How Can I Withdraw Money From the Online Casino?

What's the best part of playing at your favourite online casinos? The winnings. Apart from the experience and sheer thrill of playing a slot machine or a game of blackjack, hitting the jackpot makes the game so much sweeter. 

Online casino sites are a goldmine for players because nothing beats playing slots, roulette, or poker in your pyjamas within the comfort of your own home. You can collect bonuses, drink without care, and pig out on takeout without anything to worry about. People flock to online casinos for these very reasons - and also because the payment process is seamless. You can choose your payment method from the vast options available, be it wire transfers, a deposit, cryptocurrency, Paypal, or Skrill. 

However, there are some common casino withdrawal problems that almost every person has to deal with. If you address some technicalities, the process should be seamless. However, you can expect to hit a snag if you aren't complying with the rules. 

This article will teach you everything about how to withdraw your money from an online casino, some common problems with the withdrawal process, and ways to address them. 

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Quick Answer

Once you've spent some time gambling on the site, won a casino bonus or two and some payouts, and had a good time as a player, it's time to get down to business: withdrawals. Withdrawing money is a fairly simple procedure at online casinos and looks almost the same across all of them. We've shared a general step-by-step process below. 

The basic steps are:

  1. Log onto your casino account. 
  2. Click on the profile section at the top of the casino site or the app you use. 
  3. Click on the cashier option in the menu that opens.
  4. Select the withdrawal button, and a form will open.
  5. Choose your payment method.
  6. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  7. Submit the request.

Sometimes, some problems can occur with the process, such as:

  1. You have given the wrong information. 
  2. You've made multiple accounts.
  3. You have given false information.
  4. You're using a VPN.
  5. You haven't read the terms and conditions.

Contact the regulatory body or the customer support helpline if none of the above is the issue. 

The Withdrawal Process

If you follow our step-by-step guide, you will receive your money as quickly as the casino promises. You should pay close attention to the details because if you miss any, the payment process is bound to have issues. Pay close attention to the tips mentioned below. 

To begin with the process, you must have these verification documents and details:

  1. A passport, ID, or driver's license.
  2. Your credit card/bank details.
  3. A copy of a service invoice/utility bill with your name and proof of address.
  4. A valid email ID for account verification.

Make sure that these things are up to date, with correct information, and error-free. Any mistake on the documents, like the wrong address or identity number, can lead to a review by the operator, which might delay the opening of your account or the withdrawal request. Therefore, it is best to double-check the details to avoid future problems.

Understand Your Bank 

There are several elements that you will find in your bankroll report. You need to understand these to manage your funds properly. We have explained the most important ones below, as your success in gambling is tied to these:

  1. Playthrough required: this is the wagering target for your bonus. 
  2. Current playthrough achieved: the amount of your bonus that's bet on. 
  3. Bonus balance: the total amount of money you get as bonuses/promotions. 
  4. Total balance: the sum of the bonus balance and cash balance
  5. Cash balance: the amount of liquid money you have.

The Bare Minimum 

This is an extremely important tip. 

Every online casino has its own set of terms and conditions. You need to read these before you sign up for the casino. The casino policy always defines the minimum amount of money you should have available to withdraw from your account. This is where online transactions differ from real life - you can go to a bank and withdraw €1 from your account, but online, there are associated costs that necessitate setting up minimum limits to keep things flowing. 

Casinos tend to keep minimum withdrawal requirements the same as minimum deposits - however, you should read the policy before signing up. It can be harsh when you discover that the minimum withdrawal limit is €200, and you simply signed up to play with €50. So, listen to the experts, and cover all your bases. 

The Cost of Transacting 

Every payment method has an associated fee. You'll see the cost reflected on your statement if money gets transferred to credit cards. It could be slightly pricey if you use a wire transfer as the bank collects a small charge. You should always assess and analyse what works best for you with payments and fees. Take a beat and think about whether it's worth it to take all the money out in one go. 

payment methods

Withdrawing Money 

Money is a tricky business. It is always best to avoid third parties and go to the source directly. Avoid links from emails and log onto your account using a computer rather than a phone or tablet. There is less chance of errors that way, given the bigger screen. Browsers check the site's credibility by displaying a closed padlock on the left side of the address bar for security. This proves that the website uses an SSL security protocol to protect your information.

To begin the withdrawal process:

Step 1

Log on to your account, click on the menu and click on bank/cashier or whatever your casino has listed.

Step 2

Click on withdrawal, and select the amount and your payment method. 

