New Live Casinos Ireland 2024

New live Irish online casinos provide an authentic gambling experience that matches the energy and excitement of land-based venues. They also add a degree of transparency that online casinos often struggle to achieve.

In this article, we share an overview of everything you need to know about new live dealer casinos.

Below, you will find what to look for, how they work, and where you can go to find them. 

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Best New Live Casinos

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Quick Facts About Live Casino Sites

In new live casinos, dealers are broadcasted while dealing cards. It’s a kind of gamblers' Zoom meeting where players from all over the world interact with them in real time.

🏢 First established2006
✔️ AvailabilityMobile, Desktop
👩🏻‍💻 Top Software DevelopersPragmatic Play, Evolution
🃏 Best Live Dealer GamesBlackjack, Poker, Roulette
📱 Mobile AccessibilityYes
💶 Average Minimum Bet€1
💶 Average Maximum Bet€2,500
👨🏻‍⚖️ Legal in IrelandYes

How We Evaluate New Live Casinos

We evaluate casinos based on how they stand up to our rating guidelines and general editorial principles. In scores range from 1-5, casinos with a rating 4-5 are considered excellent and casinos that fall below 3.4 are usually better avoided. Our editorial policy obligates us to be objective, informative, and accurate. 

Below, we list some of the things we look for in a new live casino based on the guidelines described above.

secure and trustworthy casinos

Responsible Gambling & Safety at Live Casinos

Responsible gambling features help players make good decisions while they play. These could include suggested breaks, support communities, self-imposed betting limits (such as a one-touch betting feature), and other resources that make it easier for players to gamble responsibly. 

Gamblers are always advised to remember following 3 objectives:

  1. Games of chance are not considered a way to make money. Professional gamblers reported that they have experienced losses that occured with one spin or turn of the card. No matter what game you're playing, the loss is possible.

  2. You can afford to loose only money intended for gambling. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable spending €100 on an average Tuesday, you shouldn’t gamble with it either. Think of money you gamble as being spent, not invested.

  3. Don’t get caught up. During the time you spend in chasing bonuses, you loose awarness of time spent in it, so it is very important not to be caught up in gambling for hours.

Gambling industry has both for regulatory and publicity reasons recently begun to place bigger emphasis on providing guide to safe and enjoyable gambling and knowing its customers. Only the best casinos works with you on meeting these 3 mentioned objectives.

This new emphasis on players' wellness makes it easier to find good safety features on most games.

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green document representing casino license


Online casinos are subject to the same licensing requirements as land-based casinos. We look to make sure that the casinos we evaluate have up-to-date certifications and licensing both from an operational perspective and for the games they offer.

Casino Safety

Live Casino Security & Fairness

All casinos are required to follow security and fairness guidelines. This includes informations about how they handle information, and what sort of RTP (return to player) the games offer. 

There are a variety of ways that casinos help make their games safer and more secure. These include:

  1. Age verification. This is an important element of making sure that online gambling is a safe venture. Physical casinos don't allow underage players to get in. They ask for your ID at the door, and if you are lucky enough not to have a youthful face, you’ll most likely get carded all throughout the night as well. It is not possible in online casinos because they require multistep age verification process involving photo ID and confirmation of authenticity of personal document.

  2. Encryption. Data encryption helps keeping your information safe and anonymous as you play. Casinos are legally required to keep your data secure.

  3. Payment option variety. Payment methods are important because they allow players to select the encryption method of their choice. To provide any extra level of protection, using e-wallets is recommendable. It allows you to get free encryption, keeping all of your information safe. 

While choosing online casinos, do some research on Google. Another great way to find informations you need are other players, as they are the best persons to talk to when it comes to what casinos to choose.

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Casino Payment Methods

Deposits & Withdrawals

Online casinos allow players to fund their accounts through a wide range of payment options. This includes major providers, as well as various e-wallet applications that are popular among online gamblers.

Withdrawals are fast, free and without stifling limits if you look out for the following details:

  1. Payment method-related fees. Casinos allow using the payment method by choice to deposit and withdraw money, but also attach fees.

  2. Withdrawal fees. Casinos charge a small fee– usually a dollar for withdrawing money back into your account. If you play every day, it increases. Even if the cost is small, it’s unnecessary and we suggest avoiding it.

  3. Deposit bonus exclusions. While there are different kinds of bonuses, deposit bonuses are among the most common ones. Online casinos award first deposits with extra credits and offer deposit matching promotions providing you with extra credits proportional to the amount of money you deposited. E-wallets are usually payment methods that are excluded.

