How to Spot and Avoid Blacklisted Casinos - Updated June 2024

Credibility and trustworthiness are crucial factors when determining what online casino site you choose to play at. You will find hundreds, if not thousands, of casino websites when you go online. Every website is more than willing to take your money, but not all are transparent about giving back your winnings.

Such websites have poor business ethics and prey on unsuspecting players, robbing them of their time, privacy, and money. These suspicious websites are aptly labelled by the iGaming industry as rogue or blacklisted casinos.

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Scammers are found nearly everywhere. However, when it happens online, it becomes harder to determine if you are the target of a scam and who is behind the fraudulent activity. The online casino space has often been accused of being filled to the brim with scammers, and that accusation is not entirely fair. No industry is without its scandals; on the other hand, there are thousands of safe casinos to choose from. What is important here is that players must gain enough insight to quickly spot these moles in the iGaming space and avoid them like the plague.

What is a Blacklisted Casino?

A “blacklist” is a list of individuals or things that have been proven untrustworthy and unacceptable and should therefore be avoided or excluded altogether. In the iGaming industry, such a term is linked to online casinos that either fail to or deliberately avoid doing their part to protect customers. Blacklisted casinos pose a danger to those registering and playing with them. No official blacklisting authority gives such casinos this label; therefore, it is up to players to find trustworthy resources to stay informed of these suspicious websites.

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As stated, the most crucial takeaway is that as soon as you come across a blacklisted casino, you must avoid it at all costs. These platforms are dangerous and pose a significant risk to your safety, money, and private information. Also, scammers are not licensed (properly, at least) and do not adhere to regulations. Moreover, too many high-quality, reputable options exist for you to waste your time and energy with rogue casinos

The Risks of Blacklisted Casinos

To drive home the importance of avoiding rogue casinos, below are some risks to be wary of looking for a casino site to register with:

You May Lose Money

The most significant risk to you as a player when registering with rogue casinos is that your money is unsafe. That includes the money you have won and the money in your bankroll. As we have mentioned, most of these suspicious sites do not respect your hard-earned money and are in the throes of making a quick buck by any means necessary.After all, gambling already has enough risk and excitement involved. There should be no reason to add the needless risk of waking up one day to find all your cash gone or to go on waking up and never seeing your requested payout.

Your Privacy, Compromised

An often-ignored risk of gambling with rogue casinos is that your privacy will be compromised. When you sign up with an online casino, you usually submit your full name, date of birth, address, email, and other relevant information. When you give up this information to the online casino, you may be doing so under the false sense of security that your information will be kept safe. 

Of course, it is safe with reputable casinos, but your data is rarely safe when you offer this information to a suspicious casino. You obviously would not want to throw caution to the wind, so keep these rogue websites where they truly belong: away from you and your money.

Rogue Casinos are Tricky to Spot

Rogue casinos are often good at disguising themselves as reputable ones. After all, when was the last time you spotted a website or business openly revealing its plans to exploit unsuspecting people with predatory business practices?In the same way, rogue online casinos never advertise that they are terrible at what they do. 

They do the exact opposite instead via false advertisements. They try to look trustworthy with crisp animations, aesthetically appealing images, positive language, and seemingly lucrative bonus promotions. Simply put, rogue casinos are difficult to spot, making them much more harmful. Therefore, it is crucial to take your time and find them, recognise them, spread awareness among your peers, and ultimately avoid them.

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A Discouraging Online Gambling Experience

Online gambling is meant to be enjoyable. For many, it is a source of relaxation and an escape from everyday routine. That said, what level of peace will we get if we are constantly worried about being scammed?

As a player looking to enjoy yourself, you must be able to focus on the games you are playing and get the most enjoyment out of your time playing. Therefore, we recommend saving yourself the headache of wasting entertainment money and avoiding these rogue sites as soon as you can identify their intentions.

Why Online Casinos Are Blacklisted

Firstly, it is crucial to note that there is no all-encompassing list of rogue casinos. When online, you will not find the same rogue casino on every blacklist you see.

