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Golf betting is having its moment in the sun, as more options are being offered. That's why it's safe to say that golf is the sport to keep an eye out for. As a punter, you should know what the market has to offer and the crucial attributes that could bring you one step closer to placing wagers responsibly.

Get ahead of the curve and consider Irish Luck as your source on how to get into this niche sports betting opportunity.    

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Golf Betting Guide

Ireland has maintained a worldwide reputation as a successful golfing nation, with Irish players like Padraig Harrington and Shane Lowry winning major championships in the last twenty years. Irish golf courses are among the most scenic worldwide, and the Ryder Cup 2027 is due to be held in Adare, Co. Limerick.

Gambling is a part of Irish culture, so it’s no surprise that golf is an appealing sport for pundits to place a few wagers on. Betting enhances the excitement of the sport, and you can have a flutter on all golfing events that are played during the year.

You can enjoy a range of local and international golfing events in Ireland. We’ve listed out the most popular tournaments below

  • The Ryder Cup;
  • The World Golf Championships;
  • The Masters Tournament;
  • The Irish Open;
  • The U.S Open;
  • The British Open.

Where Can You Place a Bet on Golf?

You can place a bet on the sport at any reputable Irish bookmakers online in the live sports section of the website. You can also visit a bookmaker establishment anywhere in Ireland if you prefer a bit of social interaction with fellow punters.  

How to Bet on Golf?

If you’re not sure how to bet on golf and you can’t visit a bookie in your area, then you need to access the internet to place a bet online. Once you’ve chosen an Irish site, you’ll need to register with the operator and deposit funds into your account.

Then, you go to the live sports section of the website to find upcoming events where you can browse the odds that are available to you. One of the best sports to bet on with Irish Luck!

How to Find a Good Golf Betting Site

You can find a good betting site for golf by browsing the internet and comparing odds. Irish bookmakers are very competitive against each other, and they’ll always offer you the lowest odds and incentives to entice you to sign-up with their sites.

You can use Irish comparison betting sites to help you find the right bookmaker for you, or you can check out the live sports sections in the various websites.

What Types of Bonuses Will do I Find Betting on Golf?

When you register with an Irish bookmaker, they may offer you a welcome pack that includes free sports bets and deposit bonuses. You may also receive exclusive lower odds on sporting events, and a percentage of your cashback on lost wagers. You must read through the terms of the website so you can be sure that you can avail of golf betting bonuses.

What is the Best Strategy for Betting on Golf?

You need to familiarise yourself with the game and the participants to help you understand betting on golf. You can find a wealth of information when you search up player statistics. You can find out their strengths, their past performances and how they perform under pressure. 

Physical conditions can also play a role in the outcome of tournaments. If the weather is windy, it’ll have a direct impact on players’ swings. If it has been unseasonably dry, the balls may bounce more on the hard surface. If you’re not sure how to win betting on golf, you’ll boost your chances when you develop a clear strategy.

How Golf Betting Odds Work

Most Irish websites will offer you fractional and decimal odds formats in tournaments. For example, if you see odds of 3/1 next to Rory McIlroy to win the British Open, you can place a €1 bet for him to win. If he does, you’ll gain €3 and your initial bet back, which means you’ll receive €4.

If you place a successful €4 bet on a player that has odds of 7/2, you’ll win €14 and your initial wager of €4 back. The same betting odds also apply to the decimal format.

Where Can I Find the Best Odds for Golf?

You’ll find the best odds for golf at reputable Irish bookmakers online. When you browse Irish betting sites, make sure that you check out the live sports section for the latest odds available. The operator may offer you a free bet or even reduced odds for the sport when you register with the website.

The best Irish sites will also provide you with news and tips for upcoming events and tournaments to optimise your chance to win money betting on golf.

RankCasinoBonus AmountSports Events

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€500 Bonus

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The following betting methods are popular with pundits who place money on the sport.

  • Outright betting: This is where you place a bet on a player to win an upcoming tournament.
  • Each-way betting: You can place a bet on a player to finish in the top five. If the player achieves this, you’ll win your bet at a quarter of the provided odds.
  • Player to miss the cut: You can bet on players to underperform in a tournament. If they don’t make the cut, you’ll win your bet before the event even ends.
  • Leader round betting: If you’re confident a player will top the table after the first round, you can place a bet on it. 

Cash Out

Cash-out is a popular feature at bookmaker websites for live sports games, and it’s great if you’ve placed a wager on a team or sports star that’s underperforming. If you have a bet on an event, you can close your bet by selecting the cash-out button on your mobile betting app or website. When you choose to close your bet, you’ll receive a portion of your wager back, depending on the cash-out value at the time.  

Live Streaming & Where to Watch Golf

You can watch Irish Open rounds on RTE. Sky Sports has a dedicated golf channel called Sky Sports Golf that airs all of the main tournament games. You can also watch highlights on RTE and BBC1.

You can stream the games on the RTE Player app and Now TV. You can also install the Sky GO app onto your mobile device or desktop so you can watch the current tournament games.

Golf Betting FAQs

It is legal to bet on golf tournaments in Ireland.
Live betting is where you can place a bet on a sports event after it has started. You can manage your bets more efficiently, and the odds will change during the game.
You can use credit/ debit cards or e-wallet services to bet on the sport online.
It is safe to bet on golf from a bookmakers establishment or a reputable Irish website.
Look for player statistics on official websites and keep an eye on weather conditions.
A punter scooped a win of over €148,000 with a €17 bet on the PGA tour in 2019. You can win substantial amounts of money if luck is on your side.
If you use features like live betting and cash-out, you can optimise your chances of winning when you bet on the events.
Reputable Irish betting websites that provide you with tips and bonuses on the sport.
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