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Dermot is a marketing and business management graduate at Leeds Trinity and All Saints University. Since his graduation in 2014, he has found himself primarily in the iGaming industry, where he does wonders in an aspect that he loves the most; online casinos. 

Since his graduation, Dermot has dedicated his time and energy to ensuring that the team provides players of IrishLuck with experiences they cannot find elsewhere. You can be sure that Dermot uses his marketing and business management knowledge to reach out to the public, Ireland players especially. 

Online casinos are an aspect of online gaming that is ever-changing, therefore, Dermot has been able to put himself out there, talking to enthusiastic players and updating his knowledge on online casinos as innovations or new games come into the industry.

About Dermot 

missing altDermot is mainly committed to updating players in the United Kingdom on every aspect of online casinos. Players are well-informed on all the latest online casino information or industry-related sports news. 

Dermot specializes in writing detailed updates and reviews that keep both visitors and regular players up to date with the latest and best online casino reviews. 

Not only that, he drafts betting guides, guides to playing your favorite games, sports reviews, and industry-related news articles, and he also answers online casino-related questions. 

Often, online casino players find it difficult to choose which game can help them win big. So, they often play games with fewer deals, making them lose a lot of money. 

Dermot uses his experience in marketing and business management to fish out casino gaming platforms with the best deals in the UK.  He doesn't only keep you informed about these deals; he tells you the curve in the online space. 

This means that he lets you know when betting times are good and when they are not. He lets you know how to go about your bets without incurring huge losses. You can always rely on him to update you with the best bonuses and online casino information at every point in time. 

As a marketing expert and an online casino enthusiast, you are in the best hands you can think of. Dermot's time as a volunteer as a live dealer with some partner sites of the team added to his dedication as an online casino writer. While other team members had fun at the live dealer volunteer experience, Dermot saw it as an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the iGaming industry. 

Dermot diligently and passionately plays every one of the games he reviews. So, when he puts out a review about a game, you can be sure that he has gone through what every player will go through. His work as an online casino writer allows him to try out the games he reviews; that is why when he writes his reviews, he is not just writing as a team member; but as a player and a lover of online casinos.

You can also find him alongside his two border collies, Flash & Thunder. During his leave or vacation, Dermot enjoys climbing mountains, running endurance races, or single-handedly renovating his old barn. His interest in the iGaming industry started at the University, and the fast pace of the iGaming industry and technological innovations adopted by online casinos also caught his attention. 

Before now, Dermot foresaw the fast-rising of the iGaming industry. He has been impressed by the easy adaptability of iGaming and the online casino; from desktops to laptops, games can now be accessed from small mobile devices. With all of these steady innovations witnessed by online casinos, Dermot knew he wanted to be part of the greatness brewing in the industry. 

In his words, he said, "Throughout Uni, I was infatuated by the fast pace of the iGaming industry, and with recent spikes in technology, this seems to have catapulted the interactivity and player experience tenfold. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching how the iGaming industry has adapted and continued to innovate its platforms, games, and services to make online gaming as enjoyable as possible, not just in terms of design and player experience either, with operators now putting a lot of emphasis on player satisfaction, care, and social responsibility."

No doubt, the iGaming industry has come to stay. After the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the world has never been more grateful for online gaming platforms than it is now. Within one year, online casinos received a huge boost in their activities, and Dermot has never been more dedicated to making players know more about their games and helping them play smarter than he is now.


You can reach out to Dermot for answers to questions as regards online casinos or simply for feedback on reviews. Send your mails to him through or on LinkedIn, and he’ll get back to you within 48hrs.