Irish gambling operator, SeanieMac, has announced the completion of upgrades it has been implementing on its website for the last few months, which will particularly impact their VIP players.

According to the company, VIP players will now have direct access to a range of different payment providers and promotions that they can choose from. Minor upgrades have already been tested over the last few months in a live environment to ensure that the transition will be smooth.

“These are key parts of developing a new site and over the coming weeks we will continue to further develop and upgrade our site and strive to offer a unique experience,” Shane O’Driscoll, chief executive of SeanieMac, commented on the changes.

“We are working diligently to grow our customer base and our VIP customer strategy on a daily basis. All of these steps are part of our strategic plan to achieve cash flow positive operations this quarter and turnover revenues of $50,000,000 by year end. We will provide updates on revenues shortly. We are very confident we will hit our goals in 2016.”

An Irish gaming company, SeanieMac Limited, owns and operates online sports and casino platform, SeanieMac.com. Earlier this year, the company announced it would be launching a new gaming platform to meet its customers’ needs. On September 19, Phase 1 of the new platform was launched.

The new gaming platform is being developed in conjunction with Spanish online gaming and online betting software developer, Optima Information Services. Together, the companies will create a multi-channel solution for desktop and mobile gaming. With the new platform up and running, SeanieMac expects to gain a stronger position in the industry, becoming a leader in the supply of online sports betting and gaming solutions.