  4. Limitations. Online casinos have withdrawal limitations. If you receive bonus credits, you will not be able to withdraw them until you make a certain number of wagers. The reason for this measure is to prevent players from performing certain actions just to get bonuses, without actually playing. Other casinos limit the amount of money you are able to withdraw per day. These limits won’t be felt by the average player but are very debilitating for high rollers. We suggest paying attention to all while registering the account and getting to know your rights as a player.

Payments are often overlooked by players as they choose an online casino. However, they are limited by policy variations that impact on your playing experience.

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customer support

Customer Support

We like to see online casinos with accessible, swift customer service, with multiple contact options. Things to look out for include:

  1. Hours of operation. Having in mind that online casinos are international businesses, customer service hotline refers to the certain time zone. If you are located in North America, it is difficult to reach Australian customer service.

  2. Language variety. Online casinos provide limited support for their customer service when it comes to languages. It is very important to make sure that the customer support is available on your language.

  3. Contact option variety. It is very important that online casinos offer various options to contact them. If you can’t contact them on the phone or through live chat, make sure that you can reach them easily by email. It increases the accessibility of the casinos as a very important criteria.

High quality customer support quality is standard in gambling industry, so this type of research is very important.

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Mobile friendly casinos

Available on Mobile

Mobile availability has become one of the standards in gambling industry. New live casino mobile apps provide transition from phone/tablet to the desktop version so thanks to the cloud-based technology- all informations you got on phone appear on desktop display.

If you plan on playing primarily on your phone or tablet, do research which casino games are available on mobile phone. Not all online casinos offer their live dealer games for mobile or that option is reduced.

The image is an icon related to graphics and design, featuring a colorful circle with a stylized font or symbol inside. The predominant color is green.

Selection of Live Casino Games

Live dealer casinos have limited number of “live dealer games”. The more tables they provide to a player, the better is the experience.

Best bonuses

Promotions & Bonuses

We evaluate promotions and bonuses by considering how offers suit to different types of players. Promotions are geared toward new sign-ups and toward returning players. It depends of your playing style which one suits you.

Regular gamers are interested in promotion opportunities for them. But, keep in mind that promotions are designed to get people to play more so they won’t have to try too hard if you are the regular player.

Look for casinos that provide bonuses and promotions specific to how often you play.

Free spins

Software Providers

Software providers have a big impact on the quality and long-term health of a casino website. We will highlight a few of the top ones that are specific to live table gaming.

Note that the software providers' reputation is important for one reason: good software providers produce highly enjoyable games. Playing games made by professional and reputable teams increases your odds of having safe, seamless, and fair playing experience. Return-to-player ratio is set by software provider, not the casino, so your odds of achieving victory will depend largely on who developed the game rather than on which online casino you play.

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How To Register at New Live Casinos

Registering at new live casinos can be completed in 5 steps: 

  1. Complete age verification requirements. Depending on the location, age verification requirements vary. Confirming age with written response is obligatory but video or photo proof is mandatory.

  2. Make account. Once your age has been verified, the casino will ask you to fill out the usual online account fields such as name and email address.

  3. Select payment method. Players use virtual wallets to protect themselves through encryption. Keep in mind that players' promotion depends of selected payment methods. 

  4. Fund account. Make your first deposit, pay attention to what bonus options are available. It is common for casinos to attach player incentives to first deposits. 

  5. Start playing!

How To Play Live Casino Games

Live dealer games are straightforward with rules and dynamics as in-person counterparts. If you know how to play blackjack, you’ll quickly understand how to do it with a live dealer. Below, we look at popular live dealer games at new live casinos.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack allows you to place bets, side bets, etc. before an actual dealer. You watch them play out the cards being provided with a short window of time to make bet. Blackjack is considered to have the best odds for players because the rules are same for all.

The dealer are under the same criteria for hit or stay under the RTP rate of around 99%. Live dealer blackjack has wide spread from minimum to maximum and it is very important for skill or risk tolerance level. 

Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealer roulette plays out the way it would in a casino- when the chip is selected you can watch spinning the wheel as an actual physical object Select your chip size and bet and watch the wheel spin. Because this is a live game, the wheel is an actual physical object - not digitally rendered.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat “favours” players more than almost any other casino game because the house edge is small. While understanding the rules may take time, the basic structure allows you to choose between one of two bets—betting that either the player or the banker will win. 

Poker Live

Online “live poker” is different from its physical counterpart because you play against house instead of against other players. A wide variety of popular game can be found.

Irishluck casino games

Three Card Poker

Three-card poker as a new iteration of the game was introduced in the early 90s. The rules require players to try and make the best possible hand out of three cards. 

