Best Cashback Bonus for Irish Players 2023

Online casino sites offer distinctive incentives like welcome bonuses, not only to encourage players to register but also to keep them coming back. A part of these promotions include an enticing cashback bonus, which can help regular players recover losses however do not necessarily depend on this aspect. Get rewarded for being a loyal player and benefit from one-of-a-kind cashback bonuses! Plus, you'll be helping to reduce the house advantage.

Best Cashback Bonus Casinos 2023

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What Does the Term "Cashback" Mean?

A cashback bonus refers to money credited to your account by an online casino, as a loyalty incentive or for playing a certain game.

A payback bonus is just what it sounds like! You will receive cashback as a result of the incentive. The bonus is generally in credits or cash that can be used to play at the casino. When it comes to the amount of money you get back, the percentage might vary, as can the amount of time you get to play with it. Cashback casino bonuses exist primarily to assist players in keeping their spirits up even when they lose. 

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Simply put, a cashback offer is a proportion of a player's losses over a set period that the casino reimburses. 

A cashback bonus online casino might provide this bonus daily, weekly, or monthly. Sometimes, they are exclusively available to VIP players, while other times, they are available to all players who satisfy the conditions.

How Do I Get Cashback?

There are several ways of getting cashback bonuses at online casinos, and you can get cashback in many different ways . A cashback bonus at a casino is usually one of the easiest to obtain. Most of the time, all you have to do is make a deposit, and play your usual games, it can be any live game or different games like bingo and scratchcards, and they will immediately refund the cashback bonus on your losses to your account. The offer's specifics determine the amount you will receive. Here, we will show you how to get that. 

Cashback When You Have a Loss

The most frequent form of cashback promotion is a loss rebate. If you play a game and lose, you may receive an email offering your money back.

This offer is generally only available for a limited time, such as a single day, the weekend, or on a good day, longer. 

Cashback When You Win 

Other "cashback" offerings pay you money when you win, essentially adding a bonus reward to your regular earnings. These deals are better in certain aspects: you truly win when you win.

On the other hand, for these promos to be worthwhile, you must win them.

Cashback for Playing 

You might notice a promotion that offers you cashback based on your wagering now and then. It is paid whether you win or lose and has no bearing on your net position. 

These are frequently excellent offers for big rollers, who are already gambling enormous sums.

Cashback on Special Occasions

Some cashback offers may be conditional on the occurrence of a specific event. This promotion is less frequent, with money-back promotions on losses being the most popular, followed by boosts to winnings. 

How Does Cashback Work?

Cashback works vary depending on the casino you play at and the money you must spend to be eligible for one. The amount might also vary from one promotional period to the next. As a general rule, you must spend significant money to qualify for a cashback incentive. Varying online casino platforms provide different payback percentages based on the players' activity. 

A regular player who spends more money at an iGaming location every month would, on average, receive more cashback than someone who plays occasionally. Certain online casinos might give a payback incentive every day, every week, or every month. Your favourite online casino may only make them available on certain days. Once you've figured out how your cashback bonus casino operates, you can use them.

Types of Cashback at Casinos

Rebate incentives come in various kinds depending on the player and, of course, the operator that offers them. It's also worth noting that certain operators may only give cashback if you play specific games.

  • VIP Cashback Bonus: As a reward for playing various casino games, loyal players at an online casino are certain to receive fantastic cashback bonuses.
  • Cashback offers that are ongoing or rotating: Some casinos provide continuing cashback deals, while others only give them for a limited period. The cashback might be provided on a specific game or as a percentage of your losses over a set time.
  • Slots Cashback: Whether you like traditional, video, or jackpot slots, as long as you are a regular, you may take advantage of a great welcome cashback 100 slot bonus. This promotion only gives you a refund if you lose money playing slots.
  • Live Casino Cashback: You will be eligible for this incentive if you wager real money on live dealer games. You may earn anywhere from a 5% to a 25% refund at the live dealer segment on your losses.
  • Weekend Cashback: These promotions provide refunds on losses or deposits made exclusively on weekends. 

Pros & Cons of Cashback Bonuses

Like IconPros
  • Practically no or very low wagering requirements
  • Opportunity to win back loses for loyal players
  • No further deposits or risks necessary
Dislike IconCons
  • Cashback offers may be exclusive to VIP players
  • Might be more tempting to chase your losses

Deals on Cashback Bonuses That Are Common

As previously stated, different online casinos provide varying amounts of cashback incentives. Whatever the case may be, we want you to be aware of a few distinct casino cashback offers. Here are a few of the most common:

  • 5% Cashback:

Although a 5% cashback may not seem like much, it is a legitimate benefit that you should not overlook.

