Editorial Principles

At Irishluck, our content is written exclusively for our platform, guaranteeing that you will find fair, factually correct, and top-quality reviews and articles. We are strictly against republishing articles from other websites and ensure our editorial principles are met before we move forward and publish information. We pay particular attention to various details based on what type of casino platform we are reviewing.

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IrishLuck Editorial Principles

Our team of experienced writers from varying academic and corporate backgrounds produces content under our mutually established principles. Most of these writers have been professional players or have exclusively written about the gambling industry for years. Many also have first-hand experience with online casinos in Ireland.

By only employing professionals to write for us, you may rest assured that all the information you will find on our pages has been vetted thoroughly. The content our writers publish keeps players in the know and facilitates an understanding of the inner workings of the online gambling industry. By adhering to these principles, our writing team ensures readers have all the information they need, regardless of where they choose to play.

Where Did Our Editorial Guidelines Come From?

IrishLuck is a team effort, and although that team comprises different people from different walks of life, they share the same universal values that allow them to lay out these guidelines together. This has helped create a transparent brand we are very proud of. Our editorial principles were peer-written by our staff of writers based on the following guidelines:

Core Elements of the Editorial Principles

As the platform has matured, we have established a set of editorial principles that ensure we deliver only the best. Below are our editorial principles, aside from the steps we take to execute them in our daily business.

Objective Information

Just because IrishLuck is an affiliate website does not mean we do not value our players’ safety and interests. Our writing team has no affiliation with any online gambling platform it reviews. Based on that ideology, if we see a casino platform conducting unfair business or should any conflicts of interest arise, we immediately terminate our relationship with the casino. This guarantees that we only value transparency, fairness, and objectivity above all else in our reviews. 

The same thought process goes for writing unbiased content for advice or guidance since all players have specific preferences about the casinos they want to register with. We focus mainly on providing the latest and most accurate information, and as mentioned, we are in no way biased toward any casino we review. All our information is transparent, factual, and unbiased

Accurate and Updated Information

We ensure to stay on top of the casinos we review on our site regarding the information we list about them. Such information could be about a casino’s bonus promotions, terms and conditions, and whatnot. With professional writers and reviewers on our team with years’ worth of experience with casino games, online or offline, we focus mainly on accuracy. We test every casino to be reviewed, so we know what the player is getting out of the experience while highlighting areas that need improvement.

We constantly stay in touch with all the brands we feature. Our final verdicts come from multiple factors essential to our players’ experience, including the casino's quantity and quality of the games, withdrawal and deposit speeds, the quality of the customer support offered, and much more.


Despite all our experience, research and vetting, errors are bound to happen. Realistically, negative feedback is also inevitable. To remedy that, our dedicated team constantly checks that the information is correct and without errors. Moreover, as part of our editorial guidelines, our team agrees that any reported errors will be thoroughly reviewed and rectified whenever necessary. That said, we openly invite all our viewers to inform us of any mistakes

Our team will work to make fixes immediately should there be any mistakes in our information or if the content suggests even a hint of bias. It is easier for us to understand your expectations and needs regarding online gambling through constructive criticism and feedback. That way, we can deliver the right content to satisfy your online gambling needs.


We at IrishLuck encourage our readers to offer feedback on our content. Such feedback may include the players’ experience with us or a casino platform we represent. This helps us understand whether our content is helpful and to learn from players’ experiences themselves. It also lets us accurately picture how our affiliates treat their players. Ultimately, your feedback or complaints help us know what information is essential when writing casino reviews.

Disclosed Sources

Aside from our writing team’s experience and knowledge, we make it so that our provided content is sourced from proven facts from reputable places. Such content may include sources like mainstream news and press releases. Most of our pages contain links to external sources where readers may review our references. 


Our team at Irishluck is fully aware that the online gambling industry is subject to constant changes. Online casinos change their sign-up offers and other promotions regularly, new game titles come out tremendously, and exclusive bonuses come and go with the changing seasons. You could say that nothing is at a standstill in the casino industry.

Once a casino review is written and published, that is not where its story ends. With IrishLuck’s main goal to be a one-stop shop for players, we regularly go through our reviews to ensure that anything published a few weeks or even a few days ago is still relevant and fresh. You will also find a timestamp at the top of every review showing when it was last updated.

You can find out about the authors of each of our pages, reviews included, and contact them personally without hesitation. You can also check out our about us page to learn about Irish Luck.

Why are Editorial Principles Important?

Editorial principles are important for our team as they help set a standard for structuring the content we present to you, the readers. Whenever we craft something new for you to read, we keep in mind that we must maintain journalistic integrity and adhere to ethical standards. We use objectivity and accuracy as a starting point. Also, we will correct and update information as necessary, disclose resources when possible, and welcome any feedback. In this way, our editorial principles keep us, as a team, responsible for the information we provide in the following ways:

  1. We remain consistent so you, the reader, can know what to expect in our content.
  2. We remain clear in what we're saying so you, the reader, can effectively understand our content.
  3. We remain honest by fact-checking and verifying so you, the reader, know that you can trust us and not fall victim to rogue blacklisted casinos.
  4. We remain ethical by avoiding plagiarism and respecting copyright laws so you, the reader, know our content is original and transparent.