Eurovision Song Contest Betting & Odds 2024

With the Eurovision Song Contest's popularity, Eurovision betting has become very popular among the UK, Irish, and punters worldwide. The festival is a well-loved tradition in European culture; so betting on the competition makes the whole performance much more exciting than just watching the show. Several Irish bookies also take bets on the competition, with thousands betting on the UK, Ukraine, Italy, Ireland, or any other country participating annually. If you're looking for Eurovision settings sites, Eurovision settings odds, & Eurovision betting tips, keep reading our dedicated guide for all you need to know!

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Best Eurovision Betting Sites 2024

Eurovision is a song competition that is a well-loved tradition in European culture. Although the show is exciting and full of zest and energy, betting on the competition makes things much more enjoyable. 

Because of the event’s popularity, betting on the song contest has become very popular worldwide among the UK, Irish, and bettors. Several bookies also take bets on the competition, with thousands betting on the UK, Ukraine, Italy, Ireland, or any other country participating annually. That's why we have curated a list of top Eurovision betting sites.

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Eurovision Betting Odds

According to data from bookmakers, Ukraine is most likely to win this year's edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. While Eurovision betting odds can provide insights into outcomes, these are not guaranteed, and results can change unexpectedly. With that being said, here are the current odds as presented for the market:

Eurovision Winner
Ukraine: 27/10United Kingdom: 12/1
Italy: 9/1Israel: 12/1

Who Will Represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024?

The winner chosen, combined by votes of the Irish public, a national jury, and an international jury, is Bambie Thug. The song, Doomsday Blue, is a mix of electro-rap and late-night goth pop.

What Types of Eurovision Bets Are There?

One of the main reasons why Eurovision odds draw so much intrigue lies in the markets’ simplicity. The “to win” bet, similar to the futures bet, where you bet on how the competition will end, is the most common type. Every betting site you sign up with will offer different odds for each country based on how likely their act will win: the lower the odds, the lower your chances of winning big. The odds also change based on when you place your bet.

The payouts get more significant with more countries participating in the competition. Therefore, if you bet before the semi-finals, you may win more than if you bet correctly before the Grand Final event. The best betting platforms allow bettors to bet on the Semi-Finals and the competitions for each participating country. You may be able to bet on the future early on, besides placing prop bets on whether or not a specific act will proceed to the next round.

Despite the simplicity factor, you will never find yourself short of the bet types when you bet on the competition online. The bets offered may vary from one bookie to another; nevertheless, they are the ones that appear most frequently each year.

Eurovision Winner

The most popular betting market is betting on who will be the competition's overall winner. You can place bets before the contest has begun, during the Semi-Final stages, or before and during the Grand Final. If you bet on any country participating in the Semi-Finals, you may get more enormous odds on them before the competition has started since there are chances they might not proceed to the Grand Final stage.

Always check how many points countries have gathered in the Eurovision Song Contests in recent years since some countries do poorly regardless of their songs or acts representing their nation.

Top Finish

Predicting the competition's winner can be tricky, with around 25 acts in the Grand Final. You can eliminate the pressure of predicting the outright winner by placing a “top finishers” bet. Here, bettors must only place a bet on a country to be in one of the top places in the contest. These places may be in the top three, five or ten.

Eurovision Futures

This Eurovision bet is similar to the outright winner bet. While futures involve predicting the winner of Eurovision, in this case, the wagers are placed considerably further from the event in advance. With winner bets, bettors place their wagers a few weeks away from the contest’s premier or during the event. Futures also involve bettors preparing their slips more than a year before schedule.

Eurovision Props

Proposition bets or props work on specific occurrences or events during the event. Such bets may focus on particular details or emphasise significant circumstances (or lack thereof) during the event.


Some betting platforms offer bettors a points market where they bet on how many points a country may receive. This system involves players betting on a range of points, e.g., 5-10, 20-30, 40-50 points, and so on. This exciting category adds to the fun of witnessing the points being announced for each participating country.

Each-Way Betting

An each-way bet essentially means that you're betting on two outcomes: that your pick will win and that it will do well. If your selected song wins, you win both parts of the bet for the maximum rate.

