UEFA Super Cup Betting in Ireland 2024

The UEFA Super Cup is a one-off match held in August between the winners of the previous season's UEFA Champions League (née European Cup) and UEFA Europa League (née UEFA Cup). It is essentially a curtain-raiser for the next continental campaign - a sort of European version of the Community Shield.

We have compiled a guide which contains everything you need to know about UEFA Super Cup odds, Super Cup betting, sports gambling in general, and the history of this tournament.

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Top Sports Betting Sites for Irish Players

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How To Get Started

Our betting experts at Irishluck have scoured the market to bring you the very best sports betting sites, links to which you can find at the top of this page. The bookmakers we have selected have the most attractive odds and the most enticing promotions, including sign-up bonuses and moneyback specials

The first thing you need to do is sign up for some of the sportsbooks above. We will explain in more detail below why we recommend creating accounts for more than one, but doing so will increase your chances of success as a bettor. You will need to enter some of your personal details during the sign-up process, as well as agree to the bookmaker's terms, conditions and privacy policy, but it should not take more than a few minutes.

Once you have an account, you are free to deposit money and start betting! Do not forget to take advantage of any special offers for first-time bettors - and before you part with cash, have a thorough read of Irishluck for tips, tricks and hints. Our expert tippers know what they are talking about - trust us on that one.

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Popular Bet Types

Those who are unfamiliar with football betting might not realise just how many options there are. We are going to explain some of the most popular bet types in this section, while also providing definitions for some key terminology you may or may not have heard before.

This guide focuses on the UEFA Supercup and betting markets related to that competition. However, many of the principles will apply to other football competitions. If you want to bet on La Liga in Spain, the Premier League in England, the Dutch Eredivisie, the Primeira Liga in Portugal, the Irish Premier Division or any other UEFA club competitions, you can still learn plenty from this page of our website. 

Some of the tips will even be applicable to other sports, such as rugby, cricket, tennis, basketball and American Football.

Match Betting

The most popular type of bet is also the most obvious: picking a winner. If Manchester United are playing Barcelona, you can back a United win, a Barcelona win or a draw. There will almost always be a favourite and an underdog in this particular market, with the draw often available at the longest odds - a situation that bettors can sometimes exploit.

If you want to bet on the UEFA Super Cup, picking the winning team is not your only option. You could also place money on how many goals there will be, or whether or not the game will feature a red card. For every Super Cup match, there will be dozens of markets to bet on.

When you open your favoured sportsbook, you might encounter betting terms which are not self-explanatory. We have listed some of these terms below and provided definitions so you are aware of all the options at your disposal.


Fear not: this is not some sort of dastardly mathematical formula. 1x2 is basically a short-term way to refer to the example bet we mentioned above. 1 refers to a home win, 2 to an away win, and X to a draw.

Asian Handicap 

First, it is known as the Asian handicap because it originated in Asia - who would have guessed it? An Asian handicap gets rid of the option of a draw, leaving a choice between two teams. It also gives one of the sides a virtual lead, indicated with a number such as +0.5 or +1.5. 

The +1.5 tag would give, say, Villarreal an artificial 1.5 lead at kick-off. Their opponents - we will say Bayern Munich - would have to beat them by a two-goal margin or more to overturn that lead. If you bet on Villarreal at +1.5, a Villarreal win, a draw or a one-goal defeat would lead to your bet being successful. 

Cash Out

Back in the day, people had to physically enter a bookies to place a bet. Nowadays, most sports betting takes place online or on mobile apps. Sportsbooks now offer the chance to cash out while the match is ongoing. 

If Porto take the lead against Sevilla, and you have backed them to win at 5/1, the bookmaker might offer you a 3/1 cash out. If you accept the offer, you will receive your winnings regardless of what the final score is. If you reject it, you will win nothing if Sevilla go on to triumph.

Correct Score

This is a particularly difficult bet to win, but the long odds mean it is worth a punt on occasion. A correct score wager is where the customer predicts the final result, not just which team will win - for example, Manchester City 3-1 Galatasaray.

Football Accumulators

Since the UEFA Super Cup is a one-off match with no group stage, quarter-finals or semi-finals, it is harder to place an accumulator on the competition than it is with Serie A in Italy, the Bundesliga in Germany, Ligue 1 in France or the English Premier League, all of which feature multiple matches on the same day.

