Top Betting Apps in Ireland 2024

Betting apps vary significantly both in quality and functionality. As a discerning gambler, you want something that enables you to navigate your online casino betting opportunities easily. This article is all about condensing your options into an easily understood list.

Not only do we talk about specific betting apps, but we also provide you with a sweeping overview of the various factors that make these apps what they are. There is no objective standard that establishes the value of an application. Only a series of largely subjective metrics contribute to the experience they provide. We wish to enumerate and clarify these features in our article. To do that, we have provided a list of standards we use when reviewing betting apps.

The guide you will find below is thoroughly researched and as comprehensive as anything you will likely find on the internet. So, without further ado, read on to learn all about the top bet apps in Ireland.

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Best Apps For Betting

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How We Evaluate Betting Apps

While 'best' is a subjective term, this guide aims to establish an objective value for online betting apps that will empower you to easily select a tool that fits all the criteria you seek. To do this, we have developed a litmus test—a list of qualifications and features that we look for in any and all of the betting apps we evaluate. IrishLuck has a set of rating guidelines that we always follow.

These features relate not only to the performance of the bet app itself but also to the opportunities and safeguard it offers players. We then assess the merits of each betting app based on our personal observations of its performance and the general public's opinion regarding the app. The result is a distilled concentration of facts that you can use to make a highly informed determination on 'what is the best app for betting?'

Types of Betting Markets Available

Broadly speaking, betting apps are most commonly used to place bets on sporting events. However, the various ways this opportunity is offered can greatly impact your overall experience with the application.

Different categories could include:

The type of sports

Depending on where the application originates from or how comprehensive it is, the number of sports available for betting on can vary significantly. If you are a Westerner interested only in the major sports played in your country, you probably won't have a hard time finding an application allowing you to place those bets. However, more obscure sports are often excluded from all but highly specialised applications. Finding an app that allows you to place bets on these sports can be hard, so we like to spotlight applications with lots of sports diversity.

Types of bets

What kinds of wagers does the application allow you to place? Serious sports bettors know that betting on who will win the game is only the tip of the iceberg. You can bet on the score, the number of points a specific player makes, the margin of victory, etc. Some apps will even let you bet on relatively silly things, like the outcome of the coin toss.

The more diverse the offerings are when it comes to betting markets, the better off the bettors will ultimately be. A betting market is simply a place where you can make wagers and transactions that involve speculating on a yet-to-be-determined outcome. Technically, you could bet on how many players will double-knot their shoes before going out onto the field (though we've yet to find an app that is quite so specific as that).

The point is not how sensible or likely the wager is, but rather how accessible the bet is. The more options an application provides a player, the better the overall application experience.

Best Odds Offered

The term 'odds' refers to the likelihood of a specific outcome. Most betting services try to offer odds that favour them. The better the team is, the higher the odds of their victory. For that reason, if you make a bet in favour of a strongly favoured team taking the win, you will usually find that the payout is, at best, modest.

But while all sports betting services aim to decrease their odds of needing to make a significant payout, you can still find plenty of variation in the sort of odds each sports betting service will provide. We try to highlight apps that include odds that favour the player. In other words, we look to connect bettors with services most willing to reward them for a successful wager.

FIFA World Cup Betting Bonuses

In-Play Betting Options 

In-play betting options refer to the ability to make bets during the event. Traditional wagering happens pre-game, before any plays have been made. In-play betting provides the player with rapidly evolving odds that can enliven the betting experience while introducing a new level of strategy into the equation.

In-play betting used to be an obscure and difficult feature for betting venues to introduce. However, applications that update in real time make it much easier to allow players to make bets even with the game well underway. For these reasons, we are generally happy to highlight applications that feature in-play betting options.

Website Integration 

Website integration refers to the ability to access a site's services either through the app or through desktop mode. When done right, players can seamlessly view their application data on a desktop app, providing them with more ways to view their information and place bets.

Special Betting Offers 

Special betting offers refer to promotions that the application may be running. Digital gaming websites generally reward players for making their first deposits or wagers. For example, you might see a promotion offering €10 in credits when you make a deposit of €200 or more. The idea, of course, is to get you to deposit more money than you otherwise would have had it not been for the promotion.

Just the same, sensible players can use these opportunities to their advantage.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods Accepted

Almost all applications will accept major payment methods like Visa or other credit cards. Top apps will be compatible with a variety of different e-wallets as well. Online gamblers often prefer electronic wallets for making their payments because they are convenient, fast, and offer an extra layer of security in the form of anonymity and encryption.