Top Scandinavian Country

Countries like Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark have a strong track record at Eurovision. Sweden has the most wins, with a total of 6 victories, making it a popular choice for those betting on the best Scandinavian country, especially with the return of 2012 champion Loreen. Some bookmakers might also offer a Nordic country market, which includes Iceland in addition to the mentioned nations.

Country vs Country

Country vs. Country is a bet where you pick one country to perform better or achieve a higher ranking in the Eurovision Song Contest than another specific country. It's like a head-to-head wager, where you're choosing which country will outshine the other in the competition, regardless of the final result. This type of bet adds an extra element of excitement by letting you focus on specific matchups between countries in the Eurovision contest.

Top Baltic Country

In the category of the best Baltic country, you can place bets on a select group comprising Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

Top Balkan Games

Focusing on southeastern Europe, this betting market allows individuals to wager on the top-performing country among six options: Albania, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia.

Semi-Final Odds

Several Eurovision betting platforms offer betting options for the two semi-finals, including markets like 'winner' and 'to qualify.

How to Place a Bet on Eurovision

Eurovision betting is similar to any other type of betting and quite easy, too. All you need is a laptop or a mobile and a few minutes of your time. Follow the below steps to get started:

  1. Select the odds of your chosen country: browse through our list of online casinos and take your pick.

  2. Sign up: start off by selecting a trusted bookmaker like the ones we've listed at the top of the page. The registration process should be straightforward, and you'll need to provide some of your personal details, such as name, phone number, and email address.

  3. Claim your welcome bonus: most betting sites will offer a special bonus or promotion when signing up for the first time. Make sure you go through the terms & conditions to satisfy all the requirements.

  4. Choose your preferred market: you will usually find Eurovision betting under the entertainment section at your preferred bookmaker. 

  5. Place your bet: once you select the market, pick your preferred bet type and enter your stake. Confirm the bet, and that's it. Good luck!

Always remember to gamble responsibly and within your means.

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Understanding Eurovision Betting Odds

Odds refer to how much a winning bet will pay out aside from how likely it is for a particular occurrence to take place. 

The odds you find in betting show the likelihood of something happening. For instance, something will likely happen if the odds are low. On the other hand, high odds mean it might not be likely that something will happen. Therefore, we can say that:

  • High odds = less likely
  • Low odds = more likely

Furthermore, odds are also the payout of a winning bet. They show how much a bettor will win if they place a bet on something happening. That said, the more you bet, the more you will win, provided the odds are good.

  • High odds = higher win 
  • Low odds = lower win

Types of Eurovision Odds

Below are the common types of odds for Eurovision:

Fractional Odds

The fractional odds system is prevalent in the UK and Ireland; however, it may not be easy to compare and understand them. It is called a fractional odd when there is a slash between two numbers, e.g., 12/1,

Using fractional odds, you can learn how much money you may win depending on your bet. The amount you may win is the one to the left (12, in this case). At the same time, the amount you bet is on the right side of the slash.

For instance, you will win €12 for every €1 you bet if the odds are 12/1.

Suppose the odds of a country winning Eurovision are 12/1, and you bet €10 that the country will win.

  • Win = odds x stake
  • Win = 12/1 x €10
  • Win = €120

Ultimately, if you bet €10 on a country with odds of 12/1, you would receive €120.

Decimal Odds

Most bettors in Europe, Canada, and Australia prefer decimal odds since many believe they are the easiest to learn.

In this system, the given number is the amount you will receive if your bet wins, depending on how much you wager.

For instance, a country has odds of 13 as the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, and you bet €10 on that possible occurrence.

  • Payout = odds x stake
  • Payout = 13 x €10
  • Payout = €130

Ultimately, if you bet €10 on a country with odds of 13, you would receive €130 if your bet won.

Winning Probability

The winning probability of a particular outcome involves converting the odds into a probability percentage of winning.

  • Once the average odds of every possible outcome are calculated, each outcome's IP (Implied Probability) is determined, which counts as the opposite of the average odds.
  • The IPs of all of the events are summed up.
  • The IP for any event will always be more than 100%, and that total of over 100% makes up the bookie’s revenue.
  • Each IP is divided by the total IP, which offers each outcome’s winning percentage rate.

