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One of the most anticipated professional golf tournaments on the PGA Tour is the John Deere Classic. It started out in the 1970s as a satellite event on the PGA, but quickly became an official tour with title sponsors, including well-known John Deere Classic that began in 1999.

Since its beggining, John Deere has become a highlight of the PGA Tour and, over the years produced memorable moments. Ever since the Open Qualifying Series was introduced, the John Deere Classic has become the final destination for non-exempt players to earn their entry into The British Open if they are able to achieve top 5 finish.

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The tournament was cancelled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but in 2021 it came back in full swing. Lucas Glover emerged as the winner by 2 strokes, with Kevin Na and Ryan Moore being the tournament runner-ups. In 2022 the tournament was held from June 30th to 3rd July- 2 weeks before The Open Championship, that was held between 5th-9th July at TPC Deere Run. In 2022 John Deere’s Classic broke the record through its Birdies for Charity program by distributing $13.9 million to 481 charities. The purse of $7,400,000 was significant and tickets were available to the public from April 2023.

Lucas Glover

Silvis, IL, USA. 11th July, 2021. John Deere Classic champion Lucas Glover poses for a photo with the trophy at TPC Deere Run Sunday, July 11, 2021 in Silvis. Credit: Meg Mclaughlin/Dispatch Argus/ZUMA Wire/Alamy Live News

PGA John Deere Classic Golf Course

TPC Deere Run is an 18-hole golf course situated in Silvis, Illinois, found along the Rock River. It is run by the PGA tour, being a part of their Tournament Players Club Network. This award-winning championship golf course has been hosting the tournament since 2000. 

The land on which TPC Deere Run Golf Course stands holds a significant historical legacy as a former Native American settlement. Renowned for its beauty, challenge and playability, TPC Deere Run exemplifies what one would anticipate from an award-winning golf course. It provides a captivating blend of aesthetics and accessibility, welcoming golfers of all skill levels to test their abilities on a course designed to challenge even Tour professionals.

Golf Betting Ireland

Donald Albert Weibring, a renowned golf course architect and former PGA Tour professional, utilized the natural undulations of the land to craft a course that winds along the majestic ravines of the renowned Rock River. It's the kind of course that captivates viewers on television, leaving them envious of those fortunate enough to experience it firsthand. With 5 sets of tees strategically placed, the course caters to golfers of all skill levels.

It has earned accolades from Golf Digest, ranking among America's 100 Greatest Public Golf Courses and securing the 5th spot in Illinois according to GolfWeek Magazine. Despite the favorable weather forecast, as the golfing season was in full swing, I anticipated a challenging week ahead with scores likely not being low. This course may favor players with the skill to tackle its intricacies with aggression. If you've recently watched the thrilling US Open finish, you're likely eager for more golf action. As a longtime golf enthusiast, I was personally moved by that finish and found myself back on the course the very next day. With the packed golfing schedule, it is challenging to discern which events hold the highest prestige, but every PGA Tour win is significant in its own right.

Is Betting On The PGA Tour Fun?

All forms of betting are fun. If anyone's betting experience becomes too money-oriented, it becomes a real problem and one should seek help immediately. While Betting on the PGA Tour you are likely to have a favorite player or at least a preference for who wins a tournament such as the John Deere Classic.

Follow these tips as they will definitely serve you the best, because there is a big difference between people who learn hard to win a tournament and people who just have crazy luck.

Tips For Betting On The PGA Tour

Mistakes are normal when you are betting on golf. Following the dynamics, it is hard to predict what will happen over the course of 4 days. The success rate of betting at betting sites will be super high in one-on-one sports as the odds will dictate winning 70% of the time to break even. With golf, you can be right 5-10% of the time.

Don't Just Bet On One Golfer

Betting all your money on one golfer is not advisable. Golf differs from other sports due to its numerous variables. Even Tiger Woods, at his prime, wasn't always a sure bet. Instead, choose a small group of golfers you believe in and stick with your choices throughout the week.

