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Reactoonz is a Play'n GO video slot popular amongst Irish online casinos. This 77-grid, alien-themed game has a cascading game engine that lets you win numerous times with each spin. It is one of the most popular online slots developed by Play'n GO and we shall be seeing why in this review.

With each victory, you fill-up the meters, randomly triggering one of five quantum characteristics that give you access to wild symbol transformations, low-value symbol destructions, intersecting Gargantuan wilds, and low-value symbol transformations. Also, different symbols give wilds, random wilds, and double wins when four matching symbols show up in a pattern of 22. Extremely unpredictable, each cascade gives you a chance to win up to 4,570 times your bet for a truly thrilling experience. Let's examine this slot's qualities in more detail.

Reactoonz Information

Repayment percentage96.51%
Max Profit-
Free SpinsYes
Bonus features-

What You Need To Know About Reactoonz

Stakes Range€0.20 to €200
Bonus FeaturesYes (9)
Max Win4,570x

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Reactoonz Slot Review 2024
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Reactoonz Slot Pros & Cons

  • 🤑 4,750x max win
  • 💰 Plenty of bonus features
  • 👏 Above average RTP
  • 😥 No free spins

How To Play

It's easy to play the Reactoonz game for real money. After making your deposit, you must select your desired wager using the coin value bar at the bottom of the screen. On your PC or laptop and utilizing a mobile device, bets can be placed for as low as 20 cents per spin. Once you've chosen your wager size, press either the "spin" or "auto-spin" button. Then, your aliens will drop onto the grid. A winning combination consists of five or more aliens that match each other. These strange symbols vanish and are replaced by fresh ones. Aliens keep coming until there are no more lucrative combinations.


You can choose the Reactoonz slot if you want to play something more entertaining and interesting than the standard games. Play'n GO, one of the top developers of online slots incredibly well-liked by enthusiasts, created this slot machine with an alien theme. The Reactoonz slot machine has seven reels filled with aliens and cartoon-like gameplay. The graphics and patterns are excellent, giving it an animation-like appearance. Most designs are on the symbols and other alien objects beside the reels because they are set against a blue background. The Reactoonz slot machine offers random additional features, including multipliers, 3x3 symbols, and wilds, and the possibility of landing up to 15 symbols or more in a winning combination.


Play n' Go has certainly upped the cuteness ante. Many cute, vibrant alien characters in this game want to find their space-bound friends. No matter how many eyes your alien has—one, two, or three—you'll feel compelled to bring them home because they are so endearing.

As symbols fall from the screen's top, they fill the grid like in an alien version of Connect 4. A winning combination is made up of five or more identically coloured symbols. A wonderful soundtrack that goes well with the game's lively, cheerful demeanour adds to the interplanetary atmosphere. This one is one of those online slots with tons of features and a feel-good attitude.


Reactoonz has a simple, dark blue background with cartoon-like designs. Highly animated aliens will appear to fall from the sky and fill the 77 grid.

When winning alien symbols appear, the winning clusters are immediately whisked away and replaced by fresh aliens. The music has a manufactured vibe to it. Four lower-paying aliens, four higher-paying aliens, and a vortex wild are represented on the reels. The pink alien is the highest-paying symbol, awarding you 750 times your wager for five of a kind on a pay line. All symbols are replaced by the vortex wild to create winning combinations.

A multi-eyed invasion that is attempting to unite has a peculiarly charming quality. There are eight alien hues, each with a different currency worth. From lowest value to greatest value, here they are

  • Yellow
  • Green 1 eyed
  • Orange 1 eyed
  • Blue 2 eyed
  • Orange 2 eyed
  • Green 2 eyed
  • Pink 2 eyed

Reactoonz Play'n GO online slot winning symbols aliens monsters wilds bonuses jackpots

The quantity of aliens in each colour connection determines how much you win. The odds of winning increase as more aliens of the same colour band together. Features that improve the overall win by two have the potential to affect wins as well.


Reactoonz may be played on desktop, mobile, and tablet computers thanks to Play'n GO's use of HTML5. For smartphones, in particular, the 77 grid is effective.

About Play N Go

One of the renowned casino software developers in the iGaming sector is Play'n GO. They have amassed several significant honours over the years and have contributed to the history of some of the most popular online slot games ever produced. Additionally, the Play'n GO casino games slot factory works nonstop, creating an excellent game library of more than 200 titles. Numerous games made by this Swedish gaming developer have gone on to become timeless favourites among gamblers all over the world. In addition, Play'n GO is regarded as one of the top producers of grid slot machines. The reels have been replaced by a grid in these unusual video slots, where clusters of symbols must land close to one another to form winning combos.