What to Look for in a Eurovision Betting Site

Online betting should be a breeze, no matter what you are betting on. Eurovision is an exciting event to bet on, and since it only happens once a year, the betting aspect should be memorable for you. 

Countries such as Portugal, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova competed in this year’s Eurovision, with Ukraine taking home the win. As the 2024 event gets ready to take place in Malmo, Sweden, it is time for you to select the best betting site suited to your preferences. That said, below are some crucial features to consider when choosing one:

Ease of Use

Nothing could be worse than coming across a seemingly-promising online sportsbook and getting confused about how to place your bet. The platform should be intuitive, offering a simple and effective betting process. That way, you can easily choose any country as your favoured winner without trouble. The offered Eurovision odds should be easily accessible, and the bet you place should also be convenient.

Multiple Payment Methods

Whether you bet on the first Semi-Final, the second, the Grand Final, or all three, you should be able to deposit funds quickly. This is why reputable betting platforms offer players various banking methods for deposits and withdrawals. Such websites could support debit and credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, prepaid cards, cryptocurrencies, and more.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile-friendly sites are paramount in this day and age, no matter what platform you are on. Mobile support on betting websites allows for easy betting no matter where you are. Therefore, any bookie that grabs your interest must be optimised for mobile use. 

Mobile app versions for iOS, Android, and other operating systems are convenient in this case. However, many bookmakers offer web versions that bettors can access through their mobile or tablet web browsers. The latter option is often preferred since there is no requirement to download an app separately. With mobile support, you can bet on your chosen country(s) on the go and stay updated on the progress.

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Betting Options and Daily Updated Odds

Eurovision as a whole is an exhilarating setup to get behind. Once the event is over, you might want to bet on other TV specials or sports. That is why joining a platform with a solid selection of alternative betting options and innovative betting features would be your best option. Furthermore, accurate odds that stay up to date with current events allow bettors to optimise their bets and enjoy possible maximised payouts. Since Eurovision odds differ between bookmakers, joining more than one sportsbook at a time is a great strategy. That may help you understand the different perspectives of a situation.

Customer Support

While betting on Eurovision should be simple, it is understandable that users are bound to experience hiccups. Users need to have trust and confidence in the operation and enjoy their gambling process with as few obstacles as possible. As someone looking for an enjoyable betting process, you do not want to deal with issues longer than necessary. Efficient and helpful customer service can deal with issues within minutes if not seconds. You must be able to reach your bookmaker’s service centres via email or phone. Many betting platforms now offer a live chat option (preferably available 24/7) where users can speak to a representative directly and have their issues resolved.


It is one thing for an online bookmaker to offer a generic sign-up deal, but it is another (and comparatively better) for you to take advantage of ongoing rewards. Avid bettors always look for bonuses adding some volume and zest to their bankrolls.

One of the most common ways betting sites can help players fund their accounts is via match bonuses. While this bonus comes with a catch, it has proven helpful for many. For this, a bettor must deposit a certain amount into their user account to obtain a percentage of that amount (perhaps with a free cash match).

What is Eurovision?

Eurovision is an internationally-held competition that comprises representatives from each European country performing a song before a panel of judges and viewers worldwide on a live broadcast. The competition winner is selected through fan voting and judges’ feedback. The show is best described as a cross between the Olympics and American Idol.

The very first contest was held in Switzerland in 1956 by the European Broadcasting Union. It was a humble affair when you compare it to today’s standards. The organisers could not have expected the competition to take off the way it has today, with over 180 million viewers tuning in to watch.

The purpose of this event was to help cheer up and unite Europeans who were still recovering after the devastation caused by World War II. That year only saw seven countries participating in the event. 

Many famous singers began their distinguished careers when they participated in the song contest, including Olivia Newton-John for the UK, Celine Dion for Switzerland, Enya for Ireland, ABBA for Sweden, etc.

Europe’s ever-changing landscape in the late 80s and early 90s also saw the competition expand, and it is even headed outside the continent. Bulgaria is the newest member of the ESG family, and it would not be surprising seeing the contest become more of an international event in the future.

Fast forward to the present, Eurovision has over 40 countries participating each year. In fact, Eurovision has become more complex–and political even–over time. The performances, special effects, and costumes can be eye-catching sometimes and, other times, over-the-top and flashy, which adds to the competition’s appeal.

