Isle of Man-based online and mobile casino games provider, Microgaming, has signed a licensing agreement with Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. that will give it exclusive rights to developed a slots game based on the Tarzan brand.

“We could not be more pleased to license Tarzan and his friends to such a quality company as Microgaming,” announced president of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., James Sullos. “Their extensive experience in developing online slot games assures us they will build a game that will attract many fans and players to the game from around the globe.”

Tarzan was first introduced in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novel in 1912 and since 1918 his character has been played by 29 different actors. He has been the star of two Broadway productions, numerous films, several television series, comics and more. A new film has just been released and the slots game will feature scenes, graphics and the soundtrack from the film.

Microgaming has said that the characters of Tarzan, Jane, Archimedes and a number of their other jungle friends will feature in the game, together with Tarzan’s unique call.

“Tarzan is recognised the world over so we’re excited to be launching a slot hosted by this timeless character,” announced Roger Raatgever, chief executive of Microgaming. “Our highly talented games team relish working with a new brand, to build a game that celebrates and embraces it.”

“Having seen the game in prototype, I can honestly say the online slot will not disappoint Tarzan fans; operators and their players can look forward to the game’s release this winter.”

The game will be released later this year for both desktop and mobile play and will join a large suite of Microgaming titles including a wide range of branded online slots games.