If the amount you have entered turns red, it could either be more than what you have available or lower than the minimum withdrawal amount - this is why you should pay attention to limits, bonus terms, and other factors mentioned above. Double-check the minimum amount you can withdraw and your earnings. If you still have an issue, contact someone in the customer support chat for advice. Do not share any sensitive information, like bank account details, over the chat. You don't want info to be leaked at any end. Customer support should be able to give you answers timely.

Step 3

Once that's sorted, select withdraw. Before selecting, cast an eye over the amount, desired currency, and the correct payment method. Cha-ching! This money should flow into your account in a few days.

The Waiting Period 

Once the casino has received the withdrawal request, it gets flagged as pending. After one or two days, the accounting department flags it as processing, which confirms that all the information you have provided is valid.

The next in line is the security department, which will review the identification materials to confirm that you are who you say you are and that you have adhered to all the rules and regulations of the casino. If they find something suspicious or any complaints against you, they will halt the process. This process takes two to five days. If all is well, they will submit the request to your chosen banking institution. 

We expect the balance figure in our account to change when we expect payment. But the reality is that it takes a while for the money to show up - not fair since deductions are so quick, but this is a fact. 

The reason why it takes longer is because of the verification process. There are two steps in the cash flow to your account. 

  1. The casino takes up to 48 hours to internally work on the withdrawal request before submitting it to the bank. 
  2. The bank receives the request and processes it on its end.

This speed also depends on your payment method - credit and debit cards are faster than wire transfers. It takes a minimum of five days for a wire transfer to work anywhere in the world.

In the meantime, you can keep an eye on the status of your requests in the transactions/history tab in the cashier.

Money Withdrawal Problems 

Sometimes, your payment isn't processed. There are several reasons for that. Some are innocent, others not so much.

Wrong Information Details

In such cases, you might have mistakenly entered the wrong details or shared a blurred picture or something. This will immediately halt your process, and the casino takes a long time to process bad requests. You might have to wait a month or two for this one - so pay close attention to details when entering them in the form!

False Information

If you aren't of age, the casino will halt the process. If, for some reason, the security thinks you have lied to them, a complaint will be lodged and they will dig in. There are plenty of underaged people trying their luck at casinos, but they usually get caught even if they manage to slip through the cracks at registration. The legal age for gambling in Ireland is 18, the same as in the US. However, in some jurisdictions in the US, the legal age is 21.

Multiple Accounts 

If you thought that your extra free spins and casino bonuses on another account would payout and make you rich, you are wrong. Most casinos have strict restrictions that don't allow multiple accounts - no exceptions. If such a situation occurs, the casino launches an investigation immediately. Casinos do not want people to abuse their welcome bonuses. They track IP addresses to check that people are abiding by the rules. If they find out you have more than one account, they will either make you close one or ban you from the website altogether. 

Wagering Requirements and Terms and Conditions

If you are not aware of the rules the company has set about bonus terms and wagering requirements, you might run into a problem. It is your place to understand the fine print so that you can prevent problems from occurring. Casinos have restrictions like playthrough and rollover requirements, preventing you from cashing out until you have spent a specific amount of money. As a player, you have no excuse for being unaware of these specifications because everyone knows that casino games come with many strings attached. 


Casinos have regulations about where players can gamble. The government puts laws in place, and casinos are bound to adhere to them because they answer to a gambling commission like the UKGC and Ecogra. Suppose a player uses a VPN to hide his true location and gives the casino the wrong address. In that case, the casino will pick it up during the verification process. You will be removed from the site and banished.

What To Do If a Casino Refuses to Pay Out

You can still resolve the situation if you do not have any of the issues mentioned above. 

Customer Support

Share your problem with the casino by contacting customer support. Share the entire ordeal and make notes in your conversation to have a record. Don't be rude to the staff; just let them know about the issue and ask for their help, and hopefully, you will get an answer.

Contact Regulators

All casinos are licensed in jurisdictions that help you with money issues. You can approach the regulatory agency, provide them with evidence and ask them to launch an investigation. Pressure from the agency might expedite the process as the casino's reputation is at stake.

Which withdrawal method is the fastest?

Credit and debit cards, Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, and cryptocurrencies (bitcoin) are the fastest ways to withdraw money on casino sites.

What happens if I use a bank account with a different owner?

If you try to withdraw money to a different account than the one mentioned in the casino account, the withdrawal of your money will be delayed because the casino is likely to suspect money laundering. They might contact you to verify details, but it is highly unlikely that they will process the payment.

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