Online Casinos With Payforit 2024

These days, Ireland online casinos have reached an all-time high in popularity, and many players are going online to play their favourite casino games every day. One of the many reasons online gambling is so popular today is the accessibility to fast and secure mobile payment methods. The latest in the industry is the use of mobile phone numbers to fund casino accounts when playing games for real money. Payforit is one of the best payment options today that allows players to pay via their phones. This simple, fast, and secure payment option lets players deposit money with just a few taps - there's no need to create an account. Today, several Payforit online casinos are offering their services to players in Ireland and beyond.

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Best Payforit Casinos in Ireland 2024

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What is Payforit?

Jointly launched by mobile networks O2, EE, Vodafone, and 3, Payforit is a payment method that uses mobile phone credits to pay for products and services online. Simply put, this method lets you make payments online, and instead of deducting the money from your bank account or e-wallet, deducts the money from your phone credit balance or adds it to your next monthly phone bill. Unsurprisingly, like many other payment methods available to Irish players, the Payforit payment method has also found its way to the online gambling industry. Today, you will find several online casinos that support this payment method in Ireland.

As such, Payforit is one of the most popular payment methods in Ireland, which is not surprising as the method allows Irish players to easily make simple and secure transfers to their desired online casinos right on their mobile devices, without any muss or fuss. This method is quite similar to other mobile payment options like Boku in that it allows players to fund their casino account online seamlessly.

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Requirements for Joining a Payforit Online Casino

Before you dive into joining a Payforit online casino, you need to know the specific factors that would enable you to access this payment method.

  • Ireland-registered phone number

  • Prepay or PayAsyouGo plan

  • Mobile internet connection or Wifi

  • Mobile phone

How Payforit Works

When it comes to the workings of this payment method, Payforit is straightforward. All you need to fund your casino account is an Ireland-registered mobile phone number. There is no need to provide extra bank card information or bank details. Generally, there are two different ways casino enthusiasts use Payforit to fund their accounts at an online casino set in Ireland. The way a player will use Payforit depends on the arrangement they have with their mobile service provider. It can be a monthly bill payment or a pay-as-you-go arrangement. If your phone bill usually arrives at the end of the month, the amount you deposit using Payforit will be added to your monthly phone bill. However, for players who have a pay-as-you-go arrangement, it's still possible to do, but the charges come instantly and are directly deducted from the players' available mobile phone credit balance.

Highlights of Payforit

One of the biggest highlights of Payforit is the fact that you can easily bypass a number of the more normal requirements set out by online casinos in Ireland. This includes not having to put in bank details, or even making an account with the casino itself in some cases. For those out there from the smartphone era, not needing to pay using a debit or credit card is a godsend, so this payment method is right up their alley.

The fact that players never have to link their online gambling to their bank account is a huge positive for most people. It means that the whole process is much more secure. It also keeps things a little more anonymous for players who don't wish for their online exploits to be known. This means that it's also harder for anything to go wrong - hackers will find it a lot more difficult to get access to player accounts.

Finally, this method is very fast. The fact that all a player needs to do is type in their phone number and the amount they mean to deposit ensures that things happen speedily. The deposit will turn up instantly in the player's account ready to be used. The only thing to bear in mind is that for those using pay as you go, they will need to ensure their current balance covers what they intend to deposit.

How to Deposit Money With Payforit

  1. Have a registered Irish phone number

  2. Choose an online casino

  3. Head to the cashier page

  4. Select Payforit, enter the phone number and deposit amount

  5. Receive confirmation text

  6. Confirm


How to Withdraw Money With Payforit

No withdrawal option.

How Safe are you When Using Payforit

As we've touched upon, Payforit is an incredibly safe and secure electronic payment option at online casinos. None of the player's financial information is ever given to the casino website. Everything is done via the phone, including the confirmation. What this means is that 

  • Very convenient and simple to use
  • Great to play at online casinos; deposit anytime and anywhere
  • No credit card or bank details required
  • Allows play now and pay later
  • Safe and secure
  • Free and no hidden charges
  • Not available to withdraw money
  • Small maximum deposit limits
  • Accepted at limited casinos

Reasons Why People are Using Payforit Online Casinos

Payforit is no longer a new trend in Ireland's iGaming industry and has unsurprisingly become a popular payment option that many gambling enthusiasts today are using to fund their gambling. Naturally, the popularity of this payment method is not surprising as many players are attracted to Payforit online casinos due to the various benefits that it brings to the scene. So, let us have a look at why Irish players are joining and should join Payforit casinos.


Payforit is very simple to use, and unlike other payment methods, you don't need to remember complex logins or passwords to use it. You need your mobile phone number to confirm the payment.

Fast Process

Deposits through payment methods like cards and some other methods at online casinos can be a hassle as they usually require providing some lengthy information. The truth is that nobody wants to waste time at an online casino doing that. That is why the simplicity involved in using Payforit makes it a preferred option with many Irish players. Payforit payments do not require that players provide personal or financial details, thereby making the process doable within a very short while.

Instant Payment Processing

You will find common amongst many gambling enthusiasts here in Ireland, and beyond that; everybody wants a payment option that allows instant access to games. When you use Payforit at an online casino, the deposit will only take seconds, and the funds will be available for your gaming needs instantly.