RTP & Volatility

Every online player must be aware of a few crucial details before participating in a game for money. This is the game's volatility and returns to players (RTP). These numbers determine if a game is acceptable for your bankroll and playing style. Compared to games with higher RTP values, those with lower RTP values frequently take larger amounts of money from players' wagers over time.

A game's volatility influences the amount and frequency of game wins. Reactoonz's return to player (RTP) is roughly 96.51%, while individual casinos may have a different RTP. Reactoonz is kind in this regard, as anything over 96% is considered a decent RTP. The game has a high level of variation. Play n' GO gave it a score of 10/10 for variance.

Highest payout

This slot machine will probably produce low winnings more frequently, but they will likely be high when huge wins occur. For each cascade, the maximum success is 4,570 times your spin value.

Maximum bet

Reactoonz has a maximum betting stake of €200.

Minimum bet

€0.20 is the minimum wager you can stake in this slot.

Reactoonz Slot Bonuses

Play'N Go didn't shy away from the bonuses that this game offers. The cascading reels engine in Reactoonz is key to the action and enables you to win again from each spin. The Quantum Leap meters fill up with each victory, unlocking five additional bonus features. Two more elements are also possible in the base game. There are nine other features in total.

Cascading Reels Feature

Symbols in Reactoonz's Cascading Reels feature fall into the 77 grid. When you join five or more of the same symbol together in a row, you can create winning combinations (either horizontally or vertically). The contributing symbols are eliminated after a win, and new symbols drop to replace the vacant spots in the grid. Although you can repeatedly win from each spin, the Cascades continue until you stop getting wins.

Quantum Leap Features

When you succeed, you will add one to each of the five Quantum Leap charge meters. One of the quantum characteristics is at random, added to the queue when a meter is charged. Here are some of the available features:

  • Implosion Feature: 3 to 6 symbols are transformed into wilds with adjacent symbols also being destroyed.
  • Alteration Feature: 1 random low-value symbol is chosen, with all instances of that symbol transforming into another. A high-value alien will be selected if there's no low-value symbol on the grid.
  • Demotion Feature: all instances of low-value symbols are destroyed and removed from the grid.
  • Incision Feature: a wild is cut into the centre. This then creates two intersecting diagonal lines through the grid. This will then display the same randomly chosen symbol.

The Gargantuan feature is added to the queue once all 5 charge meters have reached 100% charge. In this case, the Gargantoon randomly adds a 3 by 3 wild to the grid. The Gargantuan divides into two 22 wilds with each cascade. The next waterfall further separates it into nine (9) 11 wilds.


One randomly triggered quantum feature is activated if you don't get a win here. You can charge the charge meters during the elements, giving you access to more quantum features. When there are no more winning combinations, do the charge meters reset?

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Instability Feature

If you have a losing spin, The Gargantoon may randomly add 4 to 8 wild symbols to the grid. The Instability characteristic is what is used for this.

Giantoonz Feature

A Giantoonz feature also helps Reactoonz. This is played when four matching symbols appear side by side in a square shape (22). As a result, Giantoonz will develop, doubling all winning combinations' payouts (2x multiplier).

Fluctuation Feature

Fluctuation is the last feature. On each spin, one random low-value symbol is designated as the fluctuating symbol. It will remove two wilds from the grid if it contributes to a winning combination.

Our Verdict

We must conclude our evaluation of the Reactoonz slot machine by stating that it's a fun little cascading game. Although it may appear adorable and cuddly, the chances of success are anything but. This game is worth checking out because it has an amazing 4570x our currency value. The graphics are good, typical of Play n'Go games, and the music is enjoyable. Along with computers and laptops, mobile devices can also play it. The gameplay is also straightforward, enabling you to deposit and begin playing immediately.

The game practically plays itself and has simple rules. However, Play n'Go's commitment to its features is what stands out. This game is as enjoyable as it is original, with the possibility for five base Quantum Leap features that can repeatedly be activated depending on victories and an additional two random features mixed in. Reactoonz is a hit in our book, and we're curious to see if Play n' GO will release other titles in a similar vein soon.

Reactoonz FAQs

What is the Reactoonz RTP?

The RTP of the Reactoonz slot machine is 96.51%, which is high for a slot machine. The game's winnings are dispersed fairly, with the larger payouts coming from the many additional features you can activate.

What is the Reactoonz max win?

The maximum payout from a Reactoonz spin or cascade is 4,570 times your initial bet. Due to this slot machine's high unpredictability, most wins will be smaller, so you'll need to be lucky and patient.

How do the Quantum Leap features work?

With a full meter, a Quantum Leap feature is added to the queue and wins raise the charge meters. A low-value symbol is turned into a wild, another low-value symbol is destroyed, and a random symbol is added to the grid. When all five meters are charged, the Gargantoon feature is activated, which divides the reel into additional wilds.

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