Every cautionary webpage you come across will feature its list based on past experiences from players and their research. Therefore, you must know the telltale signs of a rogue casino for your safety. Below are some of the commonly found traits of rogue casinos that you must be wary of:

Unfair Games

All online casino games should be fair and random to offer the best gameplay experience. Unfortunately, some scam casinos alter their games to get the advantage (aside from the edge these games already give casinos), causing players to lose more often. A rogue casino may also tweak its demo or free practice games to favour the players, encouraging them to play the rigged versions of those games for money.

Slow Pays

Similar to other scam methods involving non-payment, a rogue site may resort to slow payment procedures. Such casinos may take weeks, months, or even years to pay players back. They either do not have the cash flow or want to urge the player to keep playing. They might also expect the player to choose a bonus to avoid cashing out altogether. All these behaviours are problematic. Meanwhile, after several weeks of waiting, the players are forced to deal with partial payments and bouncing checks.


Rogue casinos do not pay players their winnings for (obviously) unstated reasons. There are, of course, legit reasons for not paying a player, such as because they resorted to cheating, abused bonuses, or did not complete the terms of an offer. However, note that rogue casinos can use these same reasons as excuses not to pay out players despite no proof that the player has done anything wrong.

Instead, they accuse the player of cheating to stall and, other times, bore them into taking another bonus so they cannot cash out. Non-payment also applies to affiliates. Consider this–if the casino refuses to pay affiliates, how long will they continue to pay players?

Dishonest Terms and Conditions

Rogue casinos often have outrageous terms, such as:

  • 75x or even up to 100x rollover requirements for bonuses,

  • a limit on the money players can win with their bonus (the maximum value of x times the first deposit amount),

  • a cap on how much they can bet each round,

  • or barring games such as progressive jackpots during the bonus use.

They may also resort to tactics such as getting a player signed up for a promotion or bonus while trying to “resolve” a conflict involving said player wishing to cash out. What is ironic here is that they are offering bonuses despite calling the player suspicious. Their reason for this is to trap the player into an offer forcing them to play (and lose) more instead of withdrawing.

Changing Terms

Among the most deceitful things rogue casinos do is abruptly change their terms and conditions without notice. They do this when disputing with a player over something they state the player has done wrong (even though they have not). They will deliberately alter the terms and conditions in favour of their argument. Meanwhile, when you go through their archives, you will see that the terms were changed from favouring the player to siding with the rogue casino.

Fake or Unreliable Regulation and Licensing

A rogue casino may claim to have a license. They may also be located in an area liberal about regulation, allowing them to go scot-free with their dishonesty.

This is a horrible experience for players since they do not get customer support during non-payment or issues playing particular games. Even if you can contact such casinos’ customer care representatives, they are incredibly impolite and may threaten you verbally.

Fund Removal

Some rogue sites state in their Terms and Conditions that they have the right to remove funds from a player's account if they suspect the player has broken any rules. This is another way scam casinos can conceal the fact that they are exploiting players. There have been many instances of player players logging in and finding their funds gone due to some technical issue.

Selling User Information

Some rogue casinos take users’ data and emails and sell them to third-party marketing companies online. A telltale of this is that your inbox starts getting emails and offers you have never subscribed to.

Although this does not affect your money or gambling experience, it is highly unprofessional and shows that the casino does not care about its clients. This also begs the question: If these casinos are this ready to give away or sell your personal information, what else would they be capable of doing for a quick buck?

Lack of Information

If you do not find much information on the online casino’s landing page or if something seems off, try investigating the casino yourself. If it is a blacklisted casino, chances are you are not the first user they are attempting to scam.

This will automatically lead to some traces. A quick Google search will show you if the casino had any conflict in the past or is already blacklisted on an affiliate website.

Poor Customer Service

A casino might get blacklisted for having bad customer service. This happens when players don't get the help they need from the support team. If they have to wait a long time for help, if their complaints aren't taken seriously, or if the support staff is rude, it makes players unhappy and gives the casino a bad reputation. So, poor customer service can lead to a casino being blacklisted.

