Crash Gambling in Ireland 2024

Crash gambling is quite lucrative when played right, but the biggest question is how you can have success when playing at online casinos? In this article, we discuss in detail what crash gambling is, its origins, how you can win at it, and so much more.

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Crash gambling is a fairly new game with simple rules. It is so recent that prominent game providers like Microgaming and NetEnt do not have Crash games in their portfolios just yet. The game’s close link with the cryptocurrency casino world (live online trading) indicates that it is a niche game of sorts. Crash is not very easy to come across, and not all gamblers are aware of its existence, but it is slowly picking up momentum. One day, we believe that this will be a game on the list of all mainstream casinos. How long this will take is difficult to say, but we are predicting it to be much sooner than some of you might expect.

Crash gambling, also called crash betting, involves live online gaming which players can play from the comfort of their homes, offices, or anywhere else via any device that is connected to the internet. In crash betting, players place a bet before the start of every round. It consists of a multiplier that begins at 1x and increases to a point until it crashes.

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What is Crash Gambling?

Crash betting is an innovative method of online gambling that is linked to cryptocurrencies. The main concept of this game is to create lines that keep on ascending, similar to the line graph found in stock and trading applications. As the line ascends, the player’s winnings keep on multiplying. At a certain point, similar to what happens in online trading, the line will end up crashing. When that happens, it is considered a loss. Since the multiplier keeps going up, the player’s winnings, as well as the crash, are unpredictable. Hence, it is recommended to set an automated withdrawal. In doing so, the player does not have to keep checking the screen. 

The websites will figure out when the betting amount reaches the player’s chosen multiplier and then withdraw their winnings from crash betting. Considering this game is fairly new and programmed to work like trading, those who take part in cryptocurrency gambling and online trading will most likely find success here. Like all forms of gambling, you will need to be aware of how much you would like to stake, as bankroll management is vital. Whether you are trading in USDT or Bitcoin the same rules will apply. 

The History of Crash Gambling

The very first crash gambling or shock game came out of CS: GO (skin game) betting. Players would place bets on crashing with skins or real money. As a result of the hype around crypto and Bitcoin, certain corporations have developed Bitcoin and crypto gambling, e.g., Rooter and Bustabit.

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How to Play

To take part in crash betting games, you must register on any crash betting website accessible to you. After you have registered on the websites, you will come across options to make single or automated bets.

As we mentioned earlier, the main concept behind the application is to place a bet, then the line graph keeps on multiplying. Once the line gets to a specific height, the multiplier will then crash. During that time, if you were able to withdraw the money before the crash, you will receive your winnings. If the crash betting game crashes before you can withdraw the money, you lose your investment. 

When you take part in crash betting, you must be prepared to either lose it all or win a lot. In the first couple of days, closely watch the site and notice how the lines fluctuate. Also, watch the common multiplier preceding the crashes. That way, you can come up with a useful strategy. For instance, with a proper strategy in place, you place a bet of 0.1 BTC. The multiplier will ascend on its own, causing your investment to increase. You can either choose to set an automated withdrawal policy at a Crash multiplier or do it manually. If the game crashes before you can cash out, you can try betting again. 

Ideally, it is recommended to set up an automated bet so that when you win, the website will place another bet for you automatically. If you want to, you can reset it to betting after a loss. In case you want to take full control of your bets, you can turn the automation feature off. First of all, you will have to set a base bet, i.e., the amount you want to bet first. Then you need to choose your strategy. For instance, the amount your bet size will decrease/increase, shown under the On Win and On Loss tabs. 

If you want to bet similar amounts automatically, choose Return to Base, which is found right under the On Win and On Loss tabs. You can also stop automatic bets from becoming too big in your strategy by setting limits on your max-size bet. You can also choose to automatically stop betting after a specific number of bets. Once you are happy with the settings, click on Run and start betting.

How High Does the Multiplier Go in Crash Betting?

In Crash betting, the multiplier can increase anywhere from 2x up to as high as 100x before crashing. It is not easy to ascertain when the crash will happen. Thus, it is difficult to say for sure how high the multiplier can go. 

In terms of how high it has managed to go in the past, it once reached a height of 500x, meaning, the individuals who have invested received significant returns. For instance, if you invested 0.1 BTC, you would end up getting  50 BTC in return. Bear in mind, however, that this does not occur very often but there is nothing to say that you won't be the lucky one.

Usually, the multiplier only ever reaches smaller heights before crashing. This is especially true now that an increasing number of people have begun investing more in crash betting. You can still expect the multiplier to go from 5x to 20x and still yield a decent amount of winnings. You must be patient and ready to take the risk for the multiplier to reach new heights.

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Probability for Winning

Although you do not need a profound understanding of how the game operates, the numerical formula behind it is simple yet intriguing. The likeliness of winning Crash games relies on a universal formula:

                                                              r x b / g

The above formula defines your outcome on every crypto-crash game. 

