Casino software provider, XIN Gaming, is keeping on track to fulfills its promise of releasing twenty new game titles in 2016. Earlier this year, chief executive Mathias Larsson announced that the company would significantly expand its portfolio this year and it has once again released a new slots game. This time, the game specifically targets the Asian gaming market, further establishing their position as a supplier of games in that region.

The latest game, Monkey King, is created in reference to the well-known mythological character from the classic Chinese novel, ‘Journey to the West.’ The 5 reels and 25 paylines are designed with Chinese graphics and will be familiar to anyone who knows the tale.

In addition to the superb graphics and sounds, Monkey King offer numerous features with extra ways to win. Wild substitutions create additional winning combinations, while the four mini-features add many chances for a bigger payout. The main feature in the game is the progressive bonus spins feature which plays similarly to the classic Street Fighter video game. Players will battle against four enemies and collect larger multiplier values and higher winning payouts for progressing up the levels.

“Having already launched a selection of exciting titles in the Asian market this year, Monkey King once again highlights our position as the leading supplier of games in the region,” commented Mr Larsson.

“Journey to the West is a very famous story known to many throughout China and Monkey King is one of the most well-known characters from the novel. We expect to have plenty of interest from Chinese players who can win big by battling bosses in our special progressive bonus spins feature.”

The entire XIN Gaming games suite, will be showcased at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Asia in Macau later this month.