Boxing Betting Ireland 2022

Since the formation of the IABA (The Irish Athletic Boxing Association) in 1911, boxing has been a popular sport in Ireland which until this day continues gaining popularity. The unpredictability of the games has engrained their place in the Irish culture, so when you're placing bets on boxing matches it's all the more exciting!

Below you'll find a breakdown of all you need to know when it comes to this contact sport, from weight classes, and strategies to the best odds, and sportsbooks to satisfy your needs.

Best Irish Boxing Betting Sites 2022

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Irish Boxing Betting Guide

We’re all familiar with the term ‘the fighting Irish’, so there’s no doubt that boxing is a popular sport that generates a lot of excitement and interest in the Emerald Isle. The Irish Athletic Boxing Association (IABA) was formed in 1911, and there are over 360 official clubs in Ireland on this day. 

Ireland has enjoyed success in the last three Olympic Games, with our athletes bringing home silver and bronze medals for men’s boxing. Katie Taylor is a gold Olympic medallist, a five-time world amateur champion and the undisputed world lightweight champion. She was named RTE Sportsperson of the Year 2020, and she has reignited Irish passion for the sport. 

There have been additions to boxing weight classes in recent years, with women competing in 16 professional divisions and three classes in the Olympics. Traditionally, there were eight Olympic weight division classes for men, but today, there are 17 professional weight divisions, and the most popular are

Boxing Weight Classes

WeightclassWeight (KG)
Super Flyweight52
Super Bantamweight55
Super Featherweight59
Super Lightweight61
Super Welterweight67
Super Middleweight76
Light Heavyweight76

Where Can You Place a Bet on Boxing?

You can place a wager on boxing at any Irish online bookmakers or establishment. When you check the various sports catalogues on the sites, ensure that the provider offers you good odds on upcoming events.

How to Bet on Boxing

Boxing has long offered players access to a good range of different markets when it comes to betting. While it doesn’t have the range of markets that team sports tend to offer, for about between two competitors, it still gives punters some good choices of how to bet on boxing.

The standard way to bet on a boxing match is to choose who the winner will be. This will be a straight choice between either of the two boxers or a draw. As with most betting, the favourite will have lower odds in place than the underdog.

If it’s a close contest, then both fighters could have similar odds. A bet on the top heavyweight in the world against someone who’s generally regarded as not on their level will pay out much smaller odds than it would place a bet on the underdog.

The second popular way is very similar to the first way, but it is slightly more intricate. This is when you choose a winner and which round they will win the fight in. For example, you might think that the favourite will knock out their opponent in the third round. This bet would give you better odds than just betting on the favourite to win at any point in the fight.

You could also place an accumulator on a number of different fights. Most boxing events don’t just have a single fight on the card, so you could put bets on the undercard fights as well as the main event. If you collected all of these onto a single bet, then it would be an accumulator or acca.

This would pay out more than if you placed single bets on each of the individual fights, but you would need to get the result of every fight correct in order to win.

How to Find a Good Betting Boxing Site

You can use Irish betting comparison websites like ours when you search for the best odds available on upcoming matches. The best betting sites will offer you promotions, help centres and dedicated tips on the sport if you’re unsure of how to win betting on boxing.

What Type of Bonuses Will do I Find When Betting on Boxing?

Many online bookmakers will offer you boxing betting bonuses, like a welcome package that contains free bets, when you become a member. You may also avail of VIP betting clubs, accumulator offers and deposit promotions when you’re an existing customer.

What Is the Best Strategy for Boxing Betting?

Boxing is one of the harder sports to develop a successful strategy for. This is because it doesn’t have the range of stats on offer that team sports do. On top of this, there is also a much lower margin of error in place. This makes it a lot harder to understand betting on boxing. This doesn’t mean that you can’t improve your chances though.