Rigged or Unfair Games

A casino can get blacklisted if its games are rigged or unfair. This means players aren't getting a fair shot at winning. Whether it's because of manipulated outcomes, biased algorithms, or practices that favor the house, rigged or unfair games damage trust and honesty in the gambling scene. Casinos involved in such behavior risk losing credibility and being blacklisted by both players and industry watchdogs.

What to Do If You Are Currently Signed up with a Blacklisted Casino?

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Just learned that the casino you have been playing at has been blacklisted the whole time? At this point, panicking would not help. Instead, take a few moments and consider the practical steps laid out below:

Do Not Panic

As mentioned, panicking could only lead you to make rash decisions based on emotion. After all, just because a website has been blacklisted does not mean all its customers are in danger. Moreover, some rogue casinos are on the list for what they do with users’ personal information or things they have done with specific bonus programs. 

Your funds may not be at risk. Even if that is the case, you must still get as far away from the casino as possible because that toxicity can overlap with other areas of their business.

Lastly, please do not feel embarrassed about being exploited by a casino since it happens to many. Try to approach the situation coolly, keeping in mind the following steps.

Start Withdrawing Your Funds

The most crucial thing you may have at risk besides your deposited funds. Of course, your private data is also crucial, but it is probably too late if the casino has gained access to it. Removing your cash from the casino website is the most critical matter to focus on here.

Look for the fastest possible method to remove your money from the casino. Normally, the faster withdrawal methods are costlier with higher fees. However, that should be the last of your worries. If it costs you some extra bucks to guarantee the safety of your money via withdrawal from these casinos, then that should be worth the trouble.

If the casino is closing down (without informing anyone beforehand, obviously), not everyone will get their money back. Therefore, the faster you start withdrawing, the better your chances of getting your funds back.

Cut Off Contact With the Casino

After withdrawing your money and closing your account, the next step is closing contact with the site. That means blocking it on email or text messages to avoid any further distress. Take all the steps required to terminate your relationship with the rogue casino. 

Select a Reputable Casino as a Replacement

Once your money is safe and the rogue casino is out of sight, consider looking for a replacement. Just because you had an unpleasant experience with a casino does not mean you should limit yourself from future enjoyment, especially if you are a fan of online gambling. 

Moving forward, an important step you must take is to find out that the replacement is trustworthy, reputable, and not blacklisted. You can do that by searching up the casino in question on google, going through reviews, and checking the casino’s licensing, among other things.

How We Identify Blacklisted Casinos

The Irishluck team is trained to keep an eye out for blacklisted casinos, and we also have a rating guidelines system in place to ensure we only list safe and reliable casinos on our sites. We conduct extensive research, speak directly to players who played at these casinos and learn from their experience. Here's what we do:

  1. Use trusted sources of information: It is important to do research from reliable sources so we can get the most accurate information. These include industry experts, watchdog organisations and established review sites.

  2. Verify payment process reliability: We check whether the casino has a history of not issuing winnings to their players. If so, then this is a huge red flag for us.

  3. Look at the casino's regulatory status: One of the first things we look at before adding a new casino to our lists is whether or not it holds a valid licence. If we come across a casino that doesn't have a licence or holds a shady licence, then it is blacklisted on our database and not recommended to our players.

  4. Is customer care prompt? That is another aspect we look at. As mentioned above, if a casino doesn't have a good customer service system in place or completely lacks one, it is automatically blacklisted.

  5. Monitor patterns of misconduct: We look for patterns or trends in players' complaints, such as a high volume of unresolved issues and repeated instances of these issues.

  6. Check industry watchdog reports: Each week, the team assesses these reports, and we update our lists accordingly.

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List of Blacklisted Casinos

This list is constantly being updated with the latest blacklisted casinos in Ireland. Not sure whether a particular casino is safe to play at? This is list is here to help.