Your strategy choice is entirely yours to make. Will you stick with the top 10 golfers or take a chance on some long shots? In most sports, betting on someone with 50/1 odds would seem reckless. However, in golf, it wouldn't be surprising if a golfer with those odds won.

Bet While The Tournament Is In play

In major golf tournaments, the saying goes: "You can't win the major on the first day, but you can certainly lose it." Betting once the first round is shaping up can help avoid early eliminations from contention.

Your odds may seem less appealing with this strategy, but there's still value to be found. Even if the first day isn't exceptional, a successful bet can yield a significant payout. Success doesn't require being right frequently. While some say it's not about how a golfer starts but how they finish, in reality a golfer must perform well throughout to win major tournaments.

Consider Players Form

Form and injury are crucial factors when selecting a player to win a golf tournament. In the past, I've made the mistake of hastily betting on players like Bryson DeChambeau due to tempting odds, only to realize later that he was nursing an injury. Taking a moment to understand why the odds were appealing would have easily prevented this error.

The betting odds for this tournament reflect the current form of players and their suitability for the course. The PGA tour often features courses with many birdie opportunities, favoring players with aggressive styles over those with a more steady game.

Why Not Back A Long Shot?

You might notice odd odds for well-respected players, like Ian Poulter at 250 to one. However, odds reflect the likelihood of success, just as in any other aspect of life.

If betting on a long shot, consider backing someone with a strong track record in major tournaments, despite their current form. For example, players like Patrick Cantlay, who has shown great skill but hasn't performed consistently this year, or Justin Rose, who recently shot a 60 on the final day of the Canadian Open. With everything wide open, anything can happen.

To reiterate, don't limit yourself to backing just one golfer. Betting on multiple players increases your chances of making a profit if any of them win.

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Don't Get Upset If Your Bet Is Not Successful

Tiger Woods is the only golfer in history to start a tournament at evens or worse, which is quite remarkable given the odds in golf tournaments today. If your 20/1 bet doesn't succeed, it doesn't mean you lack knowledge about golf. Golf is unpredictable, and a golfer's bad week doesn't necessarily reflect poorly on your selection. Focus on the logic behind your choice, and if it's sound, don't be discouraged by short-term outcomes.

Who Will Win This Year?

Predicting the winner of the John Deere Classic Championship is challenging given the strong field. While no one can guarantee who will secure the trophy, we've identified several players we believe have strong chances of winning. Explore our list for predictions of the players with the highest chances of victory.

Scottie Scheffler

scottie scheffler pga

Charlotte, NC, USA. 25th Sep, 2022. Scottie Scheffler lines up a putt during the Presidents Cup at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, NC. Source: Brian Bishop/CSM/Alamy Live News

Scottie Scheffler, a long-time fan favorite, boasts numerous victories on the tour, including a coveted green jacket.

Despite his success, Scheffler has faced challenges in events like the Players Championship, finishing T-55 or worse, which may deter some bettors. Additionally, his ranking in total putting strokes, often 75th or worse, has raised concerns for some.

Scheffler remains one of the most consistent golfers globally, still considered in his prime. He had a strong chance of winning the John Deere Classic Tournament.

Viktor Hovland

Viktor Hovland is often overlooked by bettors, but he had a better chance of winning than his odds suggest. As he's not yet a household name, not many people chose to bet on him, making him an appealing option.

Hovland has demonstrated consistency by making the cut in all 8 tournaments he's played. He achieved a T-9 finish at the 2022 Players Championship and secured a tie for 10th at this year's Arnold Palmer Invitational. Given his track record, betting on Hovland was wise decision.

Jon Rahm

Jon Rahm PGA betting

Jon Rahm during his first day at the BMW PGA Championship, 19th September 2019. Wentworth Golf Club, Virginia Water, UK. Credit: Paul Terry/Alamy

Jon Rahm is highly regarded for his impressive swing technique and consistent performance. He clinched the top spot at prestigious tournaments like the Sentry Tournament of Champions, the Genesis Invitational, and the American Express in 2023.

