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Matthew is our resident golf betting expert! He's been a content writer for the past seven years.

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Who is Matthew Gover?

Hailing from Bristol, England, Matthew has been in the industry for the past five years. As you can see, Matthew has quite the background that gives him some pretty well-rounded credentials! He graduated with a First Honours Degree in Sociology from the University of the West of England. After graduating with such great qualifications, Matthew kick-started his vocational path at a mere 22 years old, jetting off to Valladolid. In this northern Spanish city, he worked as an English teacher and extended his talents of teaching at 2 highly recognised English language schools in Brazil and Vietnam

Matthew quickly climbed the ranks by obtaining managerial roles at these highly esteemed schools - this exciting journey lasted for 7 years! During this time, he was also working as a freelancer, so Matthew would eat up any opportunity to follow his passion for writing. No wonder this is the path that he chose to mould his career on! Itching to step into this role, his passions brought him to the world of gaming where he could easily show off his talents for writing creative yet informative content. 

Having contributed over 1000 casino articles on various sites, the experience Matthew has obtained definitely gives him great expertise when it comes to the industry. The sports betting markets attracted his inquisitive nature, so it is no surprise that Matthew decided to hone his skills in these special areas. Also, being half-Irish himself, Matthew certainly has a soft spot when it comes to his writing about local Irish sports. From sports pieces to news articles and casino reviews, Matthew has it all covered. The IrishLuck team is over the moon to have Matthew on board as a guest writer and a specialised golf writer. Siobhan is especially happy to have a fellow sports enthusiast! 

What led Matthew Gover to write about the gaming industry?

''I decided to specialise in sports betting markets because they are subjects I have a vast knowledge of, and after I developed my reputation on the sites I was working with, I was able to focus on the subjects that interested me, and I preferred to specialise in a particular niche when you consider the competition content writers face. Writing about sports is a passion, and I have now found a job where I don't consider it as work, I consider it to be a pleasure. Before, I wasn't paid to give my opinion now I am.''

Matthew doesn’t shy away from sharing what he’s learnt and the extensive information gathered throughout his gaming content writing experience. He is meticulous about his writing and doesn’t rest until he gives his 100%. In his free time, you’ll probably find Matthew watching the sports he writes about. He is also a keen cricketer and tries his best to keep fit. He is a keen lover of cafes and lives in the countryside, and enjoys long walks with his wife.

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Do you want to know more about Matthew? Or have some burning questions about the gaming industry? Irish players can pick his brain about all things igaming!  He’ll get back to you in a jiffy!