  • 10% Cashback:

Several online casinos offer players a 10% cashback bonus. As a regular user, you may expect to receive a 10% cashback benefit.

  • 25% Cashback:

These are only available to high rollers who have remained loyal to a certain casino. They can be given out on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, depending on the casino.

  • Cashback of 30% or more

Players with a higher VIP level may easily receive a cashback of 30% or more. Because they have previously demonstrated their devotion, the casino is eager to give them even more.

Wagering Requirements of Cashback Bonuses

There aren't many bonuses that don't have a wagering requirement. It is almost always the case with a payback bonus as well. Cashback bonuses can be converted into real money that you can withdraw or play with, and you must meet the wagering requirement.

Examine all of the terms and conditions associated with your cashback offer. This guarantees no surprises and offers you knowledge of the criteria, the time you have to accomplish them, and any bonus limits.

One such restriction may be the amount of time you have to complete the wagering requirement. For example, your cashback bonus could be applied to your account on the first of the month with seven days to play through. You will forfeit your bonus if you fail to log in and play during this period.

Cashback Bonuses for Loyalty Programs

The most committed gamers at a casino have a lot to play for when it comes to online gambling. They favor higher-value games; therefore, a cashback incentive is quite beneficial to them. On the other hand, normal value plays may not be suitable for them because they do not receive the same level of return. 

VIP players may earn a larger percentage of their money back or have a higher cash limit of what they may collect as a return if cashback offers with higher limits are available. When using the site's loyalty program, players who enjoy playing at a casino and don't want to switch providers are likely to profit from cashback incentives.

Is it Legal to Give Cashback Bonuses?

Cashback bonuses are legal! They do not need additional deposits or that gamers take any risks beyond what they had planned to take. A legitimate and registered casino should always provide bonuses.

It would be best if you also double-checked your country's or region's local regulations since this may restrict you from earning bonuses or signing up for a website to play in the first place. Before collecting cashback benefits, make sure you have everything in order.

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Casino Cashback Bonus Redemption

Once you've signed up for a cashback bonus program or a specific cashback incentive, all you have to do is wait for the bonus to appear on your balance at the time or date specified in the terms and conditions. 

When your funds are in your account, you may begin playing to meet your wagering requirements, or if the bonus does not come with wagering restrictions, you can begin playing to win real money right away.

Cashback Bonuses for Responsible Gambling

Be careful of your spending habits, especially if you choose cashback perks that provide a return every time the campaign is active. While money may come back to you, it is always a fraction of what you spent. 

Gambling, after all, should be enjoyable and utilized for recreational purposes solely, not as a source of income.

Cashback Bonuses for Gamification

VIP gamers who do not want to play high-roller games will choose a gamification casino that provides high-roller incentives. Gamified casinos frequently provide incentives and awards for long-term gaming. Players receive rewards as they progress by leveling up or gaining experience points. 

These aren't usually cashback bonuses, but it's conceivable that a casino will give them as part of its leaderboard or challenge campaigns!


An enticing offer for loyal players found in casinos and sportsbooks, cashback bonuses retain players as they cover your losses. The majority of rebate bonuses have no wagering restrictions meaning they could be easily used. 

Cashback Bonuses FAQs

What's a cashback bonus?

Players at online casinos are rewarded with perks like cashback; money that the casino returns to a player's account for one reason or another. In essence, the casino pays you a portion of your deposits. To be eligible, you must make real money deposits and wager real money.

What frequency does the casino payout the payback bonus?

Some online casinos give payback bonuses daily, based on the previous day's activity. Others do it on a monthly or weekly basis.  A daily cashback is your best choice if you enjoy a daily dose of online gaming time.

Are there any wagering requirements?

Unlike nearly all other percentage favourite games, the greatest cashback bonuses feature no or extremely low wagering requirements.  It means you may withdraw the money without having to pay any more if you don't feel like it, or you can just "free-roll" if you strike a large win.

Is there a limit set for cashback bonuses?

Some online casinos provide a high percentage payback, up to 100%, but only up to €20. You may also locate low-percentage offers with no or greater restrictions, which can significantly increase your payback percentage.

Are cashback bonuses permanent offers in my favourite online casinos?

Some online casinos have gone over and above by making the cashback function a key website component.  On the other hand, others have chosen to make it available only a few times every month. You can keep an eye out for games that qualify for the cashback incentive.

Is it beneficial to participate in Cashback Casinos?

Yes, cashback bonus programs are an excellent method to redeem at least a portion of your losses.  When used correctly, they may significantly increase your bankroll or, at the very least, protect it from catastrophic losses. A cashback bonus might motivate you to play your preferred casino games.
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