Do Online Slots Pay More At Night?

Even at the best online casinos in Ireland, you can hear about superstition and myths. Some players believe luck is on their side if they wear specific clothes. On the other hand, some players are under the impression that if they go to casinos at night, they're more likely to hit the jackpot and win more money on slots. Because of this legend, people play slots from around 8 pm until 5 pm as they believe the games are looser during this time. Las Vegas, known for gambling and its casinos, is at its liveliest at night rather than during the daytime. The atmosphere of the casino is also such that it feels more apropos to play games when the dark has fallen. 

The idea is also applicable to online slot machines on casino sites. Some people say the probability of you winning substantial slot payouts is higher at night. Is it just the nighttime magic that tips the scale to your advantage, or is there some truth to this claim? In addition, this theory is only applicable to slot games. It does not consider games like Video Poker, Bingo, or scratch cards.

In this article, we will explore whether the time of the day determines the payout of a slot machine and what other factors affect the payout, including the choice of slot machines, the RTP, and the volatility of games.

Do slots pay more at night

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Online slots remain the all-time favourite games at online casinos regardless of the hour. Interestingly, a belief persists among some individuals that the time of day influences the payouts of online slots, particularly during nighttime. Is there any truth to this superstition?

In this informative video from Irishluck, as your reliable host, I delve into the heart of this notion. I begin by unravelling the inner workings of slot machines, examining why people hold this belief, and ultimately revealing techniques to enhance your chances of winning, irrespective of the time of day!

Quick Summary

In a rush? Here's a quick summary of what you'll find in this article

  1. Gamblers propose many theories that suggest that casino games, more specifically online slot games, have a higher payout at night. 
  2. The idea stems from Willam R F Blume. Blume proposed that since people play slot games for longer when the casino is closed compared to when it is open, the probability of winning increases as gameplay grows. 
  3. Two more angles to this include, one, there are more players on the casino floor or site during the night. So, the higher the number of players, the more spins. This pushes casinos to attract and compensate more players by decreasing the house edge and increasing RTP, which leads to more jackpots. 
  4. Two: casinos just program the machine to pay more when people play. 
  5. Other beliefs include the idea that the best time to go to the casino is during the graveyard shift, from 12 am to 4 am, or at the end of the month, because that's when people have the most money.
  6. The idea is false and untrue because there is no way that a casino can decrease or increase the probability of payouts with slots - it is also illegal. 
  7. Slots work with an RNG that can't be tampered with at random. 
  8. Other ways to increase payouts include reading up on the return-to-player percentage of the games, utilising free spins, and studying the volatility.

Why Are Slot Machines So Popular? 

Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games because they are low effort. Other games at the casino, for example, Poker, Blackjack, or Baccarat, require skills and a well-planned strategy to get the result you want. In slot games, it is more about luck and chance. While you have to factor in information like the volatility rating, budget, RTP, reviews, and house edge when choosing, the game doesn't require much more. Slot machines also have bonuses to make them a more lucrative and attractive experience for the players.

How Does The Slot Machine Work?

Before we dive into whether a slot machine increases your chances of winning at night, let's understand how it works. There are no operators for slot games. The slot machine's brain is called RNG or a random number generator. The RNG generates numbers to correspond to the symbols displayed on the reels. 

The RNG works continuously, selecting random numbers every millisecond. The number selected by the generator shapes the outcome of each spin. The machine derives the result from a seed or a key value to create unpredictable results. The seed is extracted from external factors influenced by real-world factors. These factors don't include the day, the time of day, or the month. People generally understand that the number gets picked randomly, but they do not fully comprehend the workings of an RNG. The Casino Control Board checks every RNG formula for accuracy to ensure that the program is authentic and performs well. This check ensures that the game does not cheat the casino or the gambler. 

The Best Time To Go To A Casino

The most popular shifts at the slot machines are between 12 am to 4 am. In some countries, however, it is illegal to gamble after nighttime, so it is best to check the regulations where you are to avoid getting into trouble with the law. Another factor to consider is the time of the month. The best time of the month to go to the casino is when you have more to spend - you can wager a maximum bet on the slot machine and win big. On the other hand, it is ideal to play slots when there are more people online during the week. This is most likely the weekend. The more people, the higher the number of jackpots paid out. 

Do Slots Pay More At Night?

Where the Idea Came From

William F. Red Blume published The Slot Machine Handbook in 1945. It came out in the USA and was an instant success. He was the first to write about better results from casino slots at night. He argued that since people play slot games for longer when the casino is closed compared to when it is open, the probability of winning increases as the gameplay length grows. Some people agree with the idea, while others disagree. For the latter, there are other ways and strategies to get more winnings out of a slot machine.

