Cameron Murphy08.28.2016

UK-based sportsbook platform provider, FSB Technology, has announced the launch of Black Type, a new sports betting operator that specialises in horse racing.

The platform offers a unique hybrid trading solution so that sports markets are able to be controlled by either the FSB team or their own team of traders. The operator has been co-founded by Dave Gowers and Craig Nicholson, together with Mylo Sangster, grandson of famous thoroughbred owner and breeder.

“Having witnessed the evolution of the industry over the past 20 years, the UK market in particular has lacked a quality horse racing-focused sportsbook for a considerable time and there is very little competition for the established, bigger operators,” stated Nicholson.

“We want to draw on our knowledge and racing heritage to put that right, but most importantly we want to offer a very competitively priced service while also being seen to lay a fair bet.”

“Of all the managed sportsbook solutions, it was a no-brainer to go with FSB as their platform was by far the most flexible and appealing to traders like us.”

Richard Thorpe, Business Development Director of FSB Technology added: “It is a feather in our cap that traders with a specialist knowledge of all the managed sportsbook options on the market chose FSB over some of our competitors.”

“We’re very confident that our offering is sufficiently flexible to combine the best CRM tools with specialist trading knowledge to deliver a compelling product that will excite customers and plug a gap in the market.”

The managed service includes a proprietary live betting platform that features CRM tools for bonusing and real-time algorithmic pricing models, as well as a casino with bonusing tools and a range of games from providers such as Microgaming and Realistic Games.