R - R refers to the potential return of the Crash game.

B - This is the amount of your bet.

G - G stands for the objective you set initially.

Thus, aside from the unpredictability of the multiplier, your likeliness of winning depends on these variables. Bear in mind that normally, every Crash game crashes immediately about 3 percent of the time, and this is not that high a percentage. This means that there is a likeliness that you will instantly lose your bet.

The House Edge in Crash Betting

The house edge of a game is a mathematical phenomenon that is programmed to work in favor of the online casino or Crash gambling platform that hosts the games.  

As we all know, gambling involves a combination of skill and luck. Regardless of the games you choose, there is an equal chance that the Crash gambling platform or casino site might lose. To counteract their potential losses and keep the game lucrative for players, the platforms need to determine a winning rate that also works in their favour. 

What this means is that when players place their wagers, the website benefits from it. The website may impose a certain commission fee for offering these thrilling Crash gambling games. They use these funds for security measures, overhead costs, and platform maintenance

How Much Can Be Won in Crash Betting Games?

The potential amount you can win playing Crash gambling games fully relies on the following:

  • Your initial investment, 

  • readiness to take chances, 

  • willingness to wait for better multipliers,

  • approach to cash out at the appropriate time.

The amount of money you can potentially win in a Crash gambling game depends on numerous factors. For instance, the strategy you plan to use and the amount you choose to bet, etc. 

For example, if you place a bet worth 10 euros and manage to withdraw your winnings at 32x, you may win €320. However, keep in mind that Crash gambling is legal in some countries, while others are making efforts to legalize it. 

Considering the winnings from Crash betting games are converted from crypto to fiat currency, you can wait before withdrawing from the wallet to your bank account whenever the cryptocurrency's exchange rate goes up. By doing that, you may win more money from playing Crash betting games with the same amount of effort.

Crash Gambling Strategies

Players can use various strategies when finding out their Crash game bets. Below are the main strategies:

Automatic cashout is one of the easiest strategies a player can adopt. All you need to do is determine an auto-cashout amount, e.g., at 1.5x. Going with a lower value lets you win more often but with smaller profits. By choosing a higher cashout value, on the other hand, e.g., 5x, you will profit more, with less frequent wins, however.

The Martingale strategy is a complex strategy commonly used in Roulette. The best player in the room uses it. When using this strategy, the player increases their wager each time they lose and go back to their base bet if they win. In a Crash gambling game, you will have to set your automatic bet to increase on loss and return to normal upon winning. 

Although this seems risky, the main concept behind this is when the player wins, they will be able to recover their losses. Set a maximum loss limit to save yourself from losing all your money.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy works opposite to the original one and takes advantage of both winning and losing streaks. This strategy involves players raising their wager amount after winning, and decreasing it if they lose. 

To do this, you have to choose the amount under the On Win tab to determine how much the wager size will grow if you win, and choose Return to Base in the On Loss section.

The Fibonacci Strategy in Crash gambling uses the negative progression approach. This involves the player increasing their wager after losing a round, as inspired by the famed Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci sequence sums up the last two numbers from the services, depicting the multiplier. 

If you lose, you will have to raise your bet as per the Fibonacci sequence, however, you go backward by two if you win.

What to Look For in a Crash Gambling Game

With so many Crash gambling games out there (since it is slowly starting to gain popularity), there are so many types to choose from. We understand that choosing one may seem confusing. Below are some factors you can consider when choosing a crash gambling game:

Automatic Cashout and Autobetting Options

Auto bet and automatic cashout are some of the most important features in Crash gambling. These allow for more secure and controlled gameplay, helping players cash out their winnings consistently every round, even if they lose their internet connectivity.

House Edge

As we now know, every online casino determines what its earnings will be after the player’s house places a bet, i.e. house edge. Consider researching every Crash gambling game’s house edge. That way you will know if the casino is taking a significant amount of earnings or not. Ideally, it has to be 1 per cent.

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Deposits and Withdrawals

A good Crash gambling website should always be able to offer secure deposits and timely cashouts. This is a highly important factor to consider when looking at a Crash casino.

Faucet, Crash Bonus and Free Money

While safety and convenience are important, a Crash game that does not offer good rewards will not be as enjoyable for you. The crash gambling game you choose should offer things like Crash bonuses, Bitcoin faucets (that allow players to claim cryptocurrency) and free money. Consider looking at websites that offer some, if not all of the aforementioned opportunities. 


Legitimacy is another one of the most crucial factors to consider when selecting a Crash gambling game online. Any player would need to ensure that their investment is safe and that the website they have registered at is not scamming them. Third-party scripts also exist that you can use to determine if the algorithm is fair. Besides that, you can look at reviews and check whether other users have had a decent experience using their site. You can also see if the website lets users play anonymously if they feel nervous about identity theft.