Other Beliefs

This belief stems from the fact that more players are on the casino floor or site during the night. This theory about slot machines has two angles. The higher the number of players, the more the spins, which pushes casinos to attract and compensate more players by decreasing the house edge and increasing RTP, which leads to more jackpots. The outcome is similar to a seasonal sale at a shop - people rush to buy things because they're cheaper. Conversely, other gamblers believe that casinos do not change their winning probability; they just program the machine to pay more when people play.

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Assessing the Claim

It is a well-known truth that there are more people at the casino at night - online or offline. This happens because there is some time to unwind at night after work; the simple chance of winning is enough to encourage people to give slot machines a go. However, the truth is that no casino changes the game's mechanisms at any point during the day. As established, slot machines use RNG, and the program cannot be altered. Most casinos do not have control over the games they offer, as altering any part of the game is considered cheating and malpractice in various countries. 

In addition, it is important to consider the question: would you like to play in a casino that decides when you win or lose? The idea that a game can be altered according to the time of the day takes away the essence of gambling itself. While it is true that more people win a jackpot or a bonus when the casino is busy, it does not increase your chances of winning. Jackpot games are engineered to pay out after a certain number of people have placed a bet. At night, there are more winners than in the day simply because more people have placed a bet. The game simply reaches its quota at a quicker rate than it does during the day. 

Let's demonstrate this:

To win a jackpot, 20 people need to play the game. During the day, only 40 people played the game, so there were only two winners. But at night, 300 people played, so 15 people won a jackpot. In essence, every slot machine of a specific title has the same payout rate, no matter what time of the day or month it is. So you do not have to factor in time when you decide to play a slot game, but there are some factors that you should consider to increase your payout percentage. 

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning

You can do a few things to increase your chances of winning the game. 

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RTP and House Edge

Luck is not the only determinant in a slot game. RTP, or return to player percentage, is an extremely important factor. An RTP percentage of a game refers to the probability of winning. The number specifies the house edge or profit margin built into every game. So, if the return to player percentage is 98%, the house edge is 2%. For every €100 you spend, you will get €98 back, and the casino will keep €2 as profit. This doesn't imply that you will always lose. Jackpots get handed out randomly, so sometimes, the winnings can exceed the house edge.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the higher the RTP, the higher the odds of you winning. So, it is best to search for games with a high RTP rather than logging onto casino sites in the dead of night. Most casino sites share the return to player percentage of games under the game information. However, if the casino doesn't share the figure, you can either Google it or play the game for coins a few times to figure it out yourself. As a rule, go for a game with an RTP of at least 96%. 

Some slot games with high RTP include:

  1. Ugga Bugga - 99.07%

  2. Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix - 98%

  3. Mega Joker - 99%

  4. Ooh Aah Dracula - 99%

  5. 1429 Uncharted Seas - 98.6%

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Another factor to consider is slot volatility. This refers to how often a slot typically pays out and the payout size. Volatility does not shape the probability of winning; rather, it shapes the size and frequency of your winnings. Volatility is of three types: high, medium, and low.

High-volatility games are those in which you have high risk and high reward. The frequency of wins is lower, but you can win big if you win. Examples of such games include:

  1. Dead or Alive 

  2. Book of Dead 

  3. Immortal Romance 

  4. Marching Legions

  5. White Rabbit Megaways

Medium volatility slots tilt towards high variance slots. Winnings are decently sized and frequent enough. These can be frustrating to play, but the payout is worth it. Examples include:

  1. Jumanji

  2. North Storm 

  3. Thunderstruck 2

  4. Lady Pirate

  5. Polar Paws

Low volatility slots have a low risk and a low rewards ratio. You can win small but frequent payouts from the game. Examples include:

  1. Starburst

  2. Big Bad Wolf

  3. Blood Suckers 2

  4. Machine Gun Unicorn 

  5. Enchanted Garden

If you want to win frequently, you should opt for a low-volatility game. 

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Free Spins

Many casinos offer free spins as promotions in some of their slot games. In a casino free spin, there is no risk - if you win, the winnings are yours, and if you lose, you lose nothing because you didn't invest anything in the first place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do slots pay more at night?

No, they don't. This is a myth. This is because slot machines are operated by machinery that cannot be tampered with at random. In addition, messing with the probability of players winning or losing their games is considered illegal.

How do slot machines work?

Slot machines are operated with a random number generator. When you press the button, the generator captures one of the billion possibilities it could have thrown out, and the number is compared to the game’s programming. If it matches, you win. If it doesn't, you lose.

Which game should I choose to win more often?

You can choose any game with low volatility. You will win small payouts, but you will win them frequently.

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