MMA Betting Ireland

It’s no secret that gambling has been a part of Ireland’s culture since betting shops were first licenced by the Irish Free State in 1926. Today, you can bet on all sporting events and tournaments from almost every country in the world. One sport that has seen rising popularity in Irish betting is MMA.

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MMA Betting Guide

MMA is a newer sport that evolved from martial artists with different backgrounds competing against each other while using their skills to try and defeat their opponent. As martials arts competed, they borrowed knowledge and created an entirely new fused fighting discipline: Mixed Martial Arts. The first Ultimate Fighting Championship (known as UFC) was held in 1993 as a pay-per-view event to promote MMA. The league eventually grew to be so popular with spectators worldwide, that it became a regular televised sporting event with its own weight divisions and classes.

Just like boxing, a UFC fight is an electrifying sporting event that attracts bets from people all over the globe. You can bet on which fighter wins, the round that the event ends and even the method of victory like a knockout or submission. Irish betting interest in the sport has gained considerable momentum in the last few years due to Dublin-born Conor McGregor’s success in the sport.

Most Popular MMA Weight Divisions

The UFC is divided into eight weight divisions for male fighters and four weight divisions for females. We’ve compiled a list of the top three weight divisions that generate the most attention from spectators of the sport:

  • Featherweight Division: Some of the highest viewed matches in UFC history have taken place in the featherweight division. 
  • Heavyweight Division: With the odds of a knockout heightened, this division provides people with more excitement due to the power and strength of its competitors.
  • Lightweight Division: Many sports fans agree that this division is one of the toughest and most exciting in the sport

Where Can You Place a Bet on UFC?

You can place a bet on a fight at reputable bookies online, or a betting establishment. Most Irish betting companies on the internet will have odds available on upcoming sports events. If you fancy a stroll, the chances are high that there’s a local bookie near your residence but betting at a high street bookmaker is much less common for MMA. This is because MMA bouts don’t tend to be as highly publicised as other sporting events in the confines of a high street bookmaker. However, if you go in and ask, then you may be able to get access to MMA markets from the employees inside the shop.

What is the best betting strategy for MMA betting?

In order to make it easier to win money on MMA betting, you will have to carry out a lot of research. The best area to focus your research on is the methods that fighters use to end their fights, and the ways that fighters lose their fights. When you have this information available, you will be able to work out the most likely way that a fight will end. Your next step is to apply it to specific fights.

For example, if there are two fighters facing each other and they are both submission experts who end their fights with submissions, you know that submission is the most likely way that the fight will end. This means that you will be able to place a wager on the fight ending via submission. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will have all the answers in regard to how to win betting on MMA, but it will increase your chances of success.

You can also use in-play betting to your advantage. For example, if during the fight, you notice that one of the fighters is landing a lot of heavy strikes, then it might be worth your while placing a wager on the fight ending by knockout. This is especially useful if the strikes are having a big impact on the fighter being hit.

On the whole, the best way to increase your chances of winning is to increase your knowledge so that you understand betting on MMA to a greater degree. Knowledge doesn’t guarantee success, but it does increase your chances.

You need to pay attention to the run-up to the fight to optimise your betting strategy. If you check out the weigh-ins and what fighter is lapping up the media attention, you’ll have more knowledge of what way the fight will play out.

We suggest that you keep an eye on UFC odds on Irish websites as they can fluctuate on the run-up to the event. You should pay attention to sudden large shifts in odds, as this can determine the match outcome, or it could also be false bets. 

Live betting will also help your strategy. As you watch the fight, you will soon find out if your wager is going your way. You can cash out at any time or place a quick bet if your chosen fighter is dominating the match.

How to Bet on UFC

Not too many people know how to bet on MMA at mma betting websites compared to other sports. This is mainly because it’s a relatively new market when compared to other events out there. However, it’s really not that much different from betting on boxing in terms of what’s on offer and what you need to do. There are some ways to bet on MMA that are more popular than others and stand out a little bit more.

The first way is the typical bet on who will win the fight. When betting on the UFC, a draw isn’t usually an option to bet on. This is because there have been very few draws in the UFC – in fact, at this moment in time, it has been over 20 years since a fight finished in a draw. This is often the case in most MMA bouts, which means that most people only bet on either of the two fighters ending up as the winner. There will be a favourite in place for the bout that will offer shorter odds than the underdog. There are no home or away grounds for MMA fights.

The second major MMA market is the method of victory market. The most popular methods of victory are knockout and submission – so for this market, you would have to check out the styles of both fighters in order to ascertain which bet would be the right one for you.

