Technology is in constant and rapid development and year 2020 will be no exception. It affects us in almost all ways of life, so naturally it will also make a difference for online casinos.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the biggest trends you will see at online casinos in the coming year, and discuss how it will affect you when playing. 

Cryptocurrency Payments on the Rise

Cryptocurrency is not unknown to the online gambling industry. Some casinos have been accepting crypto as a way of payment for years now, and it doesn’t look like that’s about to change anytime soon. 

Making transactions with any cryptocurrency allows you to stay anonymous and ensure maximum security. In the days of all our online activities being tracked, some people like having discretion for various reasons. Crypto allows you to do that. 

Additionally, the discretion can have another advantage. Because of the anonymity it involves the risks of theft and getting hacked are significantly decreased. These advantages have made crypto a big player within the online casino gambling industry. 

Regulations Coming to More Markets

Ireland was subject to gambling regulations just very recently. This is a good example of what is happening in a lot of countries around the globe right now. It’s becoming an increasingly important issue to be able to protect potential problem gamblers and other inappropriate target groups, such as children under 18. 

Many casinos are now facing requirements to offer self exclusion or take other initiatives to empower players to limit their gambling. 

VR Gaming to Increase in Popularity

Virtual Reality or VR has been growing in popularity the past couple of years, and are now spreading more widely to the point, where they are used for entertainment at home. VR would give the player an opportunity to have a more interactive and immersive gaming experience. 

It is only a matter of time before casinos start offering this. It does, however, require that people have their own pair of VR headsets at home. 

Slot Machine Upgrades

It’s safe to say that there are quite a large number of slot machine games out there. It gives players a wide variety to choose from, when seeking entertainment online. Some slots are more popular than others, but a lot of the most loved ones have been on the market for more than a handful of years now. 

We are starting to see that some providers are upgrading their games. A good example of this, is NetEnt recently deciding to upgrade Piggy Riches to a Megaways slot. This is after they bought Red Tiger, who originally designed the game. A similar thing happened with Book of Dead, where an updated version called Legacy of Dead with the same theme was created. 

Iconic slot favourites like Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest could use a little update to make the graphics more detailed and bonus features more current. We definitely see more providers doing the same in the future. 

More Live Games 

As online casinos increase in popularity, land based casinos seem to be losing their momentum. At the same time, more players are demanding to have the “real casino experience”. 

Being able to play live casino from the comfort of your living room enables you to gain the best of both worlds. Players feel comfortable and can take their time. At the same time they get the engagement and casino atmosphere through their screen. 

Slot machines are definitely the preferred games to play at online casinos. But live games seems to be on a positive trend lately, which makes casinos offer more variety within the category.