Exploring the Exciting World of Metaverse Casinos in Ireland 2024

Although online casinos have brought many benefits to players, they still haven't been able to fully replicate the fun and excitement players enjoy when playing their favourite games at physical casinos. The introduction of live casinos, which allow players to connect to live dealers and other players while playing games, has now become the pinnacle of immersion in online gaming. Also, the innovation poised to knock online and live dealer casinos out of the park in terms of immersion is metaverse casinos.

The popularity and growth of the metaverse are driving a revolution in different industries, including the iGaming industry. Metaverse casinos are already developing remarkably fast and attracting loads of players and a following worldwide. This article will break down all you need to know about Metaverse gambling. We will cover what the metaverse is, what a metaverse casino is, how to gamble at Metaverse casinos, and other essential details.

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An Introduction to the Metaverse

Before we dive deeper into what metaverse gambling is all about, we should first understand what the metaverse is all about. Just as the idea of the internet was new and strange to people before its launch and widespread use, the metaverse concept is complex to most. So, what is the Metaverse? The term metaverse was coined by the author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 science fiction novel titled “Snow Crash” to describe a virtual reality world where VR-Google-wearing users inhabit 3D digital Avatars to explore the online world. The concept featured in the novel is quite similar to what the metaverse is all about today. According to GameGavel, the metaverse “is a convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space.” 

In simpler terms, the metaverse is (or will be) a virtual reality (VR) world where people can socialize, work, learn, play games, watch concerts, buy and sell things, and much more, all without having to leave their (physical) homes. The metaverse is a big aspect of Web 3. Although with the recent launch of Meta, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is currently the public figure for the concept, the metaverse is not owned or controlled by anyone company or reliant on any one company’s hardware. Instead, it is built and run by a decentralized economy of individual creators with interoperability and open standards so that anyone can access it (just like the internet). Although some people refer to video game worlds like Minecraft and Second Life as Metaverses, it goes beyond just games.

What are metaverse casinos

What is a Metaverse Casino?

A metaverse casino is simply an online casino that operates in a metaverse, i.e. a virtual world. It functions similarly to and mimics physical brick-and-mortar casinos by blending the experiences of both the physical and digital worlds into one. Playing at a Metaverse casino will transport you virtually into a virtual venue similar to a physical casino through a VR headset. It allows gamblers to interact with each other, play games, and have fun. Your digital avatar can explore and look around the casino, play slots, join tables, and play any available game. At the same time, you also enjoy all the visuals and sounds that usually come with a typical brick-and-mortar casino

Payment Options at a Metaverse Casino

You should note that because many of today’s metaverses run on top of the blockchain technology networks, metaverse casinos are intricately linked to cryptocurrencies. As a result, they are essentially crypto casinos. Players can use a range of cryptocurrency tokens to deposit funds and place bets on games at Metaverse casinos, such as ETH, DAI, ERC, BTC, EOS, MANA, AR, Enjin, and more. Fiat currencies are usually not accepted at these casinos. Interestingly, some casinos require that players play on their platforms with a unique digital currency developed for them. It is worth noting that metaverse casinos can create their own metaverses, where the casino will make up the entirety of the virtual world. However, most metaverse casinos have chosen to be a part of a larger Metaverse. The SandsVegas Casino Metaverse, for example, is just one area in the Sandbox metaverse. In a recent news release, Atari also announced that it is building a cryptocurrency casino in the virtual world Decentraland as part of a district called “Vegas City.”

How to Play at Metaverse Casinos

So, how do you gamble on the metaverse? As mentioned, metaverse casinos are just like physical brick-and-mortar casino establishments, except they are hosted in a virtual world.

New metaverse casinos are coming up here and there as the concept takes off, with several innovative features, products, and services being developed to make the experience more exciting. In this section of our article, we will take you through how to go about joining metaverse gambling.

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Like traditional gambling, whether it be physical or regular online casinos, the first step to take before you can engage in gambling is finding where you will play games. 

Unsurprisingly, this is the first plan of action in metaverse gambling. There are several metaverse casinos already, with more planning to appear soon. So, you will certainly find several exciting options to choose from.

You should also note that you won’t even need to open an account to get started in most cases, thanks to these casinos' safe and decentralized nature and the blockchain technology on which they run.

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One notable difference between metaverse casinos and regular online casinos is that the former only accepts cryptocurrencies as it runs on blockchain technology. It does not support deposit and withdrawal transactions in any form of fiat currency.

So, you will need to buy a supported cryptocurrency for your metaverse gambling activities. Fortunately, buying any cryptocurrency has been made very easy, thanks to several crypto exchange sites that allow you to instantly convert your fiat funds into various digital cryptocurrencies.

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After getting your preferred cryptocurrency, you also need to have an easily accessible crypto wallet to hold and manage all your cryptos and NFT in a single secure location. 

A popular option that you can consider is MetaMask, a wallet that comes as both an app and a Chrome Browser extension and can connect directly to metaverse casinos. Interestingly, not only can you import existing cryptocurrencies into your MetaMask wallet, but you can also directly buy any crypto using MetaMask.

Once you have successfully gotten your MetaMask, you will need to connect it to your metaverse casino of choice.

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Another exciting feature about playing at a metaverse casino is that you will often have the freedom to create your virtual avatar, with some platforms allowing you to create one in your image. 

You will generally be able to change physical traits like hair, eyes, skin colour, and wearables like clothes and shoes.

