What are the Biggest Myths about Online Casinos?

Gambling myths surrounding online casinos are a tale as old as time, and they're here to stay. An activity of luck, chance, and strategy, gambling promises thrill, adventure, and fun every time you either step into a land-based casino or log onto your online account. This heady combination of luck and skill also lends the game a mysterious aura, which creates room for myths to crop up. These myths are seemingly baseless yet believable because many are either a figment of imagination or loosely tied to reality. 

For example, have you ever heard that the best slots to win are placed in the aisle or that casinos pump lots of oxygen into the building to ensure players stay energised? Like offline casinos, at the best online casinos, the game setups and software are often front, and centre of myths as gamblers ignore the cold, hard facts of technology. Superstition sometimes doesn't see reason, and we can see this in the case of players that hold onto casino myths despite science being right in front of them. This guide will share some of the biggest myths and misconceptions regarding online casinos and will differentiate fact from fiction.

Myths can often mislead us as they don't always align with reality. As online casinos continue to gain widespread popularity, scepticism naturally arises around such significant growth. Consequently, we encounter 7 persistent myths that cast a shadow over online casinos, complicating the task of distinguishing truth from fiction. In this illuminating video from Irishluck, as your host I will fearlessly confronts these myths and definitively debunks them, putting any lingering doubts to rest.

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The Suspicion Around Online Casinos

Much like others, the gambling industry has benefited from an online presence. Online casino sites allow people to play games in the comfort of their own homes. Instead of going through the hassle of dressing up, gathering friends, driving a car, procuring all the documents, and hitting a casino at night, the online casino offers the advantage of foregoing all of this. You don't need someone to hit the casino with when you can do it in your own house

However, as with everything in the new age of the internet, online casinos were greeted with a high degree of suspicion - how could a gambler go online and trust the sites, send the company money via credit cards and win money back? Also, how could games work the same way? Would playing Poker, Blackjack, and slots be as exhilarating? The whole thing sounded like a scam.  

Keep in mind that we are debunking myths regarding safe and legal casinos. There are a few unlicensed, rogue operators in the online casino world that you should steer clear of when you are joining a casino site. This is why you should do your research before committing to something. We will help you with that towards the end of this article. 

suspicion around online casinos

The Top Online Casino Myths

Despite the suspicion, the online gambling industry has become one of the biggest in the world, with online casinos cropping up across various countries worldwide. The misconception about online casinos seems to have been beaten, but many myths remain. We are going to help change that. 

There is widespread suspicion about online casinos being illegal. But that is false. 

  1. Myth 1: Online gambling enables underage gambling - untrue, as casinos require ID documents to let you play. 
  2. Myth 2: online casino games are rigged - untrue; games are audited by software developers and run on RNGs. 
  3. Myth 3: You can count cards when playing online - untrue; the computer shuffles every single hand.
  4. Myth 4: Bonuses are fake - no, you can win bonuses if you meet the conditions.
  5. Myth 5: Games are based only on luck - they are based on skill and luck. 
  6. Myth 6: You don't get paid as a winner - you do; it just takes a while.
  7. Myth 7: Play-money games let you win more - no. 

Myth 1: Online Gambling Enables Underage Gambling 

A big theory about online gambling is that it increases the number of minors in the gambling arena. Underage gambling is strictly forbidden by the law, with the legal age set at 18 in most countries (Ireland, the UK, and some states in the US - some states in the US allow gambling at 21 only). Laws depend on location, as every state has its own laws.

When online gambling was introduced, this was a primary concern in the news - how could they control underage gambling? In live casinos in Las Vegas, people could only gamble if they produced an ID at the reception. If the staff suspected the ID was fake, the person would have no choice but to leave. With online casinos, the concern was that underage people could simply sign up for an account and play for money at home. 

But this is far from the truth. Casinos require players to submit a copy of their ID card or driver's licence when they first sign up. It then takes time to verify the information. If it is suspect - which happens in some cases - they reject the application. 

The casino is on the side of the law because legality is very important to their business. If they try to beat the system and disobey regulations, their licence will be revoked - it's their loss if they do something that allows minors to play on the website. So, the casino takes this responsibility very seriously.

In addition, casinos require credit cards or other means to deposit or withdraw money from the account. You cannot play games at the casino if you don't have access to some kind of cash and banking method. There may be some concerns that customers might simply sign up with their parent's card, but this is pretty rare. In general, the amount of documentation required to play at casinos is enough to scare off underage people. 

So, the idea that minors might gamble is false because the casino has rules and ways to ensure that only eligible players can play on their sites.

Myth 2: Online Casino Games are Rigged

At a live casino, when you play the slots or sit at any table game, you don't even doubt for a second the outcome is anything but true. Everyone knows that the chances of casinos rigging games are very low because information goes viral in times like these. This applies to online casinos as well. 

