Online Casinos That Accept CASHlib 2024

At Irishluck, our goal is to give you the best CASHlib online casinos in Ireland. We'll delve into the convenience of using CASHlib online, the process for making deposits and withdrawals, and the pros and cons of this payment option. We'll also answer some commonly asked questions. We will also recommend some top online casinos where you can use CASHlib. Keep on reading this article, prepared by a member of our team of experts for all the information you require about this payment method.

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Best CASHlib Casinos in Ireland 2024

Check out the best CASHlib casinos below.

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Online Gambling Using CASHlib

CASHlib is one of the best deposit method choices for a safer online gambling experience. This method comes with various benefits, including special bonus promotions, advanced security, and additional control methods. Although the payment option is ideal for making deposits at supporting online casinos, it is not available for withdrawals.

What is CASHlib?

CASHlib is a rapidly growing payment service that offers users a safe and convenient option for online deposits. With the expansion of online gambling, newer payment options like CASHlib provide innovative ways to fund casino accounts online. Sites that support the payment option sell CASHlib vouchers that CASHlib users purchase for use. 

Also referred to as a CASHlib coupon, users input the code mentioned on the voucher to complete financial transactions online. In essence, CASHlib offers an alternative solution to credit cards and provides a straightforward way to pay without involving your conventional bank. This guide explores various areas of the payment method and discusses other factors, such as its pros and cons.

The Story Behind CASHlib

CASHlib is an easy online payment option that can be used for various purchases and services, including online gambling platforms. Currently, the payment option is available in regions such as the UK, Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Greece. Since it is a well-known online payment method in the mentioned regions, you will find various casinos offering it as a deposit method. 

Initially established in the UK in 2015, CASHlib emerged when the former popular voucher UKASH was terminated after a merger with PaySafeCard. CASHlib promptly because it is famous for its services since anyone can buy it quickly, and there is no requirement to create an account or share your bank information. CASHlib was created by EMP Corp SA, a company based in Luxembourg with nearly ten years of experience in the industry. EMP Corp creates and provides various global payment methods that use rigorous security software and fraud prevention systems. 

In fact, they have several payment solutions specifically for ensuring easy, hassle-free transactions. The organisation is also responsible for developing other products and payments such as KwickGo, PassNGo, MyWallet, and Crypto&Go. CASHlib functions under the UK Financial Service Authority (FSA), making it a safe option for users who want to make payments online without a card or a bank account. Once again, CASHlib is offered as a voucher with a 16-digit code that users will exchange for money. Moreover, CASHlib is also regulated by the CSSF (The Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) as an EMA (Electronic Money Agent).

Why is CASHlib Popular?

Privacy issues are a widespread concern among internet users. That said, users can be sure their financial and private details are entirely anonymous. CASHlib is also highly secure because users do not have to enter their banking or credit card information into websites. Since CASHlib functions as a prepaid system, users can choose to spend up to the total amount any voucher is credited for. That makes it simpler to keep track of how much you are spending. Also, as mentioned, the payment method can be used at various merchants and purchased at physical retail stores or online.

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What Countries is CASHlib Available In?

Currently, CASHlib casinos are becoming increasingly popular. Different countries may impose different rules for using this payment method. CASHlib is now accessible in various European countries. You may find it in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, and Spain. It is also available in the UK. At this point, over 150K retailers provide vouchers in these countries. You will find them at convenience stores, local gas stations, post offices, and malls.

Online gambling had made considerable progress before Spain legalised it. A new gambling law encompassing all online gaming activity in Spain took years for its government to draft. The new law then came into effect in 2012. Following that, any casino could issue a gambling license to offer services in the country. That way, you will find various online casinos, even one supporting CASHlib, there. Because of that, Spanish players can buy any prepaid card and use it at any casino of their choice.

How to Get a CASHlib Voucher

Once you find that you are eligible to use CASHlib as an online deposit method for your deposit or purchases, the only step left is obtaining a voucher. If you purchase the voucher in person, you may have to locate an authorised retail location for it. Those who are not sure where they will find such retailers can refer to the service’s official website because it offers a store locator for convenience. Add your home address, postal code, or city, and select your city from the drop-down menu. That will automatically generate the available retail locations in your vicinity on the provided map.

At the same time, if you want to obtain your CASHlib voucher through an online channel, refer to the online “BeCharge” platform where the service is listed. Only users based in Belgium, France, the UK, Luxembourg, and Holland can use this option.

The BeCharge platform offers the e-money option, listing CASHlib next to other e-money services. From here, select the voucher denomination you want to purchase, along with the method you plan to use for the payment. You will then receive a unique 16-digit voucher code.

The Advantages of Using CASHlib for Online Casino Payments

Now you know how to use CASHlib at online casino platforms and the countries that can take advantage of this service. The next step entails seeing why the payment method is worth using and why online casino platforms that support CASHlib are safe and fair.