Harder, but not impossible. An accumulator is essentially a combination bet with four or more selections. For the European Super Cup, you could combine markets such as match result, first goalscorer, total goals and total cards. Be warned, though: each of your selections must be successful for you to win the bet.


The half-time/full-time option can be used to boost returns in a one-sided match. Bettors essentially pick a winner of the first half and an overall winner. So if the odds on a straightforward Shakhtar Donetsk win are unappealing, back them at half-time and full-time instead.

Another scenario is when you fancy the stronger side to prevail but believe they will find it tough in the opening 45 minutes. In these cases, you could back a draw at half-time and a CSKA Moscow win at full-time.

In-Play Betting

In-play betting is not a specific market. Instead, it refers to any bets which are placed while the game is ongoing. Sportsbooks offer live odds which are tweaked throughout the 90 minutes, depending on the state of the match.


This is a popular bet type where a punter chooses how many goals will be scored: under 2.5, over 3.5, under 0.5 and so on. You can make a choice for the overall match or focus on one of the two teams.

Some sportsbooks also open an over/under market on the total number of cards, which can be a good choice if you are expecting a feisty encounter. 


A wincast wager is a combination bet where you choose the final result of the match and a goalscorer - either first, last or anytime.

Team Outrights

Placing money on individual matches remains the most common form of football betting, but bookmakers also provide the opportunity to place a bet on the final outcome of a competition - which is known as an outright market.

UEFA Super Cup Winner

However, outright markets do not work as well when the tournament is just a one-off match like the Super Cup. Picking a winner of the competition would be the same as picking the winner of the clash, so you might find this outright market is not offered for the Super Cup.

Champions/Europa League Winner

Since the Super Cup is a match between the winner of the Champions League and the winner of the Europa League, you could choose to place an outright bet on one of those two tournaments. It would be an indirect way of betting on the sides that will qualify for the Super Cup.

Tips and Tricks

The primary task for any sports bettor is to find value in the market. There are a few tips and tricks you can employ to help give you an edge - and many of these are suitable even for casual sports bettors who do not have the time or inclination to dedicate hours of weekly research to the pursuit.

What To Do

By signing up to several sportsbooks, you will be able to compare the odds offered by each of them before you place your bet. It is always worth doing this to make sure you are getting the best possible deal.

Even the most experienced sports bettors lose their fair share of wagers. Do not expect to be successful on day one. You will have good months and bad months - think long-term and do not get too down if you are going through a dry patch.

Use your head, not your heart, when it comes to football betting. Many punters have a simple rule that they will never place money on a game involving their favoured team. If you insist on doing so, make sure you can explain your selections rationally.

What Not To Do

Whether you use articles from traditional outlets or social media (Twitter and Facebook are the best choices, but YouTube can be useful too), it is important to stay up to date with injury news before you place your bets. Do not go into it blind - doing some simple research and information gathering beforehand could be the difference between a win and a loss.

Make sure you are not pouring money into your betting account directly from your savings account. You should only be betting the money you can afford to lose.

On a similar note, chasing your losses is always a bad idea. If you lose a couple of bets, do not try and immediately win the money back. That can lead to rash decisions and actually makes it more likely that your bet will be unsuccessful.

UEFA Super Cup Top Teams

History of the UEFA Super Cup

The Super Cup was founded in 1972. From then until 1999, it was contested by the winners of the Champions League and the winners of the European Cup Winners' Cup. Following the abolition of the latter tournament, it has pitted the Champions League winners against the Europa League winners.

The idea for the Super Cup came from Dutch journalist Anton Witkamp, who wanted an event to definitively determine which was the best side in Europe. That gave birth to the Super Cup in 1972, although the first edition was not official because UEFA refused to endorse it.

The Super Cup was held over two legs until 1997, when it switched to a single-match format at a neutral venue. From 1998 to 2012, it was staged at the Stade Louis II in Monaco. Since then, the Super Cup has been hosted by venues in Tallinn in Estonia, Tbilisi in Georgia, Skopje in Macedonia, Cardiff in Wales, and Istanbul in Turkey, among others.

