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The online gambling industry is gaining popularity rapidly and is abuzz with a lot of attention from casino gaming enthusiasts worldwide in recent years. This can be attributed to the ease and convenience that online casinos bring to players, which lets them enjoy their favorite casino games from the comfort of their homes anytime. The increasing popularity of the iGaming industry can also be attributed to the emergence of many banking services that are fast, safe, and secure compared to traditional methods. Nowadays, several payment options are available to players, one of which includes MiFinity. MiFinity, like most digital wallets, has immensely and positively impacted the iGaming industry with efficient services. MiFinity casinos are among the best online gaming sites you will find online today as a player. This guide to MiFinity casinos will cover every important aspect of this payment method, such as how it works, processing deposits and withdrawals, creating a MiFinity wallet, and other vital information.

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Best MiFinity Casinos for Irish Players 2024

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Introduction to MiFinity

MiFinity is an innovative online payment method adopted by many online gaming platforms. It is a digital wallet, also commonly referred to as an e-wallet, that allows users to transfer money and make payments online, including processing deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. Like most digital wallets in the payment industry, MiFinity is fast, secure, and offers an extra level of security and protection to its users when they make transactions online. MiFinity is owned by UK MiFinity, a company licenced by the FCA and certified by Union Pay International to issue prepaid physical cards and other services. The MiFinity eWallet, which is the core service of the payment method, supports the transfer of money to almost anyone in the world through its bank network and local payment options. MiFinity has a growing network of global partner relationships and continues expanding its reach. 

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MiFinity started in 2002 as one of the very first internet payment solutions. And like Paypal and other established e-payment providers at the time, it aimed to make buying and selling things online easier for consumers by providing a fast and straightforward way of doing that. The payment method started as a transfer service, but over the years has gradually branched out to prepaid cards, an e-wallet, and having a mobile app. Over the 18 years since it started, MiFinity has built a network in many different countries with dozens of partners and already works worldwide in the travel sector, retail banking sector, airlines sector, insurance sector, gaming sector, construction sector, and education sector.

Using MiFinity in Online Casinos

Like most digital wallets in today's payment industry, MiFinity is a payment option used in the iGaming industry to process deposits and withdrawals. Many of the most popular and well-known online casinos support MiFinity as a payment option for deposits and withdrawals. This is because, like most digital payment solutions, MiFinity is an easy-to-use, safe, and quick way of processing deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. Admittedly, this payment method is a minor name compared to some more prominent and well-known digital wallets. This means that there aren’t as many online casinos that accept MiFinity, which is a setback for the players interested in an e-wallet that they can use at almost every online casino of choice. However, more than enough top online casinos support the method despite its lack of widespread availability.

How does MiFinity Work?

Any casino enthusiast new to MiFinity will undoubtedly wonder how it works. Hopefully, you are in this category and already have experience using electronic wallets at an online casino. In that case, you have nothing to worry about, as MiFinity works much the same as other e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and many others. Like most electronic wallets, the idea of the MiFinity payment method is to provide users with a digital bank account that allows them to store and transfer money to and from the online wallet with no hassle. To use MiFinity in an online casino, players will first have to open a digital bank account with the service. Creating a MiFinity account is a pretty straightforward process that will only take a few minutes. Once this is set up, you will fund your MiFinity account with money, which you can then use for any online transactions, including depositing at online casinos. Conveniently enough, the MiFinity electronic wallet allows its users to choose from many different deposit methods to transfer money into their accounts. As soon as you have funds within your MiFinity electronic wallet, you can then deposit money into any preferred MiFinity online casino to start playing your favourite games. Naturally, if you manage to get winnings from your time playing at the casino, you can also process withdrawal directly into your MiFinity wallet. 

Its quick sign-up process, simple verification, and ease of use are some of the most appealing features of the MiFinity electronic wallet. They are why this payment method is gaining traction in the online casino industry.

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Creating an Account on MiFinity

As we have mentioned earlier, you need to create a MiFinity digital account before you can start using MiFinity to fund your casino gaming activities at a MiFinity casino. Thankfully, the process of setting up a MiFinity digital account is fast and easy. To do this, the first thing you need to do is access the e-wallet’s homepage via the website or download the MiFinity app. Clicking the "Sign Up" button will start the registration process, where you will need to provide a valid email address and a strong password for logins. Once this is done, the casino will send an activation email, which will come with a link that you have to click on to complete the registration process. Once you have successfully activated the account, you will need to update your profile upon login by providing all the required personal and residential address information. You should note that after successfully creating your MiFinity digital wallet, you will need to verify your account by uploading digital proof of identity and address via the “Upload Document” section. Acceptable proof of identity documents includes a valid passport, driving licence, and identity card. The proof of address documents, on the other hand, can be utility bills, bank statements, or any valid government-issued document that has your residential address information, all of which must be no later than three months old. We should mention that verifying a MiFinity account is not mandatory. However, unverified users will have limits attached to the transactions they can process when using MiFinity.