Additionally, Rahm's significant presence in the World Amateur Golf Ranking, where he held the number one position for 60 weeks in 2020, instilled confidence in his abilities for the John Deere Classic Tournament. With favorable odds and recent wins at the Acciona Open de Espana and DP World Tour Championship in 2022, Rahm is poised for success. Given his exceptional track record, especially with his recent Masters win, Rahm was a strong contender for securing the John Deere trophy in 2023.

J.T. Poston

At the 2022 Connecticut Travelers Championship, he surprised everyone with a T-2 finish. Following this success, he went on to win the John Deere trophy, garnering significant attention from fans who are considering betting on him. His determination and resilience have propelled him to the top ranks, indicating he's not likely to stumble anytime soon. Despite being considered a rank outsider by the odds, his track record in similar events makes him a worthwhile golfer.

What Types of Bets Are Available For Golf Tournaments?

Golf tournament lasts 4 days and even for golf lovers, things might fall a bit flat if the game is not panning out as well as one might like. Therefore, these different types of bets can add a bit of spice to the whole occasion. More importantly, gambling experts can use them in a way to win money.

Outright Winner

Outright bets are quite common and likely familiar to most.

A typical golf tournament spans 4 days, starting on Thursday and concluding on Sunday. The winner is determined by the lowest score over these 4 days. Therefore, an outright bet pays out only if the backed golfer wins the tournament.

This type of bet often offers substantial payouts, even when betting on favorites. For instance, placing a bet on McIlroy to win a tournament at odds of 10/1 would yield a significant return. This highlights the unique nature of betting on the PGA tour compared to other sporting events.

PGA John Deere Classic Bet Types

PGA Prop Bets

Prop bets can add an extra layer of excitement to golf betting, allowing you to leverage your knowledge of the game.

While betting on a hole in one was once popular, it's now less common among bookmakers. These bets are more for entertainment rather than developing a solid strategy, but they can yield significant payouts if successful.

Examples of prop bets include predicting the number of eagles or how often a player will end up in a bunker.


Best players fight for victory on this tournament. It's an exciting event because picking a winner is always challenging. Wherever you watch, we wish you the best with your betting selections. Will you choose form with McIlroy or Fitzpatrick, or do you think it's time for Spieth and Koepka to shine? Perhaps you believe Will Zalatoris rebounds from recent heartbreak. Regardless, a win means you're ahead.


PGA John Deere Classic FAQs

Here is my response to some of the most frequently asked daily questions regarding golf betting.

Is Golf Worth Betting On?

Betting on golf can make matchups and tournaments all the more exciting for fans all year round. A fair percentage of the field has a decent chance of winning. However, betting on the sport goes beyond choosing the tournament winner. What’s more, you will always get good odds. Even the favourites have high odds, based on the size of the field.

How Does Betting On The PGA Work?

Betting on the PGA Championship commonly constitutes placing the most popular bet on who the bettor thinks will win the tournament. At that instant, the bettor would be betting on the likely winner of the PGA John Deere Classic.

Is Golf Betting Profitable? 

Similar to other forms of betting, it’s easy to lose money. Nevertheless, if you make informed decisions and try to apply a solid strategy, you may turn it profitable. If you believe in the strategy you have implemented, you should give it a considered period of time to see if you can become successful.

What Do Extra Places Mean in Golf Betting?

Successfully predicting the winner of a golf match can be difficult. However, predicting who will end up in the top 5 is easier. Although the odds will be lower, you will still have a higher chance of winning. This option can be found in most sportsbooks.

What Is The Best Way To Bet On Golf?

While it isn’t easy to think of just one golden strategy in golf betting to make you successful, you do not need to have a high success rate to profit. Moreover, if you bet via the extra places feature, you will find it easier to apply a solid strategy. It's impossible to get it right constantly.

What was the payout for each player at the John Deere Classic?

For the first, second and third place: Adam Svensson won $84 138, Doug Ghim $58 090 and Tano Goya $58 090.

Where is the John Deere Classic in 2024?

The host for 2024 is TPC Deere Run that will happen July 4-7, 2024.

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