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Security and Anonymity

Many players, particularly newcomers, worry about the safety of their financial and personal information safety. If you are among such players, know that CASHlib offers complete anonymity for its users. All you have to do is pay the voucher’s amount and move on to the next step.

You will not be asked for any of your private details using the payment option from the beginning to the end. It does not matter whether you buy the voucher from a physical retailer or online; you will not have to reveal your name, surname, ID documents, or banking information.

Therefore, online casinos that support the payment method will not have access to your private data, thus removing the risk of disclosing personal data to third parties. While using CASHlib for your deposits, you can be sure there is no way you will accidentally reveal your identity.

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Payment processing speed plays a huge role for online players since they want to use their deposited funds as soon as possible. Instant payment processing is gradually becoming the standard for online payment facilitators, and CASHlib offers that same advantage. Through CASHlib, you can start playing your favourite casino games at your chosen gambling platform immediately since payments through the voucher are performed immediately via real-time technologies.

Simply put, you will see the deposited funds in your casino balance as soon as the casino confirms your deposit request. You will not need to wait for the payment provider to check every transaction detail. This all happens automatically, so you can begin using your funds immediately.

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Many online casino platforms, poker rooms, sportsbooks, and regular online retail destinations allow users to reap the benefits of CASHlib transactions. Due to that, the payment method is now one of the most convenient payment options available. Once again, even when you buy a CASHlib voucher online, you will not have to reveal your private information since you do not have to sign up for an account before making a purchase.

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Available Online and Offline

One of the greatest advantages of using CASHlib is its online and offline availability. Although many prepaid cards can only be used for online purchases, CASHlib is also available at land-based retail outlets. If you want to save time gambling online, you should not have to go out of your way to purchase a voucher and use it for an online casino deposit. 

You can easily do this online through your browser. At the same time, you can also find CASHlib vouchers at your local shops, buy a physical card of any denomination, and use it to buy products, similar to how regular debit or credit cards work.

You can also use CASHlib to buy Bitcoin. Bitit, a crypto platform, is partnering with CASHlib, making Bitcoin purchases more accessible than ever. So, even if you decide not to make an online casino deposit using your voucher, you can use it in many other ways.

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Controlled Spending

The ability to spend as much as you want is another advantage of CASHlib. CASHlib is not connected to a bank account or a higher balance like other payment options. Therefore, you only spend the amount you have on the voucher. This way, you can control your online gambling expenditures by restricting yourself to a fixed number of coupons.

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Refund Policy

Refunds are a pressing concern for casino players and online shoppers. After all, purchase mistakes and transferring funds without intention are unavoidable. That is why CASHlib’s refund policy benefits its users compared to other services that do not process such transactions.

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Spending the Entire Voucher Amount is not Necessary

If you purchase a higher-denomination voucher but change your mind about the amount you want to deposit, you can use the amount on the voucher partially. The remaining amount will remain available for later use until you use up the entire voucher balance. You can also check the balance on any voucher on CASHlib’s website.

The Disadvantages of Using CASHlib for Online Casino Payments

Although CASHlib is one of the most convenient deposit methods, it still has its drawbacks, discussed below:

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Not Available for Withdrawals

One major disadvantage of CASHlib is its incapability to be used as a withdrawal method at online casinos. CASHlib works similarly to numerous other prepaid cards that you can use only for purchasing products or services and cannot be used to hold money. Because of that, you can only spend the funds from the voucher since there is no way you can top it up unless a refund case is involved. Therefore, CASHlib is a suitable option for making an online deposit at a casino. However, you will have to refer to other banking options for withdrawals.

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Although the service is beneficial overall, it still imposes an administrative fee. The credits on the CASHlib vouchers remain valid for six months. After that period, CASHlib starts charging a monthly administrative fee until the holder uses the funds. Besides, if you cancel your CASHlib voucher after two weeks from when it was issued, you may be charged a redemption fee worth 15 EUR/GBP.

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Country Restrictions

The eligible countries mentioned above indicate a gradual yet stable growth of the CASHlib network and its partnerships with merchants. Nonetheless, many portions of the online gambler pool are waiting to use the service. Also, while there are facilities in the UK, not everyone can take advantage of them based on their location.

Making Casino Deposits with CASHlib

The very first thing you must know about CASHlib is that it is essentially a prepaid card provider. You do not need extra time to sign up for a separate account. All you need to do is exchange your funds for a CASHlib voucher and then use that to top up your online casino balance. The CASHlib voucher denominations range from €10 to €250. As mentioned, you may purchase a CASHlib voucher online or at one of your nearest CASHlib retailers. The process gets a lot easier from here:

  1. Search for a trusted online casino accepting CASHlib vouchers as a deposit method.

  2. Register for an account at your chosen online casino. 

  3. The process usually takes no more than a few minutes. After signing up, you might also have to verify your user account by providing your ID and other vital documents.

  4. Head to the banking or cashier page of the online casino and search for CASHlib from the list of available deposit methods.