Depositing at MiFinity Online Casinos

MiFinity is without a doubt an excellent payment method that users can use to deposit at online casinos. So, whenever players need to top up their casino account instantly, they can resort to using the MiFinity e-wallet. The digital wallet account affords players the chance to instantly fund their casino account in no time, all without the risk of exposing their sensitive financial information. This allows players to play their favourite online casino games in a matter of minutes. The best part is that the method is noticeably faster than some other payment options available at most online casinos. That said, the steps required to deposit funds into your casino account using MiFinity are the exact steps you would use when using other e-wallets. A new window will open once you log into your casino account and choose MiFinity as your preferred option from the list of available payment methods. There, you will need to enter your MiFinity wallet login details, i.e., email and password. Then, you will have to input the amount you want to send to your online casino for gaming purposes. Once the deposit transaction is successful, you will immediately find the funds credited into your casino account.

Withdrawing at MiFinity Online Casinos

In many cases, if an online casino supports a payment method for deposits, it may not be available for withdrawal. However, depending on the nature of the payment system, you may not be able to withdraw your winnings through specific payment methods. Thankfully, MiFinity is a payment method available for both deposits and withdrawals. This means that players will also be allowed to withdraw their winnings using the same method. The entire payment process is quite similar to deposit one, allowing players to withdraw their winnings in a hassle-free way. To cash out your winnings via this payment method at your preferred online casino, you will need to head to the Cashier section of the casino and select the withdrawal option. Once you are at the Withdrawal section, you will need to enter the amount you would like to withdraw and choose MiFinity as your preferred payment method. 

Again, you will be redirected to a new window asking you to log into your MiFinity account to verify the action. Once you do that, the casino will start processing the request. Keep in mind that, like most online casinos, the payment method you used to process your original deposit at MiFinity online casinos is the same method you will have to use when you make withdrawals at MiFinity online casinos. As such, to process withdrawals through this method, you have to first use it to process your deposit. You should, however, keep in mind that withdrawals can't be processed as fast as deposits. This is because the casino will first need to process and approve the withdrawal, which usually takes up to 48 hours in some cases. Once the casino approves the cashout/withdrawal request, it is typically processed instantly.

MiFinity Mobile Usage

You will agree that one of the best innovations within the fintech and iGaming industry is the availability of e-wallets and other payment methods on mobile devices. Casino enthusiasts no longer have to sit in front of a desktop computer or laptop before accessing their digital accounts to process payments. With just a few clicks on your mobile device, you can now easily handle and process payments on the go. As MiFinity also tries to stay ahead of the competition, it comes as no surprise that the e-wallet is available to users on their devices.

This MiFinity mobile version can be accessed in one of two ways. 

  • The first is through its mobile-enabled website, which you can access across all mobile devices. 

  • The second is a mobile MiFinity app, which you can download and access on Android and iOS devices.

Thanks to this dedicated MiFinity app, players will be able to access their MiFinity e-wallet account no matter where they are. This allows you to send money to credit/debit cards, bank accounts, other e-wallet accounts, and other MiFinity accounts. You will also be able to easily keep track of any transactions, which means that you will be able to check your balance to see if you have been credited whenever you request a withdrawal from a MiFinity online casino. Needless to say, this MiFinity mobile version is highly convenient for players who enjoy playing their favourite casino games on the go.

Fees and Limits of MiFinity

Most online casinos will not charge you when making deposits or withdrawals. However, sometimes, you might incur charges when using a particular payment method to process withdrawals and deposits, and this is the case for the MiFinity payment method. This means that you will be required to pay transaction fees when using the MiFinity payment method. Thankfully, the transaction charges are inexpensive and reasonably low. While verifying an account at MiFinity is not mandatory, there are limits to what users can do with unverified accounts. That said, if you have just opened a MiFinity account and are yet to verify it, you will only be allowed to transact up to €2,000 over 365 days. Once this limit has been hit, you will need to verify your account before transacting more. Verified users are allowed to increase their limits upon request. So, before you proceed to sign up for a MiFinity account, you should check the limits and any fees attached.

