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Cameron Murphy is not only a proficient copywriter on the team but his articles and reviews are outstanding because he also brings his awesome poetic touch into iGaming. His main duty is to analyze online casinos in Ireland according to our extensive rating guidelines.
Cameron simply channeled his knowledge in writing into his passion for iGaming. His devotion to his country is shown in the fact that in spite of several other iGaming teams around the world, he has decided to stay where his skills will add to the development of the Ireland people. His love for his country is also evident in his support of Ireland's cricket team.

About Cameron

missing altCameron not only takes care of the news articles, the broadcast articles, and the site's content of the IrishLuck team, but he also spends a good amount of time putting Dermot's short-hand content and invented acronyms into fine order.

Cameron's dedication to the Irishluck team and the whole cause of IrishLuck keeps him relevant - both in the team and in the iGaming industry in Ireland

His careful way of reaching out to our audiences has increased the number of readers, and of course, a lot of feedback has been received within the short period he has spent with the team.

Cameron's quick acquaintance with the industry is due to the quality time he spends researching iGaming. 

In recent years, Cameron has attended so many iGaming conferences. Last year, he attended some of the biggest conferences in the iGaming world. No wonder he has a vast perception of the industry. 

He has also made it an obligation to familiarise himself with every latest topic, idea, trend, event, and occurrence in the industry. However, his thirst for vast knowledge extends to the international iGaming industry.

Although Cameron finds his work exciting, he also spends quality time outside of work. He is a big lover of cricket and a mean batsman. 

Cameron also loves go-karting, climbing mountains and hills, and surprisingly, carefully attending to his budget. You shouldn't be surprised if he one day climbs to the peak of Everest.

Cameron gave us an audience for an interview. He shed more light on the person he is, what his work entails at IrishLuck, and his big dreams about the iGaming industry. 

In his words, he said:

"What can I say? Naturally, I've always loved writing, so to be part of a project like allows me to write about the things I love most; Ireland, iGaming affairs, and occasionally Cricket. I particularly enjoy keeping our visitors up to date and ahead of the curve with all the latest industry advances."

He further expresses that Joining is a huge turnaround for him, both of his love for internet games and writing, respectively. He also mentioned that the team has greatly increased the rate at which he learned new things and his quest to know more about the industry. He has found himself fully enjoying his work at IrishLuck. 

Additionally, he aimfully uses his experience to see that the IrishLuck site is never short of content. He is dedicated to making content available on the site and he writes in the simplest way for easy understanding by every level of society. He is glad that he is an active part of the growth of the team and the industry as a whole. As the industry continues to open up its arms to many players from different parts of the world, he is devoted to being on a team that provides a non-bias and credible environment for players of all experiences. 

He ensures that players learn new things that will advance their online gaming experience through his writings. Players visiting the Irishluck's site for the first time are compelled to keep visiting. Also, the team's games reviews are responsible for the huge number of gamers that have signed up on the site.

Lastly, he said:

"With the rate at which game providers and operators are improving the player experience, it makes for a truly exciting time to be a part of and I’m excited to see what the future holds"

It is good to know that young minds in Ireland are getting the recognition they deserve. Cameron is just one of those many young minds. Even though Cameron is just starting his career in the iGaming industry, sooner than we think, his fame will reach out to the rest of the continent.

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Cameron is accessible at any time of the day, and interested iGaming enthusiasts can find him at or on linkedin. You can be sure that your mail will be responded to within a few days.