League of Ireland - Premier Division 2024

The League of Ireland Premier Division (also known as the SSE Airtricity League Premier Division) is the top flight of Irish football. It contains 10 teams and fixtures are held between February and November, with a break over the winter period.

We have put together this useful guide which explains everything you need to know about League of Ireland Premier Division betting and the league itself.

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How To Get Started

All our writers at Irishluck are experts in their respective sports. We have studied all the major sportsbooks on the market and selected our favourites, which can be found at the top of this page. We make sure to select the best sports betting sites.

The first step on your football betting journey should be opening an account with one of the bookmakers above. In fact, we would recommend opening multiple accounts in one go - we will explain why this is a good idea later in this guide.

In return for signing up with your personal details (and accepting the terms and conditions after reading the privacy policy), bookmakers will offer customers special bonuses and promotions. Once you have signed up, simply deposit some money into your account and you are good to go! 

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Popular Bet Types

In this section we will introduce some key terminology and explain some of the most popular bet types available to punters. This guide focuses on the League of Ireland Premier Division, but much of the underlying information is also applicable to other football tournaments such as the Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the Bundesliga in Germany, La Liga in Spain, Ligue 1 in France, the Primeira Liga in Portugal, the Eredivise in the Netherlands or Serie A in Italy.

Match Betting

Match betting refers to any wager which is placed on a particular game. Two of the most common examples are which team will triumph and how many goals there will be.

These selections are pretty self-explanatory. Below we have provided some definitions for terms you might not know so much about.


This is a different way of showcasing the three options available when predicting a result: 1 is a  home win, x is a draw and 2 is a away win.

Asian Handicap 

In the Asian handicap, one team is given a theoretical advantage at the start of the match and must win the game by a certain margin for the bet to be successful. For instance, a wager on Shelbourne with a -1.5 handicap means they would need to win by at least two clear goals for the bet to come through.

Cash Out

Cashing out is when you settle a bet before the full-time whistle. If you backed Waterford to beat Bohemians at 5/1, the bookmaker might offer you odds of 3/1 to settle if Waterford go 1-0 up.

Double Chance 

A double chance bet is where you pick two particular outcomes, such as a Draw or Drogheda United to win.

Football Accumulators

An accumulator is when at least four selections are combined into a single bet. In order to win, each of your selections must be correct. Some bookmakers offer what is known as acca insurance, where your stake is returned if only one of your choices loses.

In-Play Betting

In-play betting refers to any bets placed while the match is under way. Sportsbooks constantly tweak their odds throughout the game depending on on-field events.


This is a combination bet: the first goalscorer and the correct score. It is a very hard bet to win, so you can expect long odds in return.

Team Outrights

An outright betting market is where customers put money on the eventual outcome of an event such as the the League of Ireland Premier Division. We have run through the most popular team outright markets below.

League of Ireland Premier Division Title Winners

You can place a bet on which team will win the title (by amassing the most points) at any time of the season, although the most common time to do it is before a ball has been kicked. At the time of writing, Derry City and Shamrock Rovers are the two favourites to win the 2022 title.

League of Ireland Premier Division Relegation

One team is automatically relegated to the League of Ireland First Division each season, while the team that finishes second-bottom enters the relegation play-offs. University College Dublin (UCD) and Finn Harps are currently bottom and second-bottom respectively.

League of Ireland Premier Division Top Three

You can also back which three teams will qualify for Europe. The title winners advance to the Champions League first qualification round, while the second- and third-place finishers go through to the Europa Conference League first qualification round.

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Tips and Tricks

Our expert contributors at Irishluck know what it takes to be a successful sports bettor. The following tips and tricks are simple and straightforward, but following them will increase your chances of winning on a consistent basis.

What To Do

We mentioned above that it can be beneficial to sign up to several sportsbooks. Then, when you have chosen your preferred bet, check the odds with each bookmaker to make sure you are getting the best offer.

Whether you are hoping to become a full-time sports bettor or just like to place a few wagers for fun, be sure to keep your spending in check - and never bet more than you can afford.

The bookmakers will be on top of things like form and injury news, and you should be too. You do not want to find out that Galway United's best striker got injured in the FAI Cup after you have backed them to beat Longford Town. The more information you gather, the better the decision you will make.

What Not To Do

Do not take a scattergun approach. It is better to place on bet which is the result of well-crafted research than 10 bets which you have thought little about.

Even the best football bettors lose a number of wagers every year. Expecting 90 per cent of your selections to be successful is unrealistic.

That is not to say you should be beholden to other people's views, but you should take advice seriously if it is delivered by someone with a demonstrable track record of betting success. Similarly, reading relevant articles using data and statistics will only make you better informed.

League of Ireland Premier Division FAQs

How Many Divisions Are There in the Irish Football League?

The Republic of Ireland football league system consists of 12 levels. The League of Ireland Premier Division sits on top of the pyramid, followed by the League of Ireland First Division. Below the top two tiers are various regional competitions, such as the Munster Senior League and the Leinster Senior League.

Is There an Irish Team in the Premier League?

There are no Irish teams in the English Premier League. Two sides from Wales, Cardiff City and Swansea City, have competed in the division in the past, but that is because there was no such thing as Welsh domestic football when those two clubs were founded.

Anyway, the Republic of Ireland is not part of the UK so there is no prospect of an Irish club joining the English system.

Is the Irish Premier League Professional?

The League of Ireland Premier Division features 10 clubs. The majority are professional, but some are part-time. The league therefore cannot be called professional, even though its top teams are.

Why Is the Irish Football League Not as Popular and Covered as the Premier League?

This is just a question of quality. It is possible to watch several Premier League games on TV every weekend. The Premier League is the best league in the world, so it is only natural that it generates huge interest in Ireland and beyond.

Unfortunately, Irish domestic football cannot compete with the Premier League as far as quality is concerned. However, there is still plenty of coverage of the League of Ireland Premier Division within the country.

How Much Do Professional Footballers Get Paid in Ireland?

There are no official figures detailing how much professional footballers are paid in Ireland. A report by the Independent in 2015 stated that the average salary was just €16,000 per year. 

That figure is likely to have risen over the last seven years, but footballers in Ireland are still paid a relative pittance compared to their counterparts in Scotland - let alone England.

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