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Novomatic is based in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria and holds a license from the Great Britain Gambling Commission. With over 320 slots, Novomatic boasts a medium to large game selection. Novomatic has an intense focus on providing high-quality graphics to all its users.

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Some Facts on The Company

  • Number of Games: 328
  • Online Casinos: 1900+
  • Desktop Platform: Windows, Macintosh
  • Mobile Platform: Android, iOS
  • Overall Rating: 8/10

    Why Online Casinos Choose Novomatic

    We know that many casinos in Ireland host games from Novomatic, but why do they choose this provider?

    This provider runs four lines of software with exceptional graphics and plug-and-play tools. Namely, they’re the NovoLine, CoolFire, ImperaLine, and Octavian Game Technology.

    What do all of these software lines contribute to this company’s desirability?


    This provider creates both the software and hardware for any type of gaming. Whether you’re setting up a fully online casino, or a casino in the wilderness, you’re good to go. As far as the online side of things goes, the software lines are fully optimized to work on both desktop and mobile platforms.


    This company has distributors in over 70 countries, meaning you can easily find the software you want at a supplier near you. Furthermore, it’s possible to contact the provider directly via the website.

    The Social Aspect

    The Novomatic Interactive division, also known as Greentube, puts a lot of emphasis on the social aspect of gambling. They distribute games that are highly interactive and should be enjoyed socially. You can get many classic Novomatic slots through this brilliant distribution network.

    When you boil things down to the essentials, every casino wants a couple of things:

    1. Slots that players can enjoy;
    2. Games that adapt well to mobile;
    3. Fantastic graphics that keep people playing.

    Novomatic understands that casinos need these things, and incorporates them into all their slots. They feature a brilliant distribution network, adaptive software, and intuitively built hardware. This company can’t help but grow.

    Apart from the main design, the gameplay is delightful. The graphics are also pleasant to look at and accompanied by wonderful audio. Altogether, there’s a reason why the company has lasted this long.

    A slot giant like Novomatic has many popular games in its wake. We’ve listed some of the games that Irish players love most.

    Rank Game Name Description
    1 Book of Ra

    Book of Ra is, without a doubt, one of the most popular games that Novomatic has ever created. This Egyptian-themed slot has been topping the Novomatic charts since its release in 2005. The game has an RTP of 95,02% and some greatly enjoyable free spins.

    2 Lucky Lady's Charm

    This game has a fortune teller theme and incorporates many different symbols of luck. It’s a relatively simple game, but still a firm favourite. It has an RTP of 95.13% and a maximum win of 4,633x.

    3 Sizzling Hot

    Sizzling Hot is a five-reel slot with a culinary theme. It has five paylines and can yield up to a 500x multiplier. It’s a classic type game, with just a dash of modern style.

    4 Tidal Riches

    Tidal Riches is a medium volatility six-reel slot. It has partially risen to popularity thanks to its expanding reel feature. It’s an ocean-themed game with sea life as symbols and up to 50 paylines.

    5 From Dusk Till Dawn

    This game is based on the 1996 movie featuring George Clooney. Whether you’re a fan of the movie or not, you’ll love this slot. With an RTP of 95.6% and 50 paylines, you can’t help but have a good time.

    Mobile Gaming at Novomatic

    Around the world, gamblers are consistently moving to mobile platforms. Irish players aren’t an exception, and we’re seeing a massive increase in mobile gambling.

    Does Novomatic cater to this increase in mobile-driven gambling? Definitely. Several of the base software mechanics for the Novomatic games come with a plug and play capability. Online casinos can easily change any of the Novomatic slots to work on their mobile platforms.

    Most of the games from this provider are available on Android and iOS. The game page for each slot lists compatible platforms so operators can choose the games that best suit their sites.

    Thanks to the fantastic compatibility casinos can provide a seamless mobile experience.

    Is Novomatic a Player-Focused Software Provider?

    Novomatic has a strong regional focus on European countries like Ireland but is also player focused. This producer lists a huge variety of unique games for lovers of every genre.

    The designers and developers at Novomatic build games that they know they’d like to play. Accordingly, each slot is player-focused and aims to give gamblers the best possible experience.

    Novomatic Bonuses

    Unlike some large providers, Novomatic doesn’t list any bonuses on their website. It’s not unlikely that you may find a bonus involving the company. However, you won’t find the provider-specific promotions that you see at some companies.


    The main drawback to this provider lies in the absence of operator-specific bonuses. We’d like to see promotions that go specifically with Novomatic games in the future.

    With that single exception, this company is any casino’s dream. Not only does the catalogue host many games that would appeal to Irish players, but the list is extensive. This provider has over 320 games on record, so you can expand your casino’s listings significantly.

    Furthermore, many Novomatic slots are incredibly popular. Book of Ra is one example and has been topping out the charts since 2005. One of the critical aspects of modern gambling is mobile availability. The different software programs offered here generally convert well to mobile, so you can accommodate any type of gambler. Finally, this provider is player-focused so the games appeal to various markets.

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