Pros and Cons of Using MiFinity

One indisputable fact is that all payment methods have their advantages and disadvantages. So, if you choose to use the MiFinity, you can expect to benefit in so many different ways. However, you must understand that there are also some possible downsides to using this payment method at your preferred online casino. That said, this section of our review will look at some pros and cons of using the MiFinity payment method:


Whether it is for making deposits or processing withdrawals at online casinos, Using MiFinity is an excellent option for casino players as it is a service that comes with plenty of benefits and advantages. First, this fintech solution takes security very seriously and, as such, utilizes several industry-standard tools and software solutions to ensure that the money and personal information of players are always protected. This naturally adds an extra layer of protection for casino players when they process casino payments online. Another advantage to the casino is that it allows its users to fund their MiFinity e-wallet account via a wide range of payment options, including all the most popular card and digital payment methods available online. This means that MiFinity users can pick the most convenient method to fund their MiFinity wallets. Furthermore, like most global digital wallets available in the payment industry today, MiFinity allows its users to set up their digital wallets in various currencies, including EUR, USD, GBP, and many others. The best part about MiFinity is the safeguarding of casino players’ financial information, as they don’t need to share their bank account details with online casinos.


When it comes to the disadvantages of MiFinity, there are a few things that casino enthusiasts need to know. While MiFinity is one of the best payment methods in the iGaming industry today, it is still a relatively new service. As such, many online casinos still do not support the method as a payment option on their platforms, and it can be a little challenging to find a gaming website where you can utilize the service. Another disadvantage is that although MiFinity is supported in various countries, there are still several unavailable payment methods. This means that the casino players who reside in jurisdictions where MiFinity is not supported will have to find alternative methods to top up their accounts and withdraw their winnings. Furthermore, there might be varied fees are attached to processing payment via the MiFinity payment method.

  • Available for both deposit and withdrawal
  • Instant deposits
  • Fast withdrawal processing
  • Mobile-enabled
  • Easy to use
  • Still new
  • Restricted in certain countries
  • May have fees attached

Closing Thoughts

To sum up, MiFinity online casinos are on the rise, with more and more online casinos adopting the payment method as a means for processing deposits and withdrawals. This is because MiFinity provides a safe and secured platform where players can conveniently process deposits and withdrawals in a hassle-free way. Plus, deposits are processed instantly, and withdrawals are almost instant. 

Furthermore, the payment method is mobile-enabled with the availability of a mobile app, which means that players can efficiently process payments at the casino of choice even while on the go. Although the payment method, like most, also has its drawbacks like the presence of charged fees, it is a pretty good payment method. Overall, MiFinity is an excellent option for any Irish player looking for an online casino with an easy-to-use payment method.


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MiFinity Casinos FAQs

Do all Irish online casinos use MiFinity?

Sadly, no. Although MiFinity is gradually becoming quite popular in the Irish iGaming market in recent years. However, it is still widely supported by most Irish casinos meaning you will still find it available in many online casinos that accept Irish players.

Are MiFinity online casinos safe?

Generally, most online casinos, including MiFinity casinos, are licensed and feature different security measures to ensure the safety of their players’ personal and financial information. However, not all MiFinity online casinos are safe. So, as a rule of thumb, always ensure that you do a thorough check of any MiFinity casino before you consider it as a casino of choice.

How fast are MiFinity casino transactions?

Like most e-wallet payment methods, withdrawal transactions through MiFinity are generally instant. However, withdrawal at most online casinos usually goes through a pending period and a processing and approval period. So, depending on the casino of choice's withdrawal policy, MiFinity withdrawals can take up to 48 hours.

Can I use MiFinity on mobile?

Yes. MiFinity, like most e-wallets payment methods, is mobile-friendly and compatible across all mobile devices, including Android and iOS. This means that you can access and use the MiFinity payment method, whether you are accessing your preferred online casino via a desktop or mobile device. Players can even use the downloadable MiFinity mobile app to process payments whenever they like.

Can I withdraw my winnings using MiFinity

Yes. Like most e-wallets payment solutions, MiFinity allows its users to process deposits and withdrawals at MiFinity online casinos.

Will I get a bonus for deciding to play with this method?

This is dependent on the terms and conditions of the online casino of choice. While some online casinos may provide bonuses for e-wallet payments, like MiFinity, others may not. So, if you are lucky enough to find an online casino that attaches bonuses and promotional offers to MiFinity payments, you will get the chance to receive a bonus.

What are the best MiFinity online casinos?

In our guide to MiFinity casinos, you will find a list of some of the best MiFinity casinos available to Irish players. You will also find helpful information about each casino on our website, including safety and security, bonus offers, available games, and other relevant information.

Will MiFinity online casinos add extra fees to the charges attached by MiFinity?

This is dependent on the online casino of choice. That said, generally, most online casinos will not attach extra fees to payment through MiFinity.  However, some online casinos charge fees for payment processing. So, always ensure to double-check this fact before you decide to play in an online casino. If necessary, you can contact customer support to verify whatever information you find.

Who do I contact if I experience an issue with my MiFinity transaction?

First off, you will need to contact the customer support at your casino of choice to see what may have caused a delay or issue with your payment processing. If the problem is not on your MiFinity online casino's end, then you'll need to contact the MiFinity customer support representatives. You can contact them by email, live chat, and telephone.

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