UK-based social sports betting network and tech start-up, Betfect, has added William Hill to the list of major online bookmakers whose odds are included on its network. William Hill will join names such as Ladbrokes who was the first major partner of Betfect when it was launched last year.

“We are delighted to be the first social sports betting application to fully and seamlessly integrate with both Ladbroke’s and William Hill’s APIs to provide an enhanced betting experience for our users,” stated founder of Betfect, Giacomo Alpago. “We aim to socialise the digital betting experience and do for the betting industry what eToro is doing for the financial trading markets.”

“It is a major coup for Betfect that major operators like William Hill and Ladbrokes are keen to work with us to drive innovation in this sector in order to give punters the best betting experience possible.”

Betfect allows users to simple manage their accounts for multiple bookmakers via a single site, providing service for all aspects of the process from registering new users to making deposits and withdrawals. The social aspect of the platform allows users to share and test their betting tips with any other member. Users can also place, share and copy bets via their existing online betting account. This all aims to create a more realistic and social betting experience, similar to what punters would enjoy at a betting shop.

“Creating a social network for the sports betting community, allowing users to stay connected while using our services is a great idea,” said the head of product innovation at William Hill, Alex Rutherford. “We are delighted to boost innovation by helping and supporting startups like Betfect to increase the level of engagement amongst our customers and to bring new ideas to market.”