You can also put together accumulators based on a number of different bouts that are taking place. This is a collection of bets on different fights. An accumulator offers better odds than placing bets on each fight individually because the odds stack across the whole bet. It is also a lot harder to get correct due to needing to get each part of the bet correct in order to win.

MMA does also have other markets available to bet on, but they’re not as common as these ways to place a bet.

How to Find a Good UFC Betting Site

You can find reputable online bookmakers by using Irish betting comparison websites, and by using a site that regularly promotes the sport of MMA and the promotion of the UFC.

What Types of Bonuses Will I Find When Betting on UFC?

You’ll find that some websites will offer you UFC betting bonuses like a free €10 sports bet or enhanced odds for a major upcoming event. You can also avail of a welcome bonus from some betting sites, that’ll allow you to wager on the sport. 

How MMA Betting Website Odds Work

MMA betting has two factors that impact on what the odds are. The first way is how pre-fight odds are put together before anyone has placed a bet. The statistics around each fighter, such as the number of fights, number of wins, number of losses and quality of opponents, are used to decide which fighter is more likely to get the win. There are obviously other metrics that are used to create the odds, such as potential injuries, but once all of this information has been collated, the odds for the bout will be put together.

The fight will usually offer both a favourite and an underdog. The favourite will have much shorter odds, as the chances of them winning are much higher. This means that the underdog will have longer odds as the chances of them staging an upset are low. For example, the favourite might offer odds of 1/12 for a win and the underdog might offer 7/1. This means that a €12 bet on the favourite would return €13 if they win – the €12 stake and €1 winnings. A €1 bet on the underdog would return €8 if they win – the €1 stake returned and €7 winnings.

The second factor is the number of bets that are placed on a certain outcome – so if the favourite has a lot of people placing bets on them, then the odds for the favourite will get even shorter. However, if the underdog gets a lot of bets placed on them, then their odds will also get shorter. There are lots of reasons why lots of bets might be placed. Rumours of a training injury are just one of the reasons that could promote a flurry of bets.

Where Can I Find the Best Odds for MMA?

Odds are forever changing on betting websites. You’ll find many sites will try to offer favourable odds to lure players into placing their bets with them. 

The beauty of the internet is that you can now search and compare different odds on various Irish betting comparison websites. Of course, this all depends on how much you want to wager, and what aspects of the fight you’d like to bet on. You’ll find the best odds available for UFC on reputable Irish websites.

Popular Betting Methods for MMA

The most popular bet that pundits place on UFC events is the Money Line for a single bet. The  other methods you can use are:

  • Over/ Under
  • Number of Rounds
  • Method of Victory

Cash Out

A very useful feature that online bookmakers have introduced in recent years is the ability to cash out a bet. This can be used to your advantage and help you to win money betting on MMA even if your bet eventually loses.

How can this be true? Well, it’s simple. The cash out option allows you to cash out your bet early. If your bet looks like it is winning, then the cash out amount will be above your stake but below the amount you would have won if the bet came in. For example, if you have put a bet on a fighter to win and they are up on the judges’ scorecards, then you would be able to cash out at above your stake. If the fighter took a heavy hit in a round and it rocked them, then you might decide to cash out in order to still make a profit before the fighter you backed falls apart.

By the same token, you can also get a small return if your fighter is in a losing position. If your fighter is down on rounds, then you will be offered a cash out amount that is below your original stake but above zero.

In order to cash out, you can find the option in the live bets section of your online bookmaker.

Live Streaming and MMA Betting 

UFC fights are pay-per-view only, but people in Ireland can pay to watch the events on BT Sports Box Office. A Fight Pass will cost you around €30, and you can either watch it at home from your TV or stream it on to your mobile device. 

UFC Betting FAQs

Yes, you can bet on all UFC events in Ireland.

Live betting is where you can place wagers during a sporting event before it has ended.

You can use various deposit methods such as credit cards, e-wallet services, bank transfers and even gift voucher codes from the website.

Yes, you can safely bet on the fights either through a reputable Irish website or a bookmaker establishment.

You need to study the history of the sport to help you understand betting on UFC. Take a look at fighters’ previous events and martial arts styles.

You can win a substantial amount if you’re willing to wager a large amount of your money on a money line bet.

You’ll gain a lot of knowledge when you watch the run-up to the event. You can also keep an eye on the odds that’ll help you find out how to win betting on UFC. You can also use the live betting feature to enhance your chances of winning.

You’ll find that the best Irish websites will offer you favourable odds and wagering bonuses for the sport when you sign-up with them.