Loyalty Programs and Bonuses

Yet another determining factor in most Crash betting games is that there is always a possibility to win rewards to keep players interested. Below are some of the most common-ly seen rewards:

Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Bonus Rewards

Bonuses are pretty common among regular casino sites and Crash gambling sites. Such bonuses can occur monthly, weekly, or even daily. These bonuses can be in the form of free spins, currency, and CSGO skins.

Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are ways to win cryptocurrency while playing at an online Crash gambling casino. This idea comes from regular faucets since Bitcoin is being distributed for free. Most online Crash gambling games make users play mini-games so they can earn the faucet’s bonus reward.


Well-known crash gambling websites such as Roobet provide rewards for their customers, and one of them is cashback rewards. With cashbacks, players can earn a certain percentage of their deposits back. Different casino websites offer users varying percentages of cashback depending on the user’s account level.

Rewards With Non-Wager Requirements

Many online Crash games offer rewards without asking for an initial deposit. Players receive free spins, currency coins, etc. whether or not they choose to deposit money for their wagers.

TXT Coins

Many online Crash games provide free cryptocurrency to users after they register or via other avenues during their gambling sessions as a way to keep them around longer. 

Crash Betting Game Types

In essence, there is only one main type of Crash betting game. Nonetheless, based on the player’s strategy and the currency used, below are the types of Crash betting games you can expect:

Based on Currency Type

  • Bitcoin Crash gambling

  • Dollar Crash gambling

  • Ethereum Crash gambling

Based on Strategy

  • Manual cashout

  • Automated cashout

  • Manual investments

  • Automated bets.

Regardless of the type of game being played, the main objective remains to earn by earning higher multipliers. You will still find small changes.

Registration Options

Nearly every Crash gambling website you come across will require you to register before playing. The entire process is fairly easy; you only need to create a user account and choose a username. Through an account, you can socialise better with the other players on the website and your deposits and withdrawals will be easier as well. 

Email Registration

Players are normally required to sign up by providing their username and email and selecting a secure password. You can sign up using any email, and the entire process is usually very quick and easy.

Steam Account 

Many players play games via steam, hence, many Crash betting websites offer players the option to register with their Steam accounts. Just put your Steam sign-in details into the registration box, and you will be able to play through Stream without having to create a new account. 

Google Account

Many Crash betting platforms allow users to sign up just by syncing their Google Accounts (provided they are signed in). This makes writing quicker and more convenient, and all you need to do is click on the continue button. 

Making an Initial Deposit

Once you register and sign in, make your first deposit to your gaming wallet which you will be using for betting during games. The amount does not have to be big, and many games offer prizes and bonuses to new players via promotions as well.

Auto Bet Settings: Things to Know

The auto bet feature in crash gambling is one of the best, considering how convenient it makes the whole process. Below are the ways you can use the auto bet settings in Crash gambling:

On Win

The On Win tab is quite similar to the On Loss tab. You set an automatic amount whereby you will be increasing your bet amount every time you manage to win a round.

On Loss

Depending on the strategy you choose, you will figure out which direction you want your wager to go after each round (increase or decrease). If you put a multiplier on the On Loss tab, it will increase the bet size automatically after every loss, based on the amount you initially specified.

Limiting your Max Bet

One downside of the auto bet method would be that it may end up setting wagers too large for the strategy you want to go with. To counteract this problem, you can disable the Limiting your Max Size bet option so that the auto bet option does not increase your bet size after a certain amount.

Return to Base

This option is also found in the auto bet settings section. Therefore, if you decide to set the same amount under the On Win and On Loss tabs, you have to choose the Return to Base option for them.

Auto Cashout

This feature helps players select a multiplier at which they want to withdraw their winnings. The player can then exit the game automatically with their winnings, granted the multiplier they set comes before the game crashes.

Stop Betting After a Set Number of Bets

Yet another helpful automatic option that helps the player limit their bet before it gets too much. These are the stop on loss/stop on profit tabs. True to their names, players can select the number of losses or earnings after which they need to automatically stop betting.


Crash gambling among gamblers is getting more and more popular each day. Similar to any other betting game, however, it is crucial to know how things work. You must know how to place bets, and where and when to bet, aside from strategies that improve your chances of winning. Luckily, Crash gambling is quite simple, and the strategies that come with this form of gambling are not that difficult to understand either. 

Crash Gambling FAQs

Is crash gambling difficult?

Crash gambling is quite easy to understand, as luckily, the strategies to play this type of gambling are very simple. You can look at some tips and tricks on crash gambling throughout this page.

Can you make money placing bets on crash gambling?

As with most games of chance, there is no guarantee of winning as it will mostly depend on a lucky draw, so trying it out daily will change your chances. You never know when you might hit the jackpot and win big! 

Is crash gambling legal?

If you decide to try out some crash games, as with other forms of gambling, it's crucial to opt for fully licensed and well-respected casinos. As long as the platform you're playing at is legit, you won't have to worry about the legalities and your rights as a gamer are covered.

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