CasinoWhy This Casino Is Blacklisted
❌ 1X2 gamingFalse advertising
❌ 21 Dukes Payment issues
❌ Voozaza Many complaints from players about withdrawals
❌ Magicwin CasinoMany complaints from players about withdrawals
❌ Cats Eye CasinoWithdrawal problems 
❌ Worldwide WageringQuestionable practices
❌ b-betsQuestionable practices
❌ 24BettleQuestionable practices
❌ Lucky DinoQuestionable practices
❌ Casino JefeQuestionable practices
❌ Ola SpillQuestionable practices
❌ Dolce VitaQuestionable practices
❌ FiksukasinoQuestionable practices
❌ vie.betQuestionable practices
❌ JustwowQuestionable practices
❌ Simsino Payment issues
❌ Cobra CasinoPayment issues
❌ Slootz.ioNot recommended
❌ JackpotyNot recommended
❌ PremierNot recommended
❌ WinawinNot recommended
❌ KingdomaceNot recommended
❌ SupremoFake licence
❌ Avo CasinoNot licenced 
❌ Mr RexQuestionable practices
❌ Bonus BossSuspended licence
❌ Mr SpinSuspended licence
❌ CashmoSuspended licence
❌ PocketwinSuspended licence
❌ Dr SlotSuspended licence
❌ MfortuneSuspended licence
❌ FatBetPoor communication
❌ Cat CasinoQuestionable practices
❌ Cashalot.betNot trustworthy
❌ Red DogPayment problems
❌ RichkingFake licence
❌ BillionVegasFake licence
❌ Spider SlotsFake licence
❌ DreamSpinsUnlicenced 
❌ ZigZag777Lost licence
❌ Parasino CasinoBlacklisted

Tips for Identifying Unsafe Casinos

There are a couple of warning signs that will immediately indicate that you should stay away from a particular casino. We have already mentioned some of these issues, such as poor customer service and not having a licence. Here are some more tips to remember when checking out an online casino.

Poor Website Design and Functionality

Steer away from casinos that have outdated or poorly designed website designs. These types of casinos will usually have a bunch of spammy ads and links and that's a big red flag. Not having a website that has a robust design shows a lack of investment.

Lack of Responsible Gambling Measures

Responsible gambling measures should be present across casinos that know what they're doing. Why? This is because responsible gambling is there to protect the player. If a casino doesn't mention these safety measures anywhere, then it is a clear indication that it doesn't care about their players and their safety.

Lack of Third-Party Software Audits

Some online casino platforms have gaming licenses based on where they are attempting to attract customers. For instance, the UK and Malta do not issue licenses to casinos aiming to accept bets from US-based users. 

In such a case, the next thing to watch out for is a software developer regularly auditing its games by a third-party company. This is something software developers like to display proudly. Therefore, if you cannot find a logo from a third-party auditing company, consider that a red flag.

Fake or Revoked Licence

The most common way to determine that you are signed up with a reputable casino is to check if they hold a gaming license. Many jurisdictions offer casino licenses, each offering a varying level of user protection. Usually, websites with licenses from Malta or the UK are recommended. That is because they require all user funds to be stored in a separate bank account that is regularly audited.

Other jurisdictions like Kahnawake and Curacao exist but are less stringent than the European regulators. That said, an online casino with one of these licenses has at least had to undergo some vetting process.

Bad Reviews on Online Casino Forums

Many player-focused websites exist, giving a voice to users who believe an online casino has exploited them. Note that some of the posts on forums are players complaining that they lost their funds playing games. Therefore, when going through a forum post about a casino site, consider looking for responses from casino representatives.

Forums are helpful because they allow casino websites to perform customer service publicly. So, if you do not see a response from the online casino, you should consider the platform suspicious.

Suspicious Terms and Conditions Changes

If a casino is constantly changing its terms and conditions, that's not a good sign, especially if these T&Cs are being changed to put players at a disadvantage.