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean stud is a popular variation of five-card stud, where players are pitted against the dealer instead of each other. 

Live Dealer Casino Hold’em

Live Dealer Casino Hold'em is one of the most popular forms of poker played all over the world. Players are dealt with two cards making the best hand they can through a common pool of five cards.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a popular Chinese game where you play by using three dice. 

Live Gameshows

Live gameshows are traditional table games with the infused with theatrics and energy of a game show.

Live Dealer Games vs Regular Online Casino Games

While online casinos provide the same selection of games, live dealer can boost the atmosphere. Below, we compare their strengths and weaknesses.

Live Casino GamesStandard Online Casino Games
✔️ Replicates the energy and atmosphere of a land casino
✔️ Provides a larger range of games
✔️ Provides players with the opportunity to interact the way they would in person
✔️ Typically features a larger bet range
✔️ Great for players who appreciate the comfort of home but long for the excitement of a physical casino
✔️ Wide range of player promotional opportunities
❌ Slower game pace, set by the dealer
❌ Fast pace makes it easy to spend too much
❌ Usually a very limited range of games is available
❌ Lacks the energy of a live game

Best Live Casino Software Providers

Live casino software providers produce the games that players love. Below we look at a few of the top live casino software providers and the games that they are known for:

  • Microgaming. Microgaming is known for its wide selection of live betting games, including baccarat, blackjack, and more. 

  • Evolution Gaming. Evolution Gaming is another B2B developer that provides live gaming software to casinos. They have been active since 2006 and have produced a wide range of well-known games. 

  • Pragmatic Play. A more recent entry, Pragmatic Play has been a popular software developer since it opened its doors in 2015. 

  • NetEnt. Created in 1996, NetEnt is widely regarded as one of the best casino software developers in the world. They have many games but are particularly well-known for blackjack. 

  • Extreme Live Gaming. Founded in 2013, Extreme Live Gaming is well known for Golden Ball Roulette, among other popular games. 

New Live Casino Bonuses & Promotions Ireland 

Live casino bonuses and promotions are a good opportunity for players to enjoy the games they love with a little less risk for their own money. Keep in mind that these promotions are a form of marketing for the casino. They are awarded to players as a way to encourage them to play or spend more than they otherwise would.  We mentioned earlier the importance of remaining aware while you play. This extends to how you interact with bonuses as well. While they can be exciting opportunities, it is important to handle them simply and avoid getting carried away. 

Below, we highlight some of the most common bonuses and promotions. 

Match Deposit Bonuses

Match deposit bonuses are frequently provided to new players at sign-up, but extended to existing players as well. It’s a pretty straightforward offer- deposit your funds, and the casino will provide credits proportionally to what you spend.

It is important to make sure you don’t deposit more than you feel comfortable doing just to get a bigger deposit bonus. The money that the casino gives you is locked behind withdrawal limitations in the form of a required wager limit. You won't be able to access the money you spend to get this bonus again for some time.  

Irishluck bonuses

Free Live Casino Games

Free games are often awarded to players after they hit a certain milestone- getting bigger amount of wagers- you get 1 free. Free games are common on slot machines, taking place in real time. Out of all player promotions, free games are the safest in that they do not come with strings attached. However, players are still advised to game at their own risk. 

No Deposit Live Casinos

No-deposit bonus is awarded to players independently from the money they spend- you just need to sign up. 

Other New Live Casino Bonuses

There are non-standardised bonuses in online casinos all over the world:

  • Free spins. Free spins you get when you hit a certain milestone on a slot machine. The bonus rounds continues to play out without needing to alter your bet, or hitting the spin button. 

  • Player leaderboards. Player leaderboards vary from on the nature of the promotion. Typical framework will reward players for the frequency of gaming, specific about how much they win. Leaderboards could revolve around games or they are applied to the entire casino to attract serious players.

  • Referral bonuses. If you recommend the site to other player, credits are sent by mentioning you as referrer. Not all casinos have this promotion. 

  • Birthday reward. Your birthday reward may be a small discount, free credits, a free spin, etc. Regardless, it’s a nice little way to feel appreciated on your special day. 

  • Payment method-specific bonus. Casinos have either specific payment methods for rewarding players or payment methods that are excluded from receiving bonuses so pay attention to both of them.

  • Mobile player rewards. While the promotions extended to players are the same on desktop and mobile, casinos offer short-term mobile or app installation-related bonuses to prop up their phone/tablet presence.

Pros & Cons of Live Casinos

Live dealer casinos increase the amount of human-related variability. The same feature that adds excitement also slows the pace and creates limitations that completely virtual games do not have.

