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Siobhan Aslett


Sports & sportsbook expert of 8 years. Specialising in a subject close to her heart, sports, Siobhan informs online sports betting fans about the latest news & best sports betting sites.

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Siobhan Aslett Information

Alumni OfUniversity of Exeter
DegreeSports Nutrition
Written Articles Counter69
Lives InDublin
Email Addresssiobhan.aslett@irishluck.ie

Who is Siobhan Aslett?

With 8 years of experience behind her, Siobhan Aslett is our in-house everything sports betting expert. She studied sports nutrition at the University of Exeter, and after graduating in 2017, she worked for one of the largest sportsbook operators in London. Her experience with the best online betting sites has offered Siobhan years of experience, giving her invaluable insight into the iGaming industry. Since Siobhan already knows how the system works, it gives her an edge as the team's online sportsbook specialist as she reviews the several operators that were once considered her competition in her previous roles.

Siobhan took her love for sports and writing and turned it into her job by writing sportsbook reviews and sports-related pages for our readers. With her experience, she knows the ins and outs of this industry, and as a result, she writes only the best of the best for Irish players. Siobhan also takes time from her busy working day to personally chat with players in order to produce unbiased content and even improve on her content.

As a young girl, Siobhan loved Football, and she is still in love with the sport. She is, in fact, one of the few women that are vast in sports, sportsbooks, and sports betting in the gambling world. Being a sports enthusiast and working as a sports nutritionist part-time, she compares her work to playing with her favourite toys and getting paid for it. As you would imagine, her spare time still revolves around sports

Sportsbook Casino Reviews

Sportsbook enthusiasts also know that Irishluck is not just for online casino reviews. Siobhan handles all of our sportsbook reviews, given her attention to detail and her experience. She writes detailed reviews and doesn't leave a stone unturned. Siobhan looks at every nook and cranny, such as whether or not the particular bookmaker is licenced in Ireland, the types of bets and offers available, and the variety of markets that sportsbooks host. As a result, her reviews are very detailed and they answer all the questions any Irish sportsbook fan might have.

Sports Betting

Siobhan also writes about popular betting sports in Ireland. She understands that there are many markets out there, and each player has their unique interests; therefore, she is always doing research on new sports that might be worth adding on Irishluck. Just like her reviews, these pages are detailed and she goes the extra mile by adding operators that feature these sports.

Sports News

There is always something new happening in the sportsbook industry. Siobhan is always on the alert for the latest changes to keep our readers up to date. Her news articles are some of the most visited ones on our site because they are kept short and sweet but contain all the relevant information. She dedicates at least 5-6 hours a week to research on what's the latest buzz in the industry, and we do appreciate that.

What's It Like Working With Siobhan Aslett?

I'm always impressed with Siobhan's work ethic and dedication to her job. I admire how hard she works every day and her attention to detail. She is incredibly supportive and it's always a pleasure working with her.

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It's always a good day when Siobhan is in the Irishluck offices. Her expertise and willingness to help others even when she is busy with her work is admirable. Siobhan has become one of my closest friends and confidants, and I know that whenever I need a helping hand and a person to shoot hoops with, she is there.

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Contact Siobhan

If you are a sports enthusiast looking for a knowledgable conversationalist, Siobhan is the perfect choice. Reach out to Siobhan on one of the below contact methods, she is easily accessible and tries to respond to inquiries promptly. At most, she should reply within 48 hours. 

Interview with Siobhan Aslett

During an interview with Siobhan, she gave us an insight into her experience working with the Irishluck team. 

Siobhan expressed how much she loves checking the lineups and injury news and how eager she is to check the predictions and the odds available on sports. The most exciting part for her is how unpredictable and quickly the sports tables can change. In her words, she said:

"There’s nothing quite like a Saturday afternoon; kick-off is an hour away, I'm checking line-up and injury news, latest odds and predictions and watching the tables bounce around. As an avid fan of competitive sports, I know how placing bets can further fuel enjoyment of the game, and I feel lucky to combine work-related research with a genuine interest of mine. This is something I’d be doing in my spare time anyway, so I'm happy to share this knowledge with fans of our site, Irishluck.ie"

As a female enthusiast in the sportsbook industry, Siobhan is keen to ensure that women are duly represented in the industry. So far, Siobhan has been one of the few women consistently setting the pace for quality representation of competent women in the iGaming industry. More than anything, she looks forward to seeing more women on the team and in the iGaming industry at large, not only in Ireland but also in the international community. 

She sure wishes to spread her wings across the borders of Ireland and Europe. So watch out for her, as she’s got more packed under her belt than you could imagine.

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