Misleading Marketing

Watch out for casinos that use aggressive or misleading marketing tactics to attract players, such as spam emails, unsolicited phone calls, or misleading advertisements promising guaranteed wins or unrealistic rewards.

Limited Payment Options or Currency Restrictions

If you come across a casino that has many payment method restrictions, take it as a red flag. A reliable and safe casino always make sure to work with reputable payment partners.

Lack of Privacy Policy or Data Protection

Keeping players data secure is paramount. Look for casinos that clearly state that they have a data protection policy. This is usually found in the footer.

No Clear Ownership or Contact Information

Avoid casinos that lack transparency about their ownership and contact details. Legitimate casinos should provide clear information about their company, location, and contact methods, including a physical address and telephone number.

Alternatives to Blacklisted Casinos

Not all casinos are bad. In the table below, we listed the most trusted Irish online casinos that we have in our databases:

CasinoWhy This Casino Is Not Blacklisted
✔️ Lukki CasinoIt has SSL encrypted transactions
✔️ Nine CasinoA trusted online casino
✔️ LuckyWins CasinoOwned by a licenced and reputable company
✔️ Verde CasinoLicenced and accepts many payment methods
✔️ Ice CasinoWell-known and safe casino amongst Irish players
✔️ 1Bet CasinoCustomer service is very reputable
✔️ CrownPlay CasinoUtilises SSL encryption technology
✔️ Slotbox CasinoA multi-lingual site with incredible customer service
✔️ Spinaway CasinoWorks with reputable software providers
✔️ Rooli CasinoHas many payment methods and accepts different currencies
✔️ Skycrown CasinoModern-designed site and very user-friendly
✔️ Slotum CasinoFast withdrawals
✔️ Playfina CasinoA fully licenced and regulated casino
✔️ FireVegas CasinoAn MGA-licenced casino
✔️ Joo CasinoA top industry player and favoured casino amongst Irishluck players
✔️ Hugo CasinoEmphasis on responsible gambling
✔️ CasinoVibezAccepts many safe and reliable payment methods
✔️ Drip CasinoHas responsible gambling measures in place

Our Verdict on Blacklisted Casinos

Blacklisted casinos are a cautionary reminder to carry out due diligence when gambling online, as there are potential consequences and risks when choosing the wrong casino. Keep our tips in mind when you come across a casino that looks suspicious, and always trust your instincts. There are better casinos to play. Make sure always to pick one that is licenced, has responsible gaming measures in place, uses safety features, and doesn't look spammy or suspicious.


Do rogue casinos ever make it out of blacklists?

Yes, all platforms can work on their reputation and practices, improving their chances of making it out of blacklists. It is also worth mentioning that this rarely happens since rogue casinos stay rogue until their business goes bust.

What are bonus frauds?

A rogue casino may offer a bonus only to cancel it as soon as a player has registered and made an initial deposit. Casinos also change the bonus terms and conditions to avoid paying the bonus and its potential winnings.

Do rogue casinos lie about the RTP of their games?

Yes. Many rogue casinos advertise a certain percentage when in reality, the real return is noticeably lower.

How can I easily understand if a casino is unreliable? 

To determine if a casino is unreliable, look for red flags such as missing or questionable licensing, negative customer reviews indicating issues with payments or customer service, lack of transparency in terms and conditions, inadequate security measures, and limited responsible gambling features. Additionally, unreliable casinos may partner with unknown or unverified software providers and offer a limited selection of payment options. Lack of clear ownership and contact information further raises concerns about reliability. By considering these factors, you can quickly assess the trustworthiness of a casino and make an informed decision about whether to engage with it.

Which licences are reliable in Ireland?

Reputable online casinos hold licences from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA), Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) and Curacao eGaming.

Is Kahnawake license real?

Yes, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) license is indeed real. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is a regulatory body based in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, Canada. It has been issuing online gambling licenses since 1996 and is one of the earliest and most well-established licensing authorities in the online gambling industry. Examples

I playedat 21dukes and I won 1k+ money and they didnt allow me to withdraw


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