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Irish Olympic Boxers Investigated for Betting on Games

Updated on: 04.01.2020 by Dermot Heathcote


The Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) has confirmed that two Irish boxers are facing disciplinary action for breaching their code of ethics and betting on the 2016 Rio Games.

The two boxers bet on a sport in the games between July 24th and August 24th, although it has not been revealed which sports the boxers bet on. While it is not illegal for players or officials to bet on Olympic games, it is against the rules of the International Olympics Committee.

“The OCI can confirm that two Irish boxers at Rio 2016 were spoken to about inappropriate betting activity during the Game,” read a statement from the OCI. “The matter is still under review so there will be no further comment at this stage.”

The Irish Athletic Boxing Association (IABA) said they have not been notified by the OCI regarding the inappropriate betting allegations and the names of the boxers has not been released. However, Belfast boxers Michael Conlan and Paddy Barnes denied that they are the boxers involved.

The IABA said they would be “very disappointed” if it turned out that members of the team broke the rules, saying that athletes are prohibited from any form of gambling in the games.

This is the most recent in a series of incidents that have rocked the Irish boxing team during the Olympics. Former OCI president, Pat Hickey was arrested on charges of illegally selling Olympic tickets. He denies any wrongdoing, but is currently being held in a Rio jail. In another upset, boxer Michael O’Reilly was banned from competing in the games after failing a drug test performed before the Olympics started. He claimed he inadvertently took a supplement which may have contained a banned substance.