Quick Cashout

Some sports betting applications may have grace periods or wager minimums that impact how quickly you are able to withdraw your funds. This can be frustrating when you are trying to access your money in a timely manner.

VIP & Loyalty Bonuses

We talked a little bit about sign-on bonuses in an earlier section. While those are a great way to get started quickly, there are also VIP and loyalty programs out there that benefit people who play regularly.

Trusted Licensing

You also want to make sure that the application you are using is fully licensed. Not only is it illegal to use unlicensed sports betting software, but it can also be very risky.

Security & Safety

Sports betting applications have access to a significant amount of personal information. We look for applications with the best security and safety features for their customers.

Customer Support

Pretty straightforward. You want the company to be quick, friendly, and reachable whenever an issue arises.

Reputable Betting Operator

Last but not least, how trustworthy is the betting operator? Do they have a reputation for being fair?

Now that you understand our criteria, it's time to take a look at some popular betting apps in Ireland. All of the applications featured below are popular and well-known for providing players with an enjoyable experience.

Bet365 App

Most gamblers are already aware of the bet365 app. Founded in the early 2000s, this English-based betting app is well known for providing players with a wide range of different sports and betting opportunities to choose from. With betting options that will accommodate the interests of everyone, from beginners to serious bettors, it's a great all-purpose app.

  • Lots of sports to choose from
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Available almost everywhere sports betting is legal
  • Newer gamblers may be overwhelmed by all of the options
  • Dated interface design

888Sport App

The 888Sport app is an easy-to-use betting platform that allows players to choose from both in-play and pre-match betting opportunities. With a wide range of sports to choose from and an easy sign-up process, it's a betting app that players from all over the world favour for their gambling needs.

  • Many sports to choose from
  • Large diversity of betting types
  • Available all over the world
  • App is known to crash often
  • Some players have complained of lags in the withdrawal period

Mr Green App

Founded in 2007, the Mr Green App is especially well noted for the ease with which it allows players to make live-play bets. The app also features a good selection of sports and a relatively beginner-friendly interface, making it easier to start.

  • Easy to use
  • Lots of betting types
  • Wide selection of sports to choose from
  • Not available in many large countries, including the United States
  • Withdrawal fees

BetVictor App

Noted for its easy-to-use interface and diversity of sports betting options, BetVictor is an application that allows for everything from live betting on relatively obscure sports (from a gambling perspective) like pro golf to offering competitive odds.

  • Great for live betting
  • Wide selection of sports to choose from
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Not many reward programs
  • Website can be tough to navigate

Paddy Power App

The Android Paddy Power app is a well-established sports betting app that offers dozens of different sports to choose from. Players are able to make pre-game or live bets, and the app provides 24/7 support, making it one of the great online bookmakers for people all over the world.

  • Good customer support
  • Lots of sports to choose from
  • Live betting
  • Fees
  • Some players report frequent app crashes

Ladbrokes App

Known for hosting all major sports and allowing players to live stream select events on which they have placed wagers in-house, the Ladbrokes sports app is well established. This service is particularly well-known for having great customer support, making it a dependable option for anyone looking for a carefree betting experience.

  • Great customer service
  • Ability to livestream events
  • Well trusted
  • Limited sports to choose from
  • Not the best rewards programs

William Hill App

William Hill is an old-school sportsbook that started back in the 1930s with in-person locations. A lot has changed in the last century, but William Hill leverages its experience to create an app that is reputable and easy to use.

  • Extremely well-established
  • Legal in most countries
  • Easy to use
  • Not much in the way of promotions
  • A relatively limited selection of payment methods

Betfair App

Established in 2006, Betway is a well-known sportsbook offering excellent new sign-up incentives. In addition to featuring sports betting, the app also has a wide range of traditional casino games to choose from.

  • Multiple gambling options
  • Well-established
  • Good incentives for new players
  • Incentives taper off for returning players
  • Some users report delays in withdrawals

Unibet App

Unibet is noted for featuring a fair offering of betting odds. The application is well-known for having good new player incentives, with deposit matches of up to €500. It's also worth noting that Unibet provides players with casino games in addition to sports betting.

  • Casino games
  • Good odds
  • Great new player incentives
  • Limited payment options
  • Mediocre customer service

Boylesports Apps

The Boylesports mobile app is known for featuring good customer service and lively player incentives like the 'Boylesports football specials'. It's also very well established. Boylesports started in the 1980s as a physical location and has since become a well-known feature in the world of sports betting.