  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Social opportunities
  • 🏩 Great for players who prefer physical casinos
  • 🎉 Exciting atmosphere
  • 🐢 Slower pace
  • 😶 Limited selection of games

How Live Casinos Work

Live dealer casinos work the same way as any other form of online gambling. The only difference is that the dealer is a human working out of a studio instead of a software program disabling other players to see you. When casinos decide to add a live dealer element to their operations, they usually start by opening up like in a film studio. The area that you see on your end of the computer will typically look like a casino floor.

live dealer casinos in ireland top 10 live dealer irish online casinos

Online casinos that provide live gaming features make their tables accessible and vivid.

For example:

  • The dealer sets the pace. Computer-generated blackjack happens at a rapid pace. With a live dealer, there are pauses as they think, or hand out cards. These delays are minor, and most likely won’t amount to a significant difference in terms of your overall playing time. However, if you are used to playing on the computer, it’s a difference you will probably feel. 

  • There are more human interactions. While you are anonymous, you can still interact with the dealer and other players in ways that feel more like you are playing at a physical venue. 

  • Tables are filled up. It is more common with live dealer games because of the slightly slower pace and the infrastructural limitations of providing live dealers.

These minor differences contribute to an experience that many people find enjoyable.  

Mobile Live Dealer Casinos

Mobile application you download on phone should have the same features you find in the browser mode because the data transfers seamlessly from one device to the next. 

Exceptions to this are possible- casinos limit live dealer accessibility only to desktops. If you plan on playing primarily on mobile it is important to research if they have it. Mobile gaming is an object of service disruptions based on ability to access 4G connectivity. It costs and can be frustrating. 

Irishluck mobile casino

Strategies for Winning at Live Casinos

It’s important to go in with an understanding that success is never certain in gambling. You should “sit” at each table with the understanding that you are fostering a hobby, not pursuing a source of income.

Tips for winning online casino games

There are 4 steps you take to increase your odds of success.

  1. Choose a good casino. You want to make sure that the online casino you select has a reputation for fair and transparent play.

  2. Understand the games you play. The house will always have an edge, but studying up on the games that interest you can improve your ability to make sensible choices. Note that when you see a game's RTP, the number you are looking at is most likely an average. Different bets carry different odds. That difference is where skill enters the equation. For example, knowing when to split in blackjack can improve your odds slightly compared to someone who is not familiar with the game. Games like poker are influenced by the players' understanding of the game.

  3. Use bonuses. As mentioned earlier, casino bonuses give you the chance to play for free. They may not help you win money, but they at least prevent you from losing it.

  4. Gamble responsibly. Moderation is key for any gambling experience. Make sure to follow 3 rules: take breaks, set limits for yourself and play sensible. Be sure to take advantage of the website’s built-in safety features. Online casinos come with built-in timers/betting limitations that you can tweak to your impression. These features are a great way to enjoy the games you love responsibly. 

What Do We Think of New Live Casinos?

Live casinos provide an exciting alternative to traditional online gambling. By introducing human dealers, they help to replicate some of the excitement you get at real casinos. Human variability causes delays and limitations that are associated with live dealer games. That’s what brings most players to the table in the first place. 

Bottom line? If you are interested in traditional games, it is worth giving live dealer casinos a try. Just make sure that you always gamble responsibly!

Online casinos ireland irish luck

FAQs About New Live Casinos

How do I choose a live casino?

It’s always a good idea to choose live casinos based both on their reputation and the offering of games they provide. Above you will find a list of live dealer casinos that we recommend. The way you feel about a casino is important, but also consider the criteria we use for selecting online venues. Security is an important factor that will have a big impact on your long-term playing experience.

What is the best live casino game to win?

It depends on which games you like to play. Any win can be exciting when you are having a fun, safe experience. You can increase your odds of winning by looking at each game’s RTP. In general, blackjack is said to have the highest return to the player because the house edge is almost non-existent. However, it’s always best to set reasonable limitations for yourself and make sure that you understand the games you are playing.

Does bet365 have a live casino?

Yes! Bet365 provides players with a wide range of live dealer table games to choose from. 

Are real money live casinos legal in Ireland?

While Ireland has a spotty history with gambling, they do allow real money games to take place online within their borders.

Does live casino have an app?

Although many online casinos are available from mobile web browsers without having to download any apps, you have to check if the operator has live casino apps in its offer. If it has, live dealer games are available for play on your iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Does live casino give free play to new members?

Yes, operators have new members promotion where new members choose their rewards.

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