Love Island Favourites - Love Island Betting Odds 2023

Love Island is one of the UK's most popular reality TV shows. The series first launched in 2015 and quickly became a hit across Britain, averaging around 3 million viewers per episode. The show garnered so much fame that it spawned various copycats in several other countries. As surprising as this may sound, the reality TV show became popular with online bookies. Love Island fans who love to bet can now place a wager with their desired bookmaker in several markets.  

Unlike usual sports betting such as football, horse racing, and cricket, Love Island gambling works differently regarding odds and markets. Reading the odds and following the drama are the key aspects of wagering on a reality TV show, unlike a sports game. On this page, you will learn how to bet on one of the most popular British reality TV series and potentially turn a profit from a single wager. 

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Best Love Island Betting Sites 2023

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Love Island Betting Odds

There are numerous betting opportunities on the show, from betting on who would be the next couple, which relationship will result in a break-up, and who will be the crowned winner at the end. In the 2018 season, bookmakers took £5 million/ around €5,720,00 in bets on the show, making it profitable. 

Love Island TV show - logo on the smartphone screen.

Bettors can win significant real money from betting on ITV’s biggest reality show. Love Island raised £50 million/ around €57,200,500 in advertising for ITV in 2018. The most popular bet is on the next couple to break up.

Current Odds

Winning Couple 

Ron Hall & Lana Jenkins7/1
Tanya Manhenga & Shaq Muhammad50/1
Tom Clare & Samie Elishi7/2

Top Female

Lana Jenkins7/1
Tanya Manhenga50/1

Top Male

Shaq Muhammad50/1
Kai Fagan3/10
Ron Hall7/1
Tom Clare7/2

How to Place a Bet

Players can visit betting sites to sign up and start placing their wagers. The most popular events to bet on are the World Cup, Premier League or any other market of the desired sport, such as football, horse racing, and rugby union, which are three of the most well-known games.  

Love Island is a show that revolves around a group of contestants called Islanders who must live in an isolated villa away from the world. The goal of the Islanders is to pair up with another contestant and become a couple. During the series, they may either swap for another partner or remain with each other after the “re-coupling” event. Any Islander that remains single is eliminated from the show though they can also be voted off. 

Bettors can wager on which contender will be eliminated or voted off. Given the nature of the show, the most common bet is made on: 

  • which couple will break up  
  • swap for another partner 
  • who will be swapped

Since there is plenty of drama involved, prop bets can also be made based on the drama involved. 

How to Read the Odds?

Online bookies will show odds in a fractional form which shows the ratio of profit to stake. For instance, if the odds are shown as 5/1, and a bettor wages €10, they will win €60, which is the €50 of profit in addition to their €10 stake return.

Some bookies will display odds in decimals which show the amount a bettor will win for each unit they stake. For example, if a bettor wages €10 on odds of 6.0, they will receive €60, which is €50 profit in addition to a €10 return of their initial stake.

Most of the time, Love Island betting odds are shown in fractions. You may come across contestants who will be put up by a bookmaker in fraction odds on a certain market. Nonetheless, knowing how to read the odds is best for making the optimum betting decision.

The betting odds of Love Island are prone to fluctuation, given the nature of the show. Since contestants are voted off or eliminated or remain in the villa long before breaking up, the odds shift immediately. It means your current bet may need an adjustment. 

What Are the Different Types of Love Island Bets?

There are several different Love Island markets you can bet on. The nature of the show makes it so that viewers do not know much about the contestants at the start and how they will act throughout the series. It is a gamble to pick the winner at the very start, so it is best to for a certain time before placing your bets.

Here are the betting markets for Love Island:

  • This bet is made on the Island contestants which couple will win the prize money at the end of the show. Bettors can wager on the winning couple from the first episode all the way to the end, making it a popular bet.  

  • This market is similar to an outright winner, except bets are made on who is the show's top male or female contestant. The couple crowned show winners are considered the Top Male and Top Female contestants.

  • This bet is made on which couple will break up after the re-coupling event and who will be dumped and eliminated from a series. Islanders can be voted off or remain single and be eliminated.

Where Can I Bet on Love Island?

You can bet on Love Island from a variety of online bookmakers. Bookies will offer various bonuses and promotions to any bettor who registers and creates an account with them. Bookmakers set up odds and take bets. At the same time, if you claim a bonus offer or use a promo code for a promotion, you will get a chance to double your money or get a free bet.

Below is our list of betting sites that offer Love Island betting opportunities:

William Hill

William Hill is one of the oldest and most prominent gambling sites in the UK. The site has been active for over a few decades, and its services include casino games, live dealers and a sportsbook. You can bet on all the top-tier sports, including cricket, basketball, horse racing and race cars, among others. You can also try in-game betting for more excitement. The casino offers bets on the Love Island reality TV show, among other genres as well. Its decades of experience solidify its legitimacy, and quality is assured. 


A global sportsbook that offers a substantial amount of bets for any number of sports. Bet365 welcomes bettors with an attractive bonus and offers additional promos over time. The bookmaker takes bets on all the popular sports, including golf, cricket, and both regular football as well as American football. The platform offers adequate payment options, and you can also bet on mobile phones.

  • Logo image for Paddy Power Casino

    Paddy Power

    Paddy Power is an online casino site that houses several casino games from several suppliers. The site also offers sports betting opportunities as well, and bettors will find horse racing, football, golf, cricket and more in one spot. Special bets on Love Island are also available with in-game betting options for other genres. The site is optimised for cellular devices, and you can place a bet from Android and iOS devices without any hassle. Although the welcome bonus may not amount to much, the site’s regular features make it worth the while.