  • Well-established
  • Good specials
  • Great customer service
  • Website is slightly hard to navigate
  • Not extremely diverse in terms of accepted payment methods

Features for Best Betting Apps Ireland

Now you know all about the best sports betting apps around. But what is it that makes them so good? Below, we take a look at some of the most important features of sports betting apps.

User experience

You want an application that is easy to use, from the point of sign-up and general navigation until the time it comes to withdraw your funds.

Live Streaming

Some sports betting applications will allow you to live stream events that you are betting on. This is good from a fan perspective and might be a needed feature when it comes to live betting.

Speedy Loading Times

A laggy application can result in missed opportunities and even lost money. While there is no telling exactly how an app will behave on your specific device, you can get a good idea of its general performance by looking at the reviews.

Bet Builder

Bet builders allow you to create custom bets that can make the game more interesting and exciting. While the odds are usually lower than they are in the traditional format, it's still a fun feature to take advantage of.

One-Touch Betting

One-touch betting is a safety feature in which you enter how much money you would like to collect should you win your bet. You will then be presented with a price. If you accept, you are locked in and cannot make any additional bets, limiting your potential for loss.

Features Specific for Locations

Regionally specific location-based features make it easier to bet on local sporting events while allowing you to tap into certain player promotions.

Responsible Gambling Tools

Responsible gambling tools are designed to help you make good choices. This could include anything from pre-assigned limits to mandatory playing breaks or even self-exclusion.

Tailored Recommendations on Home Screen

Good recommendations are algorithm-based, connecting you with sports or other games you might not have heard of before. Tailored recommendations make it more enjoyable while introducing you to new opportunities.

Promotions will allow you to get more value from the app you select. Some are designed to favour new players, while others issue greater rewards the more you play. In all cases, they are good opportunities to take advantage of. While they may involve restrictions in the form of bet limits or wagering requirements, they remain an excellent opportunity for those who know how to take advantage of them.

Sign-up Deals

Sign-up deals are issued the moment you start your account. Though usually small, they may allow you to make your first bet without staking too much or any of your own money.

Unique bonuses

Unique bonuses are usually specific to an event. For example, a betting app may create a player leaderboard and reward players who make the most wagers.

Free Bets

As the name suggests, free bets refer to promotions allowing you to make free wagers.

Bonus Bets

Bonus bets are similar to free bets but are usually offered immediately after a paid bet as a way of incentivizing you to keep playing.

Match Deposit Bonus

Match deposit bonuses allow you to get more credits for your money. When you buy credits, the app will match some or all of your purchases and reward you with more credits.

Matched Bet

Matched bet promotions allow you to make bigger wages thanks to funds provided by the app. If you bet €15 during the promotion, they might increase your wager to €20 (matched usually does not mean a 100% match, though it can).

Pros & Cons of Betting Apps

With all the ways there are to gamble, why bother with a betting app at all? Below, we highlight some things that make placing sports bets on your phone worthwhile.

  • Convenient
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • Quick
  • Payment Methods
  • Live Betting
  • Notifications
  • Troubleshooting
  • Limited Features
  • Screen size

Benefits of Betting Apps

For more detailed explanations on the pros of betting apps, ready below.

  • Convenient: Naturally, anything you can access from your phone is going to be more convenient than something you need to hop on your desktop to get to.
  • Exclusive Bonuses: Phone apps provide bonuses that websites and in-house gambling venues might not.
  • Quick: Once you get your account set up, you can usually make bets with the push of a few buttons.
  • Payment Methods: Many betting apps allow for a wide range of digital payment options, making it easier to use the method of your choice.
  • Live Betting: Live betting is hard to replicate in venues other than apps, but it is a fun variation that makes games a little livelier.
  • Notifications: Finally, phone apps also allow you to receive push notifications that keep you in the loop even when you aren't actively monitoring the game.

Betting Apps Disadvantages 

Of course, none of this is to say that betting apps are perfect. Below, we discuss in detail the above-mentioned shortcomings that are worth keeping in mind.

  • Troubleshooting: Apps crash and lag. When they do, it can be frustrating or even costly.
  • Limited Features: While some apps are pretty versatile, many are limited in the features they provide.
  • Screen size: Finally, monitoring a game from a three-inch screen is not the same as doing it in a crowded, smokey Vegas betting parlour.

Which is Best? Mobile Betting vs Betting Apps

Mobile betting and betting apps are similar. Betting apps are simply one type of mobile betting. Mobile betting refers to any type of gambling conducted by a mobile smart device.

iPhone vs Android Betting Apps

Android betting apps are not necessarily any different from those available on IOS. You will occasionally find exclusives, but the best betting apps are usually available on iPhone and Android. Deciding between betting apps for Android and iOS comes down to your device.