Just because the player isn't physically playing the slot machine or spinning the wheel or he can't see the dealer doesn't mean that the games are rigged in the house's favour. The truth is, every game has a house edge, and if you're frustrated about losing at slots, remember that slot games have some of the lowest RTP rates. The probability that you will lose and not win millions is extremely high. 

Players these days have a lot more knowledge than before. If they want to blame their losing streak on the setup of online casinos, they can check the histories of thousands of casino games, figure out the algorithm and cross-check to see if the odds are any different from an in-person spin at the wheel or a session at physical card games. 

In addition, all categories of slots are operated by a random number generator or RNG. This means that a computer selects the results and winning combinations. Tampering with the gaming mechanism of the machines is an arduous task, and casinos know better than anyone not to alter it - their licences are based on the promise of fair gaming for everyone. 

If anyone is suspected of malpractice over the course of their operations, they will get stripped of their licence. This is why sites go out of their way to ensure everyone feels safe online. Casino software providers or game developers also spend thousands of dollars to have their games audited for accuracy. The passing grades have to be presented to the gambling authority. 

On the flip side, this is also a simple matter of illusion. Playing tables, slot machines, dice, or the Roulette wheel at home is different because you are more likely to play more hands than you would in a live session. Your attention is spread thin, and you see your bankroll become smaller much faster.

Myth 3: You Can Count Cards While Playing Online Games

Counting cards has been made popular by famous gamblers and pop culture. Card counting is an excellent way to increase the RTP and reduce the house edge, increasing the profit in your payouts. 

It should be kept in mind that card counting is not illegal, and you can't go to jail for doing so. However, the casino can throw you out of its premises, and it has its reasons for doing so - they need to keep the house advantage high. In some cases, players may be banned for life. 

However, counting cards is impossible in live casino events online. For example, Blackjack uses a shoe with 6 or 8 decks. In a land-based casino, the shoe is cut to half, and you will never get to the end of it, which is when you can take advantage of it. 

In online Blackjack, the cards are shuffled - all 8 decks - every hand because the computer can do it immediately. So, every single hand you play is the first hand of every shoe. Therefore, no one can count cards online, and those who claim they can are lying. 

Myth 4: Bonuses are not Accessible 

If you're a beginner, you may have heard about the "win the bonus you have been given scam”. This isn't true. The first-time deposit bonuses may seem too good to be true, but they're real. The topic of bonuses is a little tricky. The thing is, if you want to win the jackpots, you have to put in a little work. 

Getting a bonus doesn't guarantee that you will cash it out. You must read the terms and conditions that come with it - availing it within a certain time limit, the wagering requirements - the list goes on. 

To convert the bonus into real money, you must place bets and get a certain number of spins. These are things that the casino puts in place to ensure they are getting their money's worth; no one gets anything for free. Remember, the casino needs to make a profit. They also want to ensure they retain their customers by offering them just enough to make them stay. 

Myth 5: Casino Games are Based Only On Luck 

If you've read a gambling blog or two, you would know that casino games aren't based only on luck. Much like offline casino games, online casino games have two categories: soft games and skill-based games. If you're playing reels and slots, your wins or your streaks - winning or losing - are based on pure chance and luck.

Similarly, winning a sportsbook bet might require knowledge, but it is ultimately based on luck. On the other hand, if you're playing a game like Poker or Blackjack, you need the best skills and strategies to win the jackpot. 

Myth 6: You Don't Get Paid if You are a Winner

There are many stories of players who didn't get paid their due by an online casino. Your friend might even drop a name or two. It is natural to worry that you may be next. But for the record, this is untrue

Casinos usually have long pending periods and documents that need to be scanned and verified, but this is nothing to run from. It's all part of the process. You will get your money, but you have to wait until everyone on their team has fulfilled their role, verified your information, and retrieved the funds from their bank to give them to you. 

Myth 7: Play-Money Games Let You Win More

All online casinos have a play-money area where you can play the same game catalogue as real money games without spending any of your own cash. Play-money games are a great way to learn the rules and setups of games and get some practice for strategy-based games like Blackjack, but they do not payout higher than real money games. 

These games run on the same software as real-money games - RNGs - and come from the same software supplier. If such a thing was done, the casino's credibility would be questioned. 

Players feel this way because they aren't actually losing something - as is the case with real money games. The bets placed might also be higher because you aren't actually spending any real money. 

Final Thoughts on Biggest Casino Myths

In conclusion, online casinos are constantly gaining popularity with many individuals enjoying convenience and flexibility. It is important to be aware of the myths and misconceptions surrounding online casinos to make informed decisions about online gambling. It is important to remember that while online casinos may not be suitable for everyone, they can be a fun and safe form of entertainment for those who approach them responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Casino Myths

Are offline casinos better or online casinos?

It depends on your preferences. Both have their advantages, and both are equally credible in their own right, save for a few rogue online casinos.  

Are online casinos safe?

Yes, online casinos are safe, provided they are licensed with the registered regulatory body in their jurisdiction.

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