as it's free) and these will have to be played on the casino site in order to redeem them.

Why Play at Irish Bingo Sites? 

For the most part, free bingo gives you experience regardless of whether it’s a stand-alone bingo game or games like bingo networks. Utilizing games such as these gives you the chance to test out a bingo site and get a feel for the games as a whole. It also gives you the chance to figure out strategies, get a feel for the speed of a game, and test out boundaries, new card levels, and more, all without needing to worry if you make a mistake.

Where to Play Bingo Online

If you think playing bingo online is the game for you, then there are a few things you need to think about when choosing where to play. You first need to look at all the different bingo sites available. After all, they're not all created equal. When looking for an online site, first you should check the most important detail: licensed and regulated to ensure it's safe.

You should then check out the bingo rooms and the game options, as you don't want to sign up and have limited options. It's also important to check out the bonuses and promotions on offer and the ticket price range to ensure that the site is within your budget. Once you've checked out these features, go ahead and pick a bingo site.

Online Bingo Ireland

Virtue Fusion Online Bingo Software

Virtue Fusion is considered the largest bingo network in the industry. Bought by software provider Playtech in 2010, Virtue Fusion is a leading brand in bingo software and gets over 60,000 online bingo players daily, drawn to its standalone and networked games across a multitude of sites. The company has been awarded the Best Online Bingo Innovation, Best Bingo Software, and Bingo Supplier of the Year awards more than once, due to the excellent user experience it provides.

Bingo Halls Vs. Online Bingo

Playing bingo in a land-based hall and playing online is actually very similar. However, the main difference is that you don't need to keep massive books of bingo tickets when you play online, as all your tickets are electronic. You also don't need to keep up with the calling of the numbers, as you don't need to mark off your own tickets when playing online.

Playing online is much more stress-free, enabling you to sit back and enjoy the ride. Of course, many people like bingo halls for their sociability, but online bingo rooms also have live chat rooms where you can meet other players and chat. The best part about online bingo is that games run around the clock, so you never have to wait!

Final Thoughts on Bingo

We have summarized some points for you to consider when choosing a casino site to play bingo. Make sure to follow this checklist:

  • Check if the bonus has acceptable terms and conditions ( also known as T&Cs).
  • Make sure the casino is trustworthy and pays rewards.
  • See if the site has proper security measures like browser & password protection, personal data collection, etc.
  • Check if the bingo site has an app or is at least mobile-friendly if you want to switch the device.


Online Bingo FAQs

If you have a question that is not answered here about online bingo, please contact us and our writer Cameron will get back to you within 48 hours.

The best part of playing bingo online is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home Most popular bingo sites will still have a chat window option, and you can stay connected with different people worldwide during gameplay. If you prefer the social aspect of bingo and the thrill of holding daubers in real life, check out Matthew's guide to some favorite land-based bingo halls in Ireland.

While bingo is a game of chance, there are a few strategies you can use to potentially improve your chances of winning. One is to play multiple cards at once, which increases your chances of hitting a winning combination. Another is to look for promotions and bonuses offered by the bingo site, which can give you extra chances to win. However, ultimately bingo is a game of luck and you should always keep that in mind when playing.

If you're stuck on where to try out bingo online and don't know where to start, check out our recommended bingo sites at the top of this page. Irish players can easily play with their minds, as all the casinos listed on our site strictly follow our editorial principles and rating guidelines.

Online bingo is pretty similar to playing in a traditional bingo hall. Our comprehensive guide will simplify the bingo-playing process, even for beginners. The hardest part is probably finding an online casino site that offers bingo, but fear not! The toplist at the beginning of the page covers all your bingo needs. 

One of the differences is the convenience factor: online bingo can be played from the comfort of your own home, while traditional bingo requires you to travel to a physical location to play. Another difference is the variety of games available: online bingo sites often offer a wider range of games with different themes and variations, whereas traditional bingo halls may only offer a few standard games. Additionally, the prizes offered in online bingo games might be different than what traditional bingo halls would offer, like cash, bonus, or gadgets.

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