Betting Apps for Sports 

Sports betting apps are defined by the games they offer. If you want the best sports betting app, you must ensure it offers the games you like the most. Below, we look at some games that apps for betting on sports should feature.

  • Football: The best betting app for football will feature football accumulators—a feature that allows you to weave multiple bets into one package.
  • Horse Racing: Horse racing is a classic form of betting that dates back centuries. Any good sports betting app should feature it.
  • Irish Sports: After all, we are looking at the top betting apps in Ireland, right? Of course, this goes for other countries as well. Ideally, the app you select will include games from all over the world. Bookmakers in Ireland may feature regional fare, but a great app will provide sports from all over the world, regardless of where the product originates.
  • Other Sports: The more, the merrier! Even if you are currently only betting on games you actively follow, that may change eventually. The more sports the app provides, the better off you will ultimately be.

Most Common Payment Methods

One of the nice things about Irish betting sites' products is that they provide you with many different payment methods. These can include:

  • E-wallets
  • Debit cards 
  • Bank Transfer
  • Mobile payments
  • Pay by Phone Bill

Check out some of the most popular payment methods on IrishLuck below!

How to Download Mobile Betting Apps

Downloading free betting apps from Apple, Google Play, or Android is usually very easy. Once you've decided what application you are interested in:

  1. Download it from the store.
  2. Complete age verification steps
  3. Register an account
  4. Setup your payment method
  5. Make your first wager

Tips for Best Betting Apps Ireland

By now, you probably have a lot of information cycling through your head about picking the right app for betting on sports. While everything we have described in this article is important, there are a few key points you should keep in mind as you make your final Ireland betting choice. These include:

Payment Method Options

You want an app that will be able to work with the payment app of your choice. As mentioned earlier, many people like using e-wallets to handle app transactions. These are great ways to stay anonymous and protected when making bets. Some people will go so far as to only look for apps that can be used with the payment method of their choice.

Security Features

Is the application known for being secure? Ideally, the best app for betting will have an impeccable history of maintaining customer privacy and will protect your information through encryption and other security features. Gambling apps handle a lot of sensitive information, so it is important to get one that is up to the task of keeping your money safe.

Game Variety

What sports does the app let you bet on? As mentioned earlier, your interests may expand and evolve as you become more acquainted with the world of sports betting. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to find an app that allows you to bet on more sports than you initially assume you need.

Customer Support

Sports betting apps can crash just like any other application. When that happens, having great customer support behind you can be very helpful. You can usually learn more about an app's customer support features by reading reviews.


Last but certainly not least, what odds is the app offering? The better the odds, the more money you stand to make from a triumphant wager.

What Do We Think of Betting Apps?

So, as should be abundantly clear at this point, we believe very strongly in the utility of Ireland's betting apps. It's important to remember how difficult it used to be to place a bet on a sporting event. In the not-so-distant past, it used to require a trip to a casino or other in-person establishment.

The ability to download an application on your phone and bet on games taking place worldwide—sometimes as the event unfolds—is a novel concept that gamblers of just a couple of decades ago would have ached for.

Are they perfect? Of course not. We described some of their shortcomings in this article. One of the most difficult issues to quantify with Irish betting apps is that they simply can't replicate the energy of placing a bet in a casino venue and then anxiously watching the game play out shoulder to shoulder with people in the same position as you. That's a sacrifice often made for the sake of digital convenience. All of that said, if you want the ability to bet on games anywhere at any time, there is no better way to get it done.

Betting Apps Ireland FAQs

What is the best betting app?

Best is something of a relative consideration. We do have a list of some of the top betting apps currently available in Ireland. These are certainly great places to find excellent recommendations. However, you will want to make your ultimate choice based on your preferences.

Does Power Paddy have an app?

Yes! Power Paddy does have an app that we described earlier in this guide.

Do betting apps affect credit rating?

Gambling does not directly show up on your credit rating, though frequent transactions and a dwindling bank balance can.

Are betting apps legal?

Betting apps are legal in many parts of the world. Check local laws to ensure that the app you are interested in can be used in your area.

Which betting app has the best free bets?

That is a matter of opinion. However, many of the apps featured on our list made it on the strength of their promotions.

Why can't I download betting apps on Android?

It's best to contact the app company directly. The problem could be with your phone, the application, or the place you live. If online bookies are not allowed in your part of the world, you might be region-locked out of downloading the app.

What betting apps accept Revolut?

Many betting apps accept Revolut. These include but are not limited to, Betfred, LeoVegas, Spreadex, and many players

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