No Deposit Fees

Something common to many payment methods in Ireland today is that you may be charged a small fee for the service when you want to make deposits or withdrawals. However, this is not so for Payforit. Although some new online casinos offering Payforit may charge you a small fee from their end when you deposit using this method, Payforit is generally free. The best Payforit casinos on our page will not charge you when you deposit using this method and may even reward you with welcome bonuses and free spins.

Top-notched Security

The safety of private financial information has always been a concern for many gambling enthusiasts regarding online gaming. This is because every piece of information you share could be used for malicious purposes, which is why many Irish players prefer to use a payment method when they have to share little to no sensitive financial information. The fact that you don’t need to provide financial information before using this method makes Payforit secure and practical for players concerned about security. If anyone intended to hack it or pay using that actual account, they would have to be physically holding the phone to ensure that the transaction went through. All you need to share when using Payforit is your mobile phone number, so there is nothing to worry about ensuring transactions are as highly secure as possible.

Just because it has the added levels of security, doesn't mean that players can use it anywhere. It is still important to check the actual casino site being played at. Always ensure that it is licensed and regulated as well as making sure it officially accepts Payforit as a payment option. Payforit also runs only with very specific mobile networks, all of whom have passed strict tests to ensure that those networks meet requirements for security.

Drawbacks of PayforIt

One indisputable truth is that nothing is truly perfect. No matter how great an idea or option is, there is a high chance of a few letdowns, and the Payforit payment method is not an exception. That said, this Payforit payment method has a few minor downsides, and they include:

Small Deposit Limits

One of the drawbacks that players face when using the Payforit payment method is the maximum amount you can deposit per transaction. Irish players using Payforit to fund their accounts are only allowed to deposit €30 at any time. And while such a small deposit limit may be enough for casual players who are just playing to pass the time, it is a significant drawback for high-stakes players who want to deposit lots of money.

No Withdrawals Allowed

Another significant problem of using Payforit to process payments at an online casino is that it is a deposit-only payment method. As such, you cannot use the method to withdraw any winnings from your player’s account.

Should Irish Players Use Payforit?

To sum up, we have to say that Payforit is an excellent casino payment option for players residing in Ireland. It is a highly secure platform that is simple, easy to use, and processes deposits instantly. You also won't be charged any fees when you use Payforit to process withdrawals, and most Payforit online casinos don't charge hidden costs as well. Unsurprisingly, the number of Payforit Irish users keeps increasing every day, so we know that the option seems to have incredible potential. Payforit casinos also offer fantastic bonuses and incentives to their players. However, Payforit is not perfect though, as there are some disadvantages to using it. The first one is that deposit has a small deposit limit of €30 per transaction, making this option less than ideal for serious high-stakes gamblers. The biggest downside, though, is the fact that the method can only be used to process deposits and cannot be used to make withdrawals. So, players would have to opt-in for another payment method whenever they want to withdraw their winnings.

Overall, the simplicity, speed, increased security, and many other benefits Payforit offers to Irish players make it a decent option for casual players looking to have fun.


FAQs about Using Payforit in Online Casinos

Is it safe to deposit using Payforit?

Absolutely. Payforit is an entirely safe and secure payment method that uses high-end security measures to ensure airtight security. Also, since using this method does not require that you provide any bank or card details, Payforit may very well be one of the safest casino deposit methods.

Do all Irish Online Casinos accept Payforit?

Sadly, although Payforit has been quite popular in a couple of Irish casinos in recent years, it is not yet widely accepted, but many online casinos already support it.

Which Online Casinos accept Payforit in Ireland?

Several great online casinos in Ireland support payment via Payforit. To help you find the best Payforit casino that you should use to play your favourite games, you can check out our list of recommended Payforit casinos.

Are any fees attached to using Payforit?

No, there are no fees attached to using the Payforit payment method. However, although most top online Payforit casinos won’t charge you a dime, some might charge a small fee when you use this payment method. So, you need to look at the terms and conditions of the Payforit online casino before you take the leap.

How long does it take to credit my account when I use Payforit?

One of the advantages of using Payforit to deposit at an online casino is that it instantly processes deposits. This means that you can start playing your favourite slots, table games, and any other casino games at a Payforit casino the very next minute you initiate the deposit.

Is there a limit to how much I can deposit Using Payforit at an Online Casino?

Yes, there is. The maximum amount you can deposit using Payforit is €30 per transaction, which is a bit low and, unfortunately, not ideal for you if you are a high-stakes player. It is, however, more than enough for casual players who are just looking to have fun.

Can I withdraw my casino winnings using Payforit?

No. Sadly, Payforit is a deposit-only payment method, and as such, you cannot make real money withdrawal using this payment method. The payment method setup cannot allow money to be credited back to your mobile phone number. So, you will have to use another option to withdraw. Luckily, most Payforit online casinos feature plenty of other payment alternatives that you can use to withdraw your winnings.

Do I get a Casino bonus using Payforit at an Online Casino?

Yes, most top Payforit online casinos give bonuses to their players when they use Payforit to process deposits. However, you should check the terms and conditions of the casino to ensure that this method is not on its list of payment methods that are not eligible for bonuses.

Do all mobile phones work for Payforit payments, or do I need a Smartphone?

As long as you have a mobile phone number registered in Ireland, you can use Payforit to process payment at an online casino. The model or operating system of the mobile device does not matter.

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