Most Successful Sides

The all-time statistics show that Barcelona and AC Milan are the two most successful teams in the history of the Super Cup, with each club having won the prize a record five times.

Real Madrid and Liverpool are next in the all-time rankings with four trophies apiece. With three titles, Atletico Madrid are the Super Cup's most successful club of those who have never won the Champions League.

Six clubs have won the Super Cup twice: Chelsea, Ajax, Bayern Munich, Anderlecht, Valencia and Juventus. Chelsea are the current holders after registering a victory over Villarreal on penalties (after extra-time) at Windsor Park in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 11 August 2021. The stadium was not full to capacity due to Covid restrictrions at the time.

Spain has supplied by far the most winners with 15, followed by England and Italy (nine each), Belgium (three) and Germany and the Netherlands (both two). Another six leagues/countries have provided one winner each.

UEFA Super Cup Best Players

Best Current Players

Since the Super Cup is a one-off match rather than a continuous competition, we do not know which teams (and, by extension, which players) will appear in each edition.

At the time of writing, Liverpool are in contention to participate in the 2022 Super Cup.If they do, football fans - both television viewers and spectators inside the stadium - will get the chance to witness Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, Alisson Becker and Virgil van Dijk - four of the world's best players in their respective positions - in action.

Manchester City are potentially two wins away from reaching the Super Cup for the first time in their history. Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, Raheem Sterling and Ruben Dias could be involved in the 2022 Super Cup.

Real Madrid are in with a chance of qualifying for the Super Cup for the eighth time. Karim Benzema, Luka Modric, Vincius Junior and Toni Kroos could be joined by PSG forward Kylian Mbappe at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu next season.

Best Ever Players

Lionel Messi won the UEFA Super Cup three times during his Barcelona career, as did his long-time team-mates Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta and Sergio Busquets. 

Cristiano Ronaldo was a three-time winner at Real Madrid, while Robert Lewandowski has lifted this piece of silverware twice at Bayern Munich. 

Other former winners include Ajax legend Johan Cruyff, AC Milan icon Paolo Maldini, ex-Juventus attacking midfielder Michel Platini, and his fellow Frenchman Zinedine Zidane.

Seven players have won the Super Cup four times: Maldini, Kroos, Dani Alves, Sami Hyypia, Marco Ballotta, Arie Haan and Hristo Stoichkov.

Betting on UEFA Super Cup Players

Match Betting

Most betting markets are centred on team activities - which side will win, how many goals they will score, what the final result will be. However, there is an increasing number of player-focused markets available to bettors.

Match betting refers to events taking place within a 90-minute game. The goalscorer market is the most popular. Punters can choose which player they think will score the first goal and the last goal. You can also back a particular player to find the back of the net anytime.

There are other options too - look out for player hat-tricks, player shots, player cards and player assists. 

You could combine a player bet with a team bet - such as Chelsea to beat Lazio and Hakim Ziyech to score the first goal.

UEFA Super Cup Betting FAQs

What Happens if You Win the UEFA Super Cup?

The winner of the UEFA Super Cup is awarded the Super Cup trophy and 40 gold medals to be distributed to the players and coaching staff. The winning club also receives €5m in prize money.

Is the UEFA Super Cup a Major Trophy?

It depends who you ask. If they have won the tournament, managers, clubs and players have a vested interest in arguing the Super Cup is a major title. However, since it is a one-off game rather than a full-blown tournament, it would be more accurate to refer to the Super Cup as a minor trophy.

Is the UEFA Super Cup Going To Be Around for Much Longer?

There is no sign of the Super Cup disappearing any time soon. It has become part of the European calendar and neither the UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin nor the UEFA executive committee has pushed for its removal, and there have not been any high-profile discussions about abolishing it.

Why Wasn’t the UEFA Super Cup Played in 1974 and 1981?

Bayern Munich and Magdeburg qualified for the 1974 edition, but their failure to find a mutually convenient date to stage the match meant it did not take place. The same fate befell the 1981 showpiece,  which was due to be contested by Liverpool and Dinamo Tbilisi.

Where Is the UEFA Super Cup going to be held?

The UEFA Super Cup will be held at the National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland.

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