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Mobile casino gambling has only been a reality for just over a decade, but it is shaping the way the casino industry is developing. There have been significant changes for casino players in the last two decades, going from casinos games only being accessible at land-based casinos, to the possibility of online gambling from 1994 and now the option to gamble on the go with mobile casinos which were first launched in 2004. As technology continues to develop, the features and functions available at mobile casinos improves so that today, they offer a high quality gaming experience. Today, more and more online casinos are launching mobile apps as they note their popularity among players.

Developing Technology

Mobile technology has continued to develop over the years so that today, mobile casinos are far more advanced than they were when they were first launched. In 2004, reliability and speed limited the mobile gaming experience, but these are no longer concerns and the functions of mobile technology often make gaming more intuitive and a superior gaming experience than can be achieved online. Today, the trend for mobile games is moving towards HTML5 and away from mobile apps that are designed for a specific operating system. HTML5 technology means that the casino can recognise the device being used, allowing the casino developers to focus more on the features and services available than on developing multiple apps.

Playing via Mobile – The Benefits

There are many benefits to playing at a mobile casino and few negatives. Mobile casino games have been optimised for play via mobile to specifically suit the size of the screen in terms of the graphics quality and the features that can be viewed. Touch screen and swipe technology that is unique to mobile devices is ideal for casino play and often allows for a more realistic gaming experience than the click technology for a mouse at an online casino.

Today, players have access to all the benefits of an online casino when they play via mobile, including making deposits or withdrawals, contacting customer support, accessing bonuses and promotions, inclusion in the loyalty program and access to progressive jackpot games. While there are fewer games available, the games are a selection of the best the casino has to offer and games are constantly being launched for mobile to increase the sizes of the mobile games suites. Special mobile bonuses are an added benefit when you play on the go. Players can now enjoy some of their favourite casino games, on the go, wherever they are. Mobile casinos of today offer a superior gaming experience with improvements in technology, improving the player experience all the time.

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