Cameron Murphy29.06.2016

UK-based gambling company, Bet365 is facing legal action from a customer for failing to transfer her account balance of £54,000 despite numerous requests over a series of months. The customer began requesting to have her balance transferred to her bank account after a limit was placed on the size of the stake she could place.

The customer opened her account with Bet365 on April 16 and deposited £30,000 the next day. She placed a range of bets on horse races and lost a total of £23,000. Bet365 emailed her the same day to advise her that the maximum stake she could place on a bet had been increased. Using her remaining £7,000 she placed additional bets the following day, resulting in total winnings of £47,000, giving her an account balance of £54,000.

The day that her balance increased, she received a letter from Bet365 informing her that due to a ‘trading decision’ her account would be restricted to a £1 maximum stake. At that point, the customer chose to transfer her balance to her debit card.

On April 27, Bet365 confirmed by email that her identity had been “fully verified” and there is no dispute about her winnings. However, over two months later, the transfer has still not be made. After repeated requests and assurance from her bank, the customer has decided to take legal action.

Unfortunately, this punter is not the only one with this experience. Paul Fairhead, a campaigner on gambling issues said that more and more punters are facing issues from bookmakers when they request withdrawals.

“One of the stated aims of the Gambling Commission is to ensure that gambling is conducted fairly and openly. What we need is a standard, transparent verification procedure across the industry,” he said.