  5. Choose CASHlib and enter the money amount you wish to deposit to your casino.

  6. Enter the unique 16-digit code written on your CASHlib voucher or the one sent to your email inbox.

  7. Complete the payment transaction by submitting the deposit request.

  8. The deposit will be instant if you already have funds on your CASHlib voucher.

  9. Your account is now ready for real money play.

As shown above, depositing funds into an online casino via CASHlib is straightforward and quick.

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Withdrawing with CASHlib

Unfortunately, for now, CASHlib is only optimised for deposits and online purchases; therefore, it can only be used for deposits, not as a withdrawal method. That is primarily because every voucher can only be used once, guaranteeing safety and anonymity. Nevertheless, many reputable online casinos offer other payment options for secure withdrawals.

Customer Support

If you have a query not already in the CASHlib FAQ section, you may reach out to the company through an online form. Other than that, you can email EMP Corp at Support via Live Chat is not available, which is understandable considering how low-risk the payment method is. 

Fast Paying CASHlib Casinos

We scoured the internet to find the best and fastest paying CASHlib casinos. To use CASHlib as your preferred payment method, all you have to do is purchase a 16-digit CASHlib voucher code which can be used to fund your gameplay at any of the below casinos or the casinos listed on the top of our page. Here are just a couple of the best CASHlib casinos:

CasinoCASHlib DepositSpecial Features
💜 Casumo Casino✔️
Mobile app, Amazing graphics
🌋 Vulkan Vegas Casino
Mobile app, Loyalty program
💪 Casino
Tournaments, Fantastic promotions
☄️ PlayJango Casino
Generous welcome bonus, Hot & Cold feature
🔱 Casino Midas
Varied promotions, Loyalty program

Unique Casino Bonuses Using CASHlib

At CASHlib casinos, you get plenty of opportunities to receive casino bonuses and take advantage of loyalty schemes for transactions made through this method.

After all, bonuses are a favourite among gamblers. There are plenty of promotions and bonus offers here. You may get a chance to receive big welcome bonus packages, cashback, deposit and no-deposit bonuses, and free spins. The no-deposit bonus is one of the most prominent bonus types you will find at CASHlib casinos. Players get the chance to win real money without being required to deposit so much as a dime. All you have to do for this is to register for an account with an online casino that supports CASHlib and offers a bonus for using that method. That said, it helps to check for additional requirements or conditions for this bonus.

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Deposit bonuses are also quite popular. They usually vary in price based on the location chosen for your online games. You can start from 100 to several thousand Euros or GBP in deposit bonuses. These also come with wagering requirements and are required to be completed within a specific period. Yet another popular type of bonus you will find at CASHlib casinos is the free spins bonus. Spins are sometimes included in the sign-up bonuses offered at the casinos.

Payment Methods Similar to CASHlib

As mentioned, paying with cash at a CASHlib retailer is not the only way to obtain a voucher. You can purchase them online using your PayPal, Neteller, credit or debit card, and PaySafeCard. BeCharge is usually the best approach because its fees are comparatively lower; however, it does not offer PayPal payments.

On retailers like Dundle, on the other hand, you can choose to pay with PayPal and other e-wallets, but their fees are higher. Moreover, the CASHlib Dundle confirmation email might take more to get in your email inbox after purchase. No matter the payment method, once you make an official purchase, the voucher code will be sent to your email safely.

Security & Licence of CASHlib Online Casinos

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CASHlib Casinos Licence

CASHlib is a payment method that is available throughout Europe. It's services are provided by EMP CORP SA, which is registered and operates from Luxembourg. The reference register number is B194492 and it is authorised by the Central Bank of Cyprus.

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CASHlib Casinos Security

The payment system’s primary concept of paying money to fund the voucher keeps every user's banking and credit card information safe. The unique voucher code guarantees that the user may initiate an online financial transaction without giving access to other accounts. CASHlib does not ask users for private information; any information obtained via those who visit the site is under the company’s privacy regulations.

Users can ask about any information the company has collected during their website visit. The user may also request the company to erase their information and data if needed. Moreover, CASHlib also allows users to request the blocking of their private data. CASHlib has executed a stringent policy governing security and privacy to offer streamlined and secure monetary services for users.

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Are CASHlib casinos safe?

CASHlib casinos are secure, fast, and convenient. The payments are also securely protected. Your identity will also remain anonymous when you deposit at a CASHlib casino. CASHlib has established a healthy relationship with reliable online casinos that care to employ all necessary security measures for users.

Are the deposits made at CASHlib casinos instant?

Yes. CASHlib is particularly famous for its instant payment processing facility. The entire procedure only takes a few minutes.

Can I cancel a CASHlib voucher after purchasing it?

Yes. Since its issuance, those who choose to cancel or revoke their CASHlib voucher within the first two weeks (or 14 days) may do so without incurring additional fees. However, cancelling after this period will yield a 15 EUR/GBP redemption fee.

What does “Use by Date” mean?

The “Use by Date” mentioned on a CASHlib voucher refers to the date of validity of the 16-digit code given to voucher users upon purchase.

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