Online Casinos with PayPal

PayPal is definitely a frontrunner when it comes to online payments as it offers one of the fastest and safest online payment options. It's an eWallet that combines player bank details and cards into one single account. Online payments can then be processed using PayPal as the intermediary between the bank and the online casino. In this way, personal data is kept away from third party websites.

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Using PayPal at casinos

Despite its stellar reputation, not all online casinos accept PayPal. This has to do with the company's strict partnership rules rather than anything to do with PayPal itself. The result is that PayPal sets very high standards and thereby offers a highly reputable and trustworthy interface. It is because of this that this payment method is not available across all casinos - PayPal simply does not partner up with just anyone that comes along.

How to deposit money with PayPal - Step by Step

1.   Create PayPal account

2.   Link bank account

3.   Select payment option at casino

4.   Input deposit amount and submit

5.   Type PayPal password

6.   Confirm payment through PayPal code

7.   Get playing!

How to withdraw money with PayPal - Step by Step

1.   Select PayPal payment option

2.   Input withdrawal amount

3.   Click submit

4.   Type in PayPal password

5.   Payment arrives in PayPal account

6.   Transfer to bank account or keep in PayPal

How Safe is Using PayPal at Online Casinos?

PayPal is known to be one of the most secure payment methods out there. This is for a large number of reasons, the main one being that players do not have to give any sensitive banking information to the casino when making a PayPal deposit. This instantly removes the major risk of having these details fall into the wrong hands (even though most online casinos will have SSL encryption protocols in place to prevent this happening).

Additionally, PayPal itself has a strong set of security features including SSL data encryption technologies and 24/7 fraud monitoring. There's also the option to activate a two-factor authentication protocol with this payment method to give players added protection. This means that players will not just need their password for each sign in to their PayPal account, but also a specific code that's sent via text each time a transaction is made, thus ensuring extra protection.

Are there any transaction fees when using PayPal?

Most online casinos operating in Ireland will let you deposit and withdraw using PayPal completely free of charge. What's important to know is that PayPal itself doesn't charge for the majority of its transactions, especially if they are in the same currency that the PayPal account was set up in. Conversions and cross-currency transactions are a different matter and players will be charged a fee for this type of transaction. Players also aren't charged when transferring money from PayPal to their bank account.

However, whilst PayPal may not charge fees, some online casinos do. Some casinos charge a fee to the player for the simple privilege of using PayPal. This is often done to offset the charge PayPal issues to the casino for the use of their services. Most casinos will announce this clearly though, so players just need to check the conditions before signing up. It's also worth noting that some welcome bonuses are not eligible when the player uses PayPal as the deposit method.