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IrishLuck is bringing casino players all they need to know about using Revolut at Irish online casinos. We're exploring just how effortless Revolut is to use online, how to use it when making a deposit or withdrawal, pros and cons of this payment method, and even some frequently asked questions.

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Best Revolut Casinos for Irish Players

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Revolut was founded in 2015 and has grown impressively in the last few years. It is designed to allow you to move money around the world and exchange it as needed. The flexibility of this service makes it ideal for casino use, although its relative newness means that it hasn’t yet been added to many sites.  

Casinos that accept Revolut

How Easy is Revolut to Use Online?

Is using Revolut at an Irish online casino site a recommended option right now? While it is quite new to the market, it has got some worthwhile advantages, especially if you want something a bit more than just a money transfer service. In some casinos, you will also be able to choose between moving money from your Revolut account or using the card that can be ordered with it.

Revolut is an extremely easy service to use. The first step for a new user is to introduce their mobile number onto the site, which will lead to a message getting sent to their device. After that, it is easy enough to set up a new account and fund it. You can move money back and forward between Revolut and your bank account, or use the card that comes with the account for spending. 

Quick Fact 

ℹ️ Revolut offers services in more than 200 countries and regions around the world at the moment.

Pros and Cons of Revolut Casinos

Advantages of Banking With Revolut

There are some good reasons for giving Revolut a try as your new banking method. The following are some of the main advantages of using Revolut as a casino banking method.

  • It is very easy to use.
  • A growing list of features (buy cryptocurrency, buy gold etc.).
  • Many different currencies are allowed.
  • Free to open and low fees.
  • The mobile app lets you control your cash wherever you are.

Disadvantages of Banking With Revolut

Not everything is perfect with any way of moving money around, and there are a couple of potential issues with using Revolut as a casino payment method that you should know about before getting started.

  • Not fully registered as a bank, so not all deposits are as well-protected as they would be in a bank.
  • Some reviews suggest their customer support is lacking.
  • Topping up an account with a credit card and using those funds to deposit in a casino is restricted.
  • Amazing payment app
  • Very safe to use at online casinos
  • Free to use to gamble
  • Fee to withdraw at the ATM

How to Sign Up at an Online Casino Using Revolut

Some new online casinos will ask for your payment method early on, while in others you can add it later. Either way, the fact that it can be used with many different currencies lets you fund your account with your preferred currency. When using Revolut on a casino site, you can get started in the following ways.

  • Create a new Revolut account
  • If the casino allows Revolut then add your details to link it
  • If Visa/MasterCard payment options are offered, then you could use the Revolut card instead
  • You can change your payment method later if needed. For example, if you order a Revolut card and find it easier to pay in this way.

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Using Revolut

Once you are signed up to both the casino and Revolut, you are ready to move funds across whenever you want to. This is simple to do and you will be up and running in next to no time.

How to Make a Deposit Using Revolut

We all want smooth and effortless ways of funding our games, so the way that Revolut makes it so easy to get going is definitely a good thing. You can get ready to start playing for real money by carrying out the following steps.

  • Deposit money to your Revolut account.
  • Transfer funds to the casino from your Revolut account or use the card option if you have one.
  • The money should be in your casino account almost instantly after you do this.
  • You are ready to play some games.

How to Make a Withdrawal Using Revolut

Withdrawing using Revolut at an online casino should be quick and easy to do. With just the following steps, the money that you have won will soon be sitting in your account.

  • Choose the withdrawal option from the casino lobby.
  • Select how much money you want to move out.
  • Choose the Revolut or card method, as available and required.
  • It may take 24 hours or longer for the money to arrive, depending upon the casino’s withdrawal processing policy.

Is Revolut a Widely Used Casino Payment Method?

Given that it is a relatively new type of account, it is easy to see why Revolut isn’t yet fully established as one of the top casino payment methods. They currently have around 12 million users and plan to expand globally in the next few years, with a target of 20 million users by 2021 and 100 million four years after that.

Given their plans for rapid expansion, it seems likely that it becomes more widely used in casinos soon. They plan to move into a number of new countries across the planet, but at the moment their customer base is largely limited to European countries.

Of course, since some players use it as a Visa or MasterCard option, it is difficult to know exactly how popular it is now.  With not too many casinos accepting direct Revolut transfers yet, this is likely to carry on being the main option for a little longer, but we should see the numbers start to increase soon.  

Where to Find Casinos That Accept Revolut?

The good news is that if you have a Revolut card, you can use it to move money under the Visa or MasterCard options that most of the best internet casino allows. Otherwise, you will be limited in the choice of casinos that you can use for direct transfers.

Some of the biggest casinos are beginning to now accept Revolut transfers, though, and it is worth checking back now and then if you are interested, as others are likely to add this method before too long. There are also many dedicated no deposit bonuses offered.

Where to Find Casinos That Accept Revolut


FAQs about Using Revolut in Online Casinos

Scammers can look to steal money from you no matter what payment methods you use online. However, this company has a variety of safety measures like fingerprint identification, disposable virtual cards and the Sherlock anti-fraud system to keep users as safe as possible.
Signing up and maintaining a Revolut account is completely free. The first card you get is free, although there is a delivery charge. Each replacement card then costs a small amount, while transfers are free but ATM withdrawals have a small charge once you get over a certain amount.
There is no reason to think that this payment method is unsafe when used at a reputable online casino. You can play using Revolut at an online casino with no fears, as it is a reliable account option that gives you a good level of control over your money.
The Revolut customer service team can be contacted by phone or by live chat on the app. Their chat service is available 24/7 and priority attention is given to the members of the higher levels (Premium or Metal).

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