Interestingly, you can even dress up your character in different unique custom clothing and accessories using NFT wearables, which is pretty cool. 

There are plenty of opportunities to obtain these wearable NFTs, which has made it a growing market. You can buy NFT in marketplaces like Opensea or win them at a casino.

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After you have loaded up with funds and dressed to your liking, you can start hitting your favourite games. But how do you find these games? 

The answer is simple. You navigate the digital venue just as you would at any typical land-based casino and take a look around. Once you find a favourite game or a game that interests you, you can just easily join the fun.

Popular Metaverse Casino Games

Metaverse casinos are relatively new options for casino enthusiasts to play their favourite casino games. As a result, most people feel that the gaming options available on these platforms are limited. While the choice of games at metaverse casinos is not yet as extensive as what you will find at regular online casino sites, the range of categories available is quite surprising. The best metaverse casinos offer classic blackjack, roulette, and poker options. Decentral Games ICE Poker is a perfect example of a Poker game that metaverse gambling enthusiasts can enjoy.

In addition, you will also find a wide range of slot machines and other unique options that you can have fun with. A growing number of metaverse casinos are even offering live dealer games, where you can easily play against other players at a poker platform, blackjack table, or any table of choice. The best part about metaverse casino gambling is that, since everything happens in a virtual ecosystem, there is a lot of room for development and innovation in casino games. In fact, it is only a matter of time before players can play new types of casino games that they wouldn’t find at physical land-based or online casinos.

Metaverse Casino Games Ireland

Best Metaverse Platforms for Casinos

While the metaverse is still in the early development phase and is only now emerging, some projects for metaverse casinos are already up and running. Here are some of the best metaverse casino platforms you can check out.

Decentraland Games

Founded in 2021, Decentral Games is a virtual casino in the Decentraland Metaverse, a massive metaverse that has gained widespread attention recently. The platform launched in 2021 and provides several casino gaming options, from slots to poker, roulette, blackjack, and a few other options, right on the metaverse. 

SandVegas Casino

SandVegas casino is the leading virtual casino within the Sandbox metaverse. Like Decentraland, the Sandbox metaverse is a huge metaverse with widespread popularity and many different experiences and activities to explore. Interestingly, Sandbox has NFT avatars and NFTs of its own. The SandVegas casino is rolling out a different variety of games that players will be able to enjoy.

Other notable mentions include:

  • Decentraland Casino
  • MetaHero Casino
  • Bloktopia Casino

Choosing Metaverse Casinos Ireland

How to Choose the Best Metaverse Casino

You will agree that metaverse casinos are unlike the regular land-based casinos or online gaming sites that most casino enthusiasts are used to. 

However, like the usual traditional online casinos, there are many things that you need to consider when deciding which metaverse casino to play games at. Here are some of these factors:

The image is an icon that features a drawing of a license

Just as you will find with regular online gambling sites, a license is very important when it comes to metaverse casinos. It shows that a casino is legitimate and is appropriately regulated by an authority in the gaming industry. So, before joining a platform, make sure that it is appropriately licensed and regulated by one of the licensing and regulated bodies in the casino gaming industry.

The image is an icon that features a trust sign.

Another factor you must not compromise on is the kind of security measures the metaverse casino has. The best and safest casinos are the ones that come with the latest SSL encryption certification, secured servers, advanced firewalls, and other essential industry-standard security measures.

History of Casino

When it comes to online gambling, reputation is key to whether or not you will have an enjoyable experience at the casino, and metaverse casinos are not an exception. So, before you settle on any option, make sure you do your due diligence to find out what other players are saying about the platform.

Best Live Casinos Ireland

Needless to say, the main reason why any casino enthusiast would consider joining an online casino, be it metaverse or any other, is to play games. So, before you decide on a metaverse casino, make sure that it features an extensive collection of games in different varieties.

Best Casino Cashback Bonuses Ireland

One of the many benefits of playing at online casinos, including metaverse casinos, is the availability of bonuses and promotions. These incentives are fun and enjoyable, but they also provide players with an opportunity to walk away with some free money. So, if you like bonuses and promotional offers, confirm that the metaverse casino you are considering features attractive deposit bonuses, free spins and other promotions.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, metaverse casinos offer gamblers a new and exciting way to gamble online through a digital virtual environment, mimicking the excitement and emotions they get in real life. While it is still in its early days, metaverse gambling is the next big thing in the gambling industry and represents the future of online gambling, as we know, which makes it worth taking your time to try it out. When you do, remember that although you are playing in a virtual world, the money you are wagering is very real. So, like any form of gambling, you should always do your research before jumping to any platform and also remember to practise responsible gaming.

Metaverse Casino FAQs

Can I gamble in the metaverse?

Yes. Gambling in the metaverse has been made possible, and there are several opportunities to play games within virtual worlds, including casino games. You can play the popular casino game options like slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more in the metaverse.

Are there casinos in the metaverse?

Yes. Several metaverse casinos are currently operating and accepting bets, with more planning to open their virtual doors soon.

What is a Metaverse casino?

A metaverse casino is an online casino that allows players to access and play games in a virtual world, similar to playing at brick-and-mortar casinos, right from the comfort of their homes.

Can I win real money at Metaverse casinos?

Absolutely. Since you will be playing casino games at the casino with cryptocurrency, you can also win cryptocurrency when you play. You can then spend the winnings on the metaverse, exchange it for fiat currency, or for anything you see fit.

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