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You can tell that Rugby is a staple in the Irish sports community, ever since the formation of the IRFU (Irish Rugby Union) in 1879. Popularity has exploded during the last ten years, as the Irish team have become key players in rugby tournaments. Irish Luck wants you to make the most of this opportunity when it comes to punting, that's why we've got all the tips and tricks covered for you regardless of what you're looking for.

Best Irish Rugby Betting Sites 2021

Irish Rugby Betting Guide

Irish Rugby has reached the “Golden Era” in the last decade due to the outstanding performances of our international team and provincial clubs. Ireland has enjoyed success in the Six Nations Championship, winning Triple crowns and Grad Slam Titles. Both Munster and Leinster provincial clubs also won the Heineken Champions Cup several times in the last twenty years.

The success of Irish international and provincial clubs has led to an increase in enthusiastic fans placing more bets on the sport. Let's dig into this sport on Irish Luck!

We’ve listed the most popular tournaments in the sport

  • Guinness PRO14 League: This annual competition features fourteen teams from Ireland, Scotland, Italy, South Africa and Wales. 
  • Six Nations Championship: This popular annual event features six international teams, including Ireland. The teams compete against each other in a table, and the country that finishes at the top of the table wins the Six Nations trophy.
  • Heineken Champions Cup: This exciting tournament features twenty-four rugby clubs from the countries that participate in the Six Nations Championship.

Where Can You Place a Bet on Irish Rugby?

You can place a bet on international and provincial games when the tournament run-ups start. All you need to do is go to a reputable Irish betting site and register with the website. You can then go to the live sports betting section to browse the odds available on the current sports events.

How to Bet on Irish Rugby?

If you’re unlucky enough not to have a local bookie near your area of residence, you’ll be able to place your bets on established betting websites. If you’re not sure how to bet on Irish rugby online, all you need to do is register an account with an Irish bookmaker, and then make your first deposit. You can use your funds in the live sports section of the website to place bets on the sport.

How to Find a Good Irish Rugby Betting Site

Many reputable sites will have a dedicated Irish sports betting section. Rugby is a popular sport for pundits, and the best websites will be promoting the current tournaments and offering you the best odds. You need to understand betting on Irish rugby before you sign-up. 

What Types of Bonuses Can I Find When Betting On Irish Rugby?

When you sign-up to a bookmaker online, you’ll find that most operators will offer you a welcome pack when you register an account with them. The site may also give you Irish rugby betting bonuses when you sign-up. You must read the bonus terms of the website to ensure that the offer applies to the sport.

What is the Best Betting Strategy for Irish Rugby?

You need to familiarise yourself with the sport to help you win money betting on Irish rugby. You can follow the official IRFU website for news on upcoming games and updates on players. It’s also worth checking out past match statistics for you to gain an insight into a team’s weaknesses and strengths.

Physical surroundings can also play a role in the outcome of a match. For example, you may find that a team will have a better chance of winning if they’re playing in their home stadium or country. The weather will also have an impact on the match if the conditions are poor.

Top Rugby Teams (World Rankings) 

South Africa94.19
New Zealand92.11

How Irish Rugby Betting Odds Work

Fractional betting odds are commonly used in sports in Ireland. When you know how these odds work, you’ll know how to win betting on Irish rugby. For example: if you place a bet of €1 on Munster at odds of 6/1 to win the Heineken Cup, you will win €6 and your €1 initial bet back.

The same rules apply if you see odds of 11/2 on a team. If you place €1 on 11/2 odds, you’ll win €5.50 plus your €1 returned bet. If you place €2 on 11/2 odds, you’ll receive €11 and your €2 back.

Betting on the Spread makes the game more interesting. If you see figures like +9.0 next to the odds, this means that the underdog team would have to lose by less than nine points for you to win your bet. If you see -9.0 next to the odds, this means that the favourite team would have to win by more than nine points. 

Where Can I Find the Best Odds for Irish Rugby?

You’ll find the best odds for the sport at established bookies online. Betting websites are very competitive against one another, and they’ll always try to offer the lowest odds available to attract new customers. If you browse the bookmaker sites and if you use betting comparison websites, you’ll find the best odds in no time. Find out with are the recommended sportsbook on Irish Luck!

RankCasinoBonus AmountSports Events

€122 Bonus


€500 Bonus

3888 Sport

€30 Bonus


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€500 Bonus


Best Rugby Betting Strategy

When it comes to the question of how to win when betting on rugby, this is not a simple question to answer, and like all betting, there isn’t a definitive answer that will work every single time. However, there are some strategies that you can carry out that will increase your chances of winning when you bet on rugby.

Understand how rugby betting works

The first step is quite evident when betting on any sport. You need to understand betting on rugby. If you don’t understand the different intricacies of how to bet on rugby, then you will never manage to have any long-term, sustained success. Make sure that you understand the game and how to bet on it and you will have a better chance of winning more often than you lose.

Research Rugby teams

The second step is where research comes into it. One of the best markets for rugby is picking a winner and choosing a points handicap. You can often increase the odds on a heavy favourite if you give them a points handicap. For example, for South Africa against Ireland, you will get better odds on South Africa to win by at least 10 points than you would on just South Africa to win.

In order to carry this out effectively, you need to know the average number of points that a team wins by. This will make it easier for you to judge how many points you should choose to handicap the favourite by. Once you have seen how many points they are likely to win by, you can see if the increase in odds makes the bet worth your while.

There are many aspects of the game that you can use to place a bet. The following are the most popular methods that pundits use to place bets on the sport:

  • Straight bets on a team to win, draw or lose;
  • Accumulator: This is betting on the outcome of several matches;
  • The number of tries a team may score or concede;
  • The number of tries successfully converted in a game by a player.
  1. England National Rugby Union Team;
  2. England National Rugby Union Sevens Team;
  3. England’s Women’s National Rugby Union Team;
  4. New Zealand National Rugby Union Team (Kiwis);
  5. British & Irish Lions (The Lions Tour);
  6. Wales National Rugby Union Team;
  7. Scotland National Rugby Union Team;
  8. Ireland National Rugby Union Team;
  9. Wales National Rugby Union Sevens Team;
  10. South Africa National Rugby Union Team (Springboks).

Cash Out

Cash-out is a handy function that allows you to get money back on your placed bet before a sporting event has concluded. For example, If you select the cash-out button on your app while your team is winning, you will retain a reduced bet. You can also do this if your team is losing, so you won’t lose your full initial wager.

Live Streaming and Where to Watch Irish Rugby

The channels that air the games will depend on what tournament is playing. RTE will show international matches from The Six Nations and The Rugby World Cup. 

The PRO14 tournament events are aired across various broadcasters like Eir Sports and TG4, while BT Sports owns the rights to Irish Heineken Cup matches. You can also stream international games on the RTE Player app.   


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    Yes, you can bet on Irish rugby games in Ireland.
    Live betting is where you can place a bet on a sporting event while it’s taking place. The amount of money you can win depends on the projected outcome when you place your bet.
    You can use credit/ debit cards and e-wallet services on Irish websites when you bet on the sport.
    Yes, it’s perfectly safe to bet on Irish rugby, as long as you choose a secure Irish website.
    You need to look at club or country statistics and team news when betting on the games.
    You can win as little as €1 for straight bets or higher amounts if you use high-return accumulators.
    You can optimise your chances of winning by using the live betting feature.
    You can bet on the sport at all reputable Irish bookies that are offering the best odds.

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