The integrity body of the regulated betting industry, ESSA, has signed on its nineteenth member. Spread betting operator, Sporting Index, has joined ESSA and will make available data from its business set providing the integrity body with a wider range of alerts and reporting systems.

Through the agreement, ESSA will now be able to monitor sports spread betting, together with its traditional fixed odds and pool betting markets. This will allow ESSA to continue monitoring the sports betting index for suspicious betting patterns in its aim of deterring match fixing.

Besides for its monitoring systems, ESSA has been involved in numerous initiatives including its International ‘Keep Crime Out of Sport’ program which is funded by the European Commission and is headed by the Council of Europe. Locally, it has also run a player education program with EU Athletes.

Its endeavours have resulted in eleven counts of suspicious betting patterns which it reported in its Q1 integrity report. Of those, five alerts originated in Asia, three in Europe, two in Africa and one in South America. Nine were regarding tennis, and one each were regarding basketball and football.

“Sport is at the core of our business and maintaining its integrity is paramount,” stated the chief executive of Sporting Index, Simon Trim. “Sporting Index wants to play its part in tackling match fixing and joining ESSA is central to achieving that goal.”

Khalid Ali, secretary general of ESSA expressed the organisation’s satisfaction that Sporting Index had joined their ranks, explaining the importance of including sport spread betting data into their operation. He pointed out that the inclusion of sports spread betting data would widen “the scope of the ESSA alert and reporting systems which will have important benefits for our members and all of our partners in sport.”