Activism and political ideas have embellished the competition landscape for several years now. Since numerous countries vie for the grand prize, there is an intense feeling of nationalism in many songs, performances, and production. You could say it is a unique event to follow.

The “Big Five,” which includes France, the UK, Italy, and Spain, are not required to participate in the semi-finals and automatically progress through to the finals. That is because these countries financially contribute the most towards the organisers, i.e., the European Broadcasting Union. Thus, you can bet on these five nations with the knowledge that they will not be eliminated before the Grand Final.

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How is the Eurovision Song Contest Structured?

Although many believe the Eurovision Song Contest is strictly a European contest, that is not the case. European Broadcasting Union countries include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Israel, Australia, Morocco, Tunisia, and Lebanon. 

All these nations are, therefore, qualified to enter the competition if they plan to do so in the future. As mentioned, the contest has given artists a platform to boost their careers locally, although others have also managed to achieve international success after their participation. Acts such as Celine Dion, ABBA, Olivia Newton-John, and many others have taken part in the event in the past.

The competition rules state that the songs submitted must all be original and no longer than three minutes each. They must also not promote anything political or commercial. All submitted songs besides the Big Five songs from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and the UK must compete in two semi-finals to bring 26 pieces to the Grand Finals.

In the Grand Final, tele-viewers cast their votes on their favourite song or songs, which are combined with a professional jury’s votes from every country.

Eurovision Participating Countries

A full list of all the countries participating in the Eurovision Song Contest in alphabetical order:

Czech Republic
San Marino
United Kingdom

Eurovision Winners in Recent Years

Ukraine2022Kalush Orchestra''Stefania''
''Zitti e buoni''
N/A2020 (Cancelled)N/AN/A
Netherlands2019Duncan Laurence''Arcade''
Portugal2017Salvador Sobral
''Amar Pelos Dois''
Sweden2015Måns Zelmerlöw''Heroes''
Austria2014Conchita Wurst''Rise Like a Phoenix''
Denmark2013Emmelie de Forest''Only Teardrops''

Fun Facts About Ireland's History at the Eurovision

  • Ireland has 7 victories at the festival; the second-highest number of wins.

  • Ireland has hosted the Eurovision more than any other country, a total of 7 times.

  • Ireland has an average of 16.5 points; the highest average of points scored.

  • Ireland hosted the contest for the first time in 1971, and most recently in 1997.

Some Information on this Year's Eurovision

  • The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Liverpool, United Kingdom in place of Ukraine)

  • Key dates are: 9th of May (Semi Final 1), 11th of May (Semi Final 2) and 13th of May (Final Night)

  • The tagline for this year's festival is ''United by Music''.

  • There are 37 entries competing. 

Our Verdict on Eurovision Betting

Betting on Eurovision can be a fun way of engaging with this popular song contest, not just having a sing-along. As with all forms of betting, make sure you gamble responsibly and approach with caution by playing with your means. Whether you decide to partake in punting or not, make sure you have a clear understanding of any risks involved.

FAQs About Eurovision Betting

Is betting on Eurovision safe?

Yes. If you choose a fully licensed and well-reputed website, rest assured that your information will be safe. Such websites take proper measures to safeguard customer information in the face of online threats. You must also adhere to your safety protocols by regularly updating your device’s software and changing your passwords every once in a while.

What kinds of bets do bettors make on the Eurovision Song Contest?

There are various ways players can bet on the song contest. Bettors usually prefer to bet on the outright winner of the competition. Besides that, you can also bet on the top finisher, various prop bets, and more.

Can I bet on my country winning Eurovision?

Although it is impossible to vote on your country of residence in the contest, you can still bet on it to win. Thus, if you live in Ireland, you cannot vote for its entry in the Grand Final stage, but you can bet on it to win.

What are the Ireland Eurovision odds?

Ireland hasn't selected its entry song yet. We will update this page when a winner has been announced.

Who are the favourites to win Eurovision 2024?

Currently, bookies are placing their odds Ukraine to win the Eurovision.

Which are the best bookies to bet on Eurovision?

There isn't a specific one, however the bookies that offer the most variety are William Hill and Bet365.

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