How to Beat the Odds and Win Big at Fish Table Games

Are you searching for an exciting skill-building game you can have fun with? If so, fish table games might be exactly what you are looking for. The popularity of these games has gained traction throughout recent years. These offer players a great time and the opportunity to rake in cash. 

This article talks about all you need to know about these games, from how they work to tips on how you can improve your chances of winning.

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What are Fish Table Games?

A fish table game is an arcade-style game involving players shooting at fish to win money. At brick-and-mortar casinos, these games are played at tables (as their name suggests). Players stand at these tables and use the controls at one edge to shoot the fish appearing on the colourful screens.

At this point, these games exist online as well, without any physical cabinet. Instead, the game can be seen on a virtual interface on the player’s screen. The gameplay aspect is the same. The more creatures you shoot via various impact projectiles, the better rewards you win. What’s interesting to know is that this genre goes beyond shooting fish, as you will find many other themes. However, despite playing with the central theme, most games still keep the “Fish Table Game” title.

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The History of Fish Table Games

Fish table games have not been around too long. These games saw their beginnings in China around 2005. Ever since then, they have continued to grow in popularity worldwide. Some years ago, they started to gain traction in North Carolina despite being illegal in the US state (due to their link with gambling).

Nonetheless, fish table games continued to gain popularity against all odds. This also comes as no surprise, since Millennial gamers prefer skill-based games over ones revolving around luck, prompting casinos to look into video games for inspiration.

It seems viable that fish table games will continue to become more popular. There are also stronger chances that more of these arcade-centric games will show up.

The Difference Between Fish Tables and Online Fish Shooting Games

If you are new to fish table games, the various terminologies used may confuse you. Below are both types of games described in detail

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Fish Tables

Fish table games are arcade-style video games integrated into table-sized cabinets. Players stand (or sit) around the cabinet and use buttons and joysticks to aim and shoot shells around the large screen. The game’s main objective is catching or shooting fish with different values and rewards. Hitting large, rare fish offers the biggest payouts.

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Online Fish Shooting Games

Online fish table games are virtual shooting games where the player wagers on bullets and wins real money. You can play these games on a smartphone, tablet, or PC at online casinos. In this version, you win prizes by tapping the screen to shoot at fish. Like the version found at land-based establishments, each species offers different payouts. You also come across features to boost your wins.

How to Play Fish Table Games

When it comes to the gameplay, everything from searching for the games to the setup is relatively intuitive. These games do not include mechanical reels or paylines that limit gameplay, forcing the player to become a passive observer. These games offer an immersive experience from beginning to end. Below is how you can play fish table games:

     1. Choose a Casino

The first step is to choose an online casino offering fish table games for real money. You will find many options; ensure the casino you choose is licensed. Create an account, consider getting a bonus, and head to the fish tables.

    2. Make a Bet

Once you begin, you must pick a bet size based on one of the fishes. Since the user interface is straightforward, you will not have any problems figuring the game out. You will then choose the fish and wager size according to your preference and head to the actual game.

    3. Focus on the Big Ones

The main objective is to get one of the larger fish that will pay you more significant rewards. The game levels include various power-ups that will be activated as part of the game. You can strike a balance between aiming at the fish directly or finding indirect ways to shoot at them.

    4. Practice Aiming

Aiming at a fish with several projectiles will offer you a bigger chance of catching it. However, you can also use the game’s skill element to your advantage by spending less and aiming better. The bigger your catch, the better your prize.

Types of Fish Table Games

Although the central theme of these games involves aquatic creatures, they can vary. Fish Game Kings is the first-ever US company to focus on fish tables mainly. You will find products featuring Godzilla, Batman, and, of course, fish. These games also come as multiplayer shooters; however, the number of joysticks at a table may vary between two and ten. 

If that number is under five, the game cabinet screen will be vertical, prompting you to stand and play, i.e., similar to playing an arcade classic. Many flat-screen tables also feature a flip-screen option, turning a ten-person table into a four-player one that stands vertically.

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Intelligent Game Software, based in China, is a leader in Asia in these machines. They are responsible for programming over 1150 products and specialize in fish table games. Some releases include bizarre themes such as meteor showers, ostrich racing, jungle animal runs, panda vs. alien, etc. 

However, some releases resemble old-school arcade genres like Beat ‘Em Up games. All these employ the same gaming principles for fish table games. Online, RealTime Gaming, Betsoft, and Playtech have also branched out into this category. However, the latter two decided to take a different direction by choosing titles involving shooting wild beasts and zombies instead of fish.

RealTime Gaming released Fish Catch in 2018, a game that became a go-to for gambling shooter fans. Betsoft released a shooter franchise in 2018 known as Max Quest (with two sequels). The game ranks as a fish table game disguised by another theme. Playtech also released Space Hunter: Shoot for Cash in 2021. Space Hunter is an Asteroid-themed game with fish table game mechanics.

Why Fish Table Games?

Below are some reasons to consider if you’re on the fence about playing these types of games:

  • Games that involve skill, such as fish table games, are more exciting and engaging compared to games like slots which are purely luck-based.

  • Fish table games are strikingly different from your usual gambling games, like roulette, slots, blackjack, baccarat, etc. Therefore, they offer you a nice change of pace.

  • If you are skilled at playing arcade-centric games, chances are you will excel at fish table games and win big doing it.

  • The rising popularity of these games means you can expect a growing selection of fish table games for years to come.

  • Fish table games are vibrant and colourful, displaying breathtaking graphics accompanied by fun sounds. If you love visual games, you will love this experience.

What Qualities Should You have to Play Fish Table Games?

