The Norwegian Government is planning to introduce new measures that will limit the amount of money that players can spend and lose on the state-owned and regulated national lottery organisation, Norsk Tipping. These measures are being introduced in response to concerns over gambling addiction and the impact it has on families.

The government will be imposing a NOK20,000 (US$2,400) loss limit per month on lottery games. Anyone placing bets or purchasing lottery tickets will have the amounts registered and then offset by any winnings. Players will be unable to place any bets or buy additional tickets if their net loss in any given month reaches the NOK20,000 limit.

Observation of several thousand active players has led to the conclusion that people’s lives are being ruined by the amount of money they are spending on electronic games offered by Norsk Tipping.

Despite the fact that it may limit their revenue, Norsk Tipping welcomes this move, saying that they have players who spend and lose more than they should.

“We offer between 15 and 20 various games and we want a limit that will track each player’s total amount of gaming expenditure,” commented chief executive of Norsk Tipping, Torbjørn Almlid. “We have some customers who play for more than they should and we want to help them stop that. We think this will lead us to healthier gaming behaviour in Norway.”

Anti-gambling advocates have stated they would like to have seen the limit set even lower than NOK20,000; however Almid insisted that this limit should be sufficient. In addition, he denied claims that problem gamblers will simply move to playing at competing international gambling sites.

“We think our customers will choose to limit their own gaming, instead of moving over to other gaming companies,” said Almlid.