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She studied sports nutrition at the University of Exeter. After her graduation in 2017, she worked for one of the largest sportsbook operators in London. Her experience with the best online betting sites has offered Siobhan close experience in the iGaming industry. Her years of experience gave her invaluable insight in and out of the iGaming industry. Right now, she presides and reviews the several operators that were once considered as her competition in her previous roles. 

Siobhan knows how the system works already and that gives her an edge as the team's sportsbook specialist. Due to the fact that sportsbooks are no longer in their regular traditional form - there is the availability of online sportsbooks. Players want to be sure that they are playing the right way, therefore, Siobhan takes her time to draft the best reviews on sportsbooks in Irishluck. In the team, Siobhan does nothing more than what she does best - sports.

About Siobhan 

missing alt Siobhan holds the role of the team's Online Sportsbook Specialist, plus she is also saddled with the responsibility of keeping the team in order. However, Siobhan is focused on keeping up with the latest Sportsbook information and industry-related sports news. 

As an amazing writer and sports enthusiast, Siobhan spends quality time writing detailed sportsbooks reviews. She enjoys keeping both Irishluck's visitors and regular players up to date with the latest and best Sportsbook reviews, sports betting guides and articles. 

Her working experience in the sportsbook operator company has helped her understand the nooks and crannies of sportsbooks, how to place bets on sports and what to look out for before placing your bets (if you don't want to lose your money). 

Ultimately, every sportsbook has gone through a thorough review by Siobhan herself, so, you can rest assured that every sportsbook review or betting guide coming from her is a first-hand one. Being a sports enthusiast herself and working as a sports nutritionist is like playing with her favourite toys and getting paid for playing. 

When you read her guides and articles, you get to know which sports to wager on and which sports to run from. As a young girl, Siobhan loved Football, and she is still in love with the sport. She is in fact one of the few women that are vast in the areas of sports, sportsbooks, and sports betting in the gambling world. 

What makes Siobhan stand out is the maximum time she spends researching sports and other affiliated updates, as well as writing read-worthy articles to keep players informed. 

Siobhan utilizes her young and experienced mind to interact with bettors and players of sportsbooks to understand what they expect from the sportsbooks. She also provides tips to players on how to play or and procedures to follow to win big.

When Siobhan Is not working, she is watching her favourite games or discussing sports with her colleagues. Her spare time still revolves around sports. 

During an interview with Siobhan, she gave us an insight into her experience while working with the Irishluck team. 

Siobhan expressed how much she loves checking the lineups and injury news, how eager she is to check the predictions, the odds available on the sports table and the most exciting part for her is the unpredictable turning of the table. In her words, she said:

"There’s nothing quite like a Saturday afternoon, kick-off is an hour away, I'm checking line-up and injury news, latest odds and predictions and watching the tables bounce around. As an avid fan of competitive sport, I know how placing bets can further fuel enjoyment of the game and I feel lucky to be able to combine work-related research with a genuine interest of mine. This is something I’d be doing in my spare time anyway, so I'm happy to share this knowledge with fans of our site,"

As a female enthusiast in the sportsbook industry, Siobhan is keen to ensure that women are duly represented in the industry. So far, Siobhan has been one of the few women consistently setting the pace for quality representation of competent women in the iGaming industry. More than anything, you can look forward to seeing more women on the team and in the iGaming industry at large; not only in Ireland but in the international community as well. 

She sure wishes to spread her wings across the borders of Ireland and Europe. So watch out for her, as she’s got more packed under her belt than you could imagine.


If you are a sports enthusiast, you can chat sports with her; she is easily accessible and tries to respond to inquiries promptly. You can send her your email through or on linkedin. She should reply within 48 hours.