To get the most out of playing fish games, you must be focused on the gameplay since, once again, it involves skill. Your experience would be even better if you adopted the following characteristics and strategies while playing: 

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An Analytical Mindset and Quick Reaction

Manage your time and resources wisely and improve your computing skills. You must train yourself to react as quickly as possible to win big. This way, you can simultaneously follow your score points and strategies and zero in on your target. Fish table games have time limits, so the faster you take action, the greater your chances of winning.

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Strategies are crucial for players who want to win and make money from fish table games. Similar to how it goes with other games, you risk losing your money without a plan in place.

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Establish Self-Control and Limits

One of the biggest mistakes gamblers make while playing is not establishing a game limit. Whether you are bound to lose or not, you should be able to stop yourself before causing damage. Thus, it helps to determine the number of rounds beforehand and not go beyond them. You can apply the same principle to your bets. Set a budget in advance and stick to it, e.g., $25 a day whether you win or lose. 

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You need the right motivation to win at fish table games. Your initiative plays an important role when it comes to these games. If you lose interest in the game you’re playing, you become less determined, reducing your chances of winning. To avoid such a problem, choose a casino with plenty of choices. You can also switch up your games to maintain your interest.

Tips to Win Big at Fish Table Games

Below are some techniques and strategies - drawn from the overall shooting experience of numerous pros. Go through the tips below to learn how to make the most out of your fish table gaming experience:

🧾 Start With a Plan

As mentioned earlier, you must enter the game with a strategy, particularly adapting to your financial constraints. If you start playing without planning, you may quickly run out of money trying to catch every big fish you lay your eyes on. If your only restriction is your budget, focus on shooting at smaller fish.

Furthermore, fish table games can be highly exhilarating; it may slip your mind that it takes skill to aim your gun right and blast away. So, before you start learning new techniques and strategies, focus on developing your aiming and shooting skills first.

📍 Choose a Game Based on Your Requirements

Even though the internet offers a wide variety of fish table games to choose from, not all of them will suit your preferences. It is also worth emphasizing that you do not get money throughout the game; you get coins you can convert into your prize. This causes players to lose interest and squander their time.

Confirm that the game’s outcomes meet your requirements. Also, pay attention to the game’s rules and control panel. You can understand the software game better if it has a free version. The easier the game seems to you, the more you will enjoy playing it.

🎯 Use Mustache Tactics

Most players focus on big fish to win points, ignoring the smaller fish. This not only makes you miss your shots, but you also lose points and bullets. If a fish - whether a small fish or a fairy fish - dies from stray bullets, the score does not count as yours. Only bullet fish die from stray bullets. Instead, you can use the small angle of the fish shot machine to your advantage (it also features a mass shooting mode). 

Try continuously turning the barrel around the table, slowly shooting one by one to avoid shooting two bullets in the same direction. Two bullets shot in the same direction can shoot only one fish, resulting in a loss. If it is one big fish, focus on hitting it three times individually. Do not aim at just the whiskers of a fish, as you may miss your shot and lose points.

In conclusion, it is pointless to start with big fishes because they will use up most of your bullets, lowering your chances of succeeding. 

🐠 Shoot Bigger Fish if you Have Plenty of Ammunition

This technique works best if you have a considerable cash reserve. In this case, going after smaller fish will be a waste of time unless you have plenty of cash in your account. Shoot at the big fishes if you want to give your victory rate a boost. The best way to do this is to use large bullets because they are easier to shoot. The shot targets will recover your losses despite you spending more bullets on fish. 

👁‍🗨 Ignore the Invisible Fish

While playing, you will frequently see fish hiding behind seaweed or under rocks. Although killing hidden fish boosts your rewards by 25% based on the game’s rules, they are challenging to shoot. When you try to shoot at such fishes, you risk losing a lot of precious bullets and time.

🏹 Shoot Fish that Assemble in Swarms

Randomly shooting at fish is not as expensive if the fishes are powerful. Instead, wait for the right moment and fire as your targeted fish joins a swarm. You will increase your chances of victory if you do this. However, the most crucial aspect of this strategy is patience. 

⚡ Focus on the Fish’s Speed

The slower a fish is, the smaller you can expect its score to be. Even though they only offer a small number of coins, you can shoot them easier. Bigger fish yield more significant rewards, but your chances of missing, wasting more time, and bullets are also increased. Note that this does not apply to bonus fish, which require many shots regardless of speed.

🦈 Focus on the Boss

Online fish table games come with Boss characters, similar to most arcade-style games. The bosses offer the most prizes and value in these games. The Boss series characters come with unique characteristics. For example, shooting the boss causes it to explode, killing smaller fish as a result. You will win a lot of money, similar to if you shot those smaller fish.

🔫 Choose the Right Weapon

You will get weapons for both small and large fish. However, smaller fish require faster but less potent bullets, and larger fish need larger and more effective shells. In this case, shooting little target rounds at large fish will have a negligible effect Switching on the auto-aim tool is also a great idea, irrespective of your skill level. 

However, this does not mean that the game will determine when and what to shoot for you. Instead, it will ensure that the cannon aims precisely at the fish you want to hit, so you do not miss.

💥Use Marbles

This method is to boost the number of bullets you fire at a fish at the same time. For this, you shoot some shells at the wall, causing them to rebound back to the fish. While the rebounding bullet has not reached the fish yet, you shoot more bullets directly at the fish at once. When you do this, two lines of shots will hit the fish simultaneously, causing the death rate to go high. Although this strategy involves using more bullets, this method has proven quite effective when competing against others.


This arcade-style game attracts thousands of players with its exhilarating gameplay, unique immersive interface, and impressive rewards. This game format is equal parts exciting and tricky. Even though the rules of this game may seem easy, you will still have to make wise choices. This is why it is crucial to learn the ropes before involving real money and risky strategies. Consider referring to the tips 

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