    Play at Paddy Power
  • Logo image for Betfair Casino


    One of the best sportsbooks is Betfair which delivers exactly what most bettors look for. There are ample betting opportunities at the best odds and various markets. Betfair stands out due to its pleasant welcome bonus and payout percentages. Not to mention bettors can wager on various sports and put a special bet on Love Island. Betfair is compatible with mobile phones, so you can bet on the go and claim bonuses from anywhere you, please. Feasible payment methods allow you to make faster and more reliable transactions.

    Play at Betfair
  • Logo image for Betfred Casino


    A top UK online casino site that features a plethora of games as well as betting opportunities. Betfred comes with football, cricket, horse racing, and basketball, among various others. You can also wager on the Love Island show in addition to the number of sports the site has. Betfred welcomes new bettors with an attractive welcome bonus and fast payouts when they need to cash out. The bookmaker is fully compatible with Android and iOS devices.  

    Play at Betfred

More Casinos for Love Island Betting

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BetVictor Casino Review
Wager €10 Get €100 in Bonuses + 50 Free Spins
Logo image for Coral Casino
Coral Casino


Coral Casino Review
Bet £10 Get £50 + Welcome Slot Tournament

How to Choose a Betting Site?

There is no one best betting site; it would be more fitting to say that there is only the right site for yourself. There are plenty of betting sites to choose from, and each option is excellent in its own way and offers plenty. All options are the best, but you may only select one based on your preferences. To choose the right one for you, consider certain aspects.

Below is the list of tips you can follow in choosing the right betting site:

  • License


    The first priority is always the license of a casino site or, in this case, a betting site. It is only ever safe to bet with a licensed bookmaker online since it they are regulated by gambling commissions. The UK Gambling Commission is one of the most reputable licenses a site can hold.  

  • Best bonuses

    Bonus and Promotions

    There is no shortage of bonuses and other promotions a gambling site can offer. Though you have to make sure the offers are worth your time by reading the terms and conditions. Unfair terms or loopholes can negatively affect your experience with the site. Always see the terms of use of a bonus offer before signing up and claiming it.  

  • Casino Payment Methods

    Payment Methods

    Deposits and withdrawals are of utmost importance when it comes to checking out a gambling site. You have to check if the available options are feasible for you. Also, check for any payment restrictions. Some sites may have withdrawal restrictions or if there payment method exclusions. Your funds need to be secure at all times, which is why this aspect is vital.  

With everything in consideration, you can start betting immediately on your desired markets with the right betting site. Be sure to check every part of the bookmaker before you sign up and get a bonus.  

How to Win Big by Betting on Love Island?

You can find plenty of tips from online betting forums on Love Island. However, the best way to bet safely is by keeping up with the latest drama and staying up-to-date with the latest events in the show. A reality TV show like Love Island has a few betting markets to choose from, and the only way to wager safely is to see how each contestant behaves throughout the show.

For instance, if you wager on the Top Male of the series, then your best chance is to bet on the winning couple who will be crowned at the end. The Top Male bet will net you a win regardless of who their partner is since your pick will still be the crowned winner even though their partner may have changed at a certain stage.

Love Island TV show - logo on the smartphone screen.

Wagering on the winning couple will help you secure a profit, and you can do this by looking at the signs and estimating which contender will be the crowned winner since the winner is also the Top Male. The same principle applies to the Top Female betting market as well.

The Winning Couple bet is straightforward; you only need to wager on the contestants who will win the Cash Prize at the show's end. This bet requires correctly guessing and following the votes and the drama to figure out which couple is bound to win the show. It makes you an outright winner.  

How to Make Sense of the Drama in Love Island?

Being a reality TV show, Love Island involves a lot of drama, which is the show’s main attraction. There is bound to be drama and other dramatic moments on the show, making it appealing to many viewers watching from home. Although the show’s dramatic moments are entertaining for the viewers at home, they can be used by bettors to decide whether to bet or not.

Contestants on the show can vote to change their partners for another or vote others off the Island. This sparks controversy and tension, which piques the interest of those watching. Keeping track of the drama will tell you which couple is on its way to becoming everyone’s favourite and who will be the series's Top Male and Top Female.

The drama between couples can also tell you whether they will switch partners. Additionally, if you follow the tension, you can make a calculated guess on which contestant will be evicted from the villa, depending on the drama. 

Love Island odds can fluctuate depending on the drama as well. The favourite couple may not remain the favourite for long or get evicted from votes. That is why it is essential to follow the series and keep up with the latest drama on the air.

Final Thoughts on Love Island Betting

Love Island is a popular reality TV show that offers entertainment and various betting opportunities for fans dabbling in betting. Winning big requires patience and carefully following the tension and drama that occurs during the show. The show's odds tend to fluctuate due to the dramatic shifting moments and contestant behaviour. Remember to sign up with a reputable betting site right for you and bet safely. Who knows, you might win a decent sum while enjoying the process.

Love Island Betting FAQs

Bookies take as many large bets as needed on Love Island. It is possible to win €50,000 from betting on any Love Island markets.  

The minimum amount of money you can win from betting on Love Island ranges between €5,000-20,000 though it is not the final amount. 

The most popular bets are made on who will be eliminated and which couple will win the cash prize. 

You can place a bet on Love Island from an online bookmaker. Create an account with a reputable betting platform and place your bet on any Love Island markets.  

The positive value of odds is reflected when the probability to win a wager is greater than what the bookmaker’s odds suggest. A bet that is less likely to win than its odds suggest has a negative value.

The show takes place in a villa located in the northeast region of Mallorca. It is about 55 minutes away from the capital city of Majorca known as Palma. However, the winter edition 2023 is being set in South Africa.

Contrary to this belief, the show is not scripted at all. There are more than 20 contestants on the show and drama is bound to happen to lead to tension and unrest among the contestant at times.

Crowned winners of the show will be awarded £50,000 - around €57,000.

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