As with most betting strategies, in order to be successful, you will need to carry out a lot of research. For boxing, one of the best areas to research is when knockouts occur. This is both in relation to when a boxer knocks out someone and when they get knocked out. This will allow you to predict the chances of when a knockout might occur in a fight and then use this to place your wager.

For example, if you have a fighter who usually knocks out their opponents before the sixth round and they are fighting someone who rarely makes it past the eight-round, then it might be worth placing a bet on the first fighter winning before the seventh round.

This will increase the odds available for selecting the first fighter for your bet, but you have also used the statistics behind the fight to sensibly choose when the fight will end.

You can also use in-play betting to increase your chances. For example, if a fighter comes out of the blocks fast in the first round but then looks exhausted in the second round, it might be worth placing a bet on that fighter to lose before the end of the fifth round.

This is using your own eyes and your own judgement to increase your chances of winning. While none of this is a cast-iron guide on how to win betting on boxing, it will improve your chances and allow you to have a better chance of making a profit.

How Boxing Betting Odds Work

In Ireland, we use fractional odds to understand how much we need to wager on a contender and how much we can win. You can increase your odds when you place bets on other aspects in a match, like victory type and round bets.

If you see an underdog fighter with odds of 6/5, you’ll receive €6 for every €5 bet you place. If you place €30 on this fighter and he’s successful, you’ll win €36 and receive your initial bet of €30 back.

Where Can I Find the Best Odds for Boxing?

Odds will always change on the run-up to a match. Some bookies will offer more favourable odds and accumulator bonuses to lure punters into placing wagers.

You must determine how much you want to bet on a match, as some sites will offer incentives to high-rollers, and others will promote content for a string of smaller bets. You’ll find the best odds on boxing at reputable online Irish bookmakers that keep up to date with the latest news. 

Boxing is an exciting sport, and punters can use different betting methods instead of just placing straight bets on a fighter to win or lose. The types of wagers available are:

  • Outcome: This is a bet on the outcome of a fight.
  • Accumulator: This is a bet on a number of different fights taking place.
  • Winner and round: This is placing a bet on which round the fight will end and who will win.
  • Total rounds: Here, you don’t have to pick a winner and can just set an over/under bet on how many rounds the fight will last.
  • Round trios: Here, you would place a bet on a boxer to win a group of three consecutive rounds on the judges’ scorecards.

Cash Out

Cash-out is a popular app feature that you’ll find on many bookmakers websites. It allows you to withdraw your bet on a sports event before it ends. As the odds and likely outcome change during the match, the amount of funds you’ll get back depends on your bet’s current status.

All you need to do is click on the ‘Cash Out’ button, and your bet will be withdrawn. Remember that the websites will be continuously updating and calculating the odds, so make sure you keep an eye on your bet status before cashing out. Find out with are the recommended sportsbook on Irish Luck!

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Live Streaming and Where to Watch Boxing

You can watch popular events on the TV channels Sky Sports Arena and Box Nation and view premier fights on Sky Sports Box Office and BT Box Office. RTE and Virgin One also air amateur fights and Olympic Games matches. 

You can stream matches on the RTE Player app and the Sky GO feature if you’ve got a steady internet connection.


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    Boxing Betting FAQs

    Yes, it’s legal to bet on boxing as a sport in Ireland.
    You can use credit cards and e-wallet services to deposit money into your account on most gambling websites.
    Yes, as long as you register with a reputable Irish online bookmaker.
    Studying the sport and the contenders’ boxing histories can significantly help you understand betting on boxing. Numerous Irish websites have podcasts and supply in-depth fighter statistics for punters.
    You can win a substantial amount of money if you place large wagers on moneyline bets. You can also gain more considerable odds by wagering on several aspects of a match. 
    Read up on fighters’ statistics and check the daily boxing news and press releases. Use betting features like ‘Live Betting’ and ‘Cash Out’ to help you win money betting on boxing.
    Many Irish websites will offer you generous odds for the sport. The best providers will have dedicated boxing sections on their websites with tips and tricks to enhance your winning chances. 
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