What Is The Hardest Game To Win In A Casino?

The best online casinos in Ireland provide a diverse range of popular casino games, such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, and slots, to name a few. Navigating through such an extensive selection of games can be quite a challenge for both beginners and seasoned players, whether playing online or offline.

This article will elaborate in detail on the most difficult and simplest casino games to master. Each game demands a unique set of skills. Some games, such as poker, require well-thought-out strategies, while others like slot machines largely depend on luck. The gambling realm offers infinite possibilities and outcomes, leading to either significant gains or losses – a gamble that comes with the decision to play for money. It's this risk that adds to the thrill of the game. 

The main goal is to minimise the house edge and walk away a winner - this requires seizing opportunities when you see them and planning strategically. As we share the most challenging casino games to win, we will also share some tips to help maximise your chances of winning.

Hardest games at online casinos

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Every casino game has its own unique blend of luck and skill, making some more difficult to master than others. Considering the various approaches to these games, which one proves to be the most challenging to win?

In this video from Irishluck.ie, as an experienced casino enthusiast and your host, I'll guide you through five of the most popular casino games while offering invaluable advice on how to conquer these intricate games and emerge as a triumphant winner!

Quick Overview

Don't have time? Read through this summary. 


This simple game is easy to understand for beginners. The hard part isn't the rules but the options you have when the dealer places the cards on the table. Learn offensive and defensive strategies to win and know when to quit.  


A popular game that is not understood by many. The game sounds simple enough, but players need to understand the types of bets they can place and how they can use them to their advantage. Roulette is a hard game based more on luck than a science-based approach.  


This game is complex and difficult to understand. It is also a game of chance; thus, you can't strategise to win as you would in other games.  


Also called the Blackjack twin, this game has additional rules that make it harder to crack.  


Simple enough, but the challenge, in this case, is using maths to deduce possibilities and knowing when to quit. Sometimes, aiming to win big can lead to massive losses.  

The Most Challenging Casino Games

Different games require different strategies and skills to increase your odds of winning. 


Blackjack is known for its simplicity. The game is very basic and easy to understand for beginners. In this card game, the players and dealers receive two cards each. The player's cards get dealt face-up, while the dealer has one card face-up and one down. The idea is for the player to draw cards to get a total close to 21 without going over the dealer's cards. 

In general, if you get dealt with two cards of the same value, you can split them into two new hands. You are then dealt two new cards for each hand while the bet doubles. The player then plays each hand as normal, giving him a slight advantage as they have two opportunities to beat the dealer. Once you get dealt your initial cards, you can double down - doubling the bet placed while receiving only one additional card. 

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The hard part about Blackjack isn't the rules. It's the number of options you get when the dealer first places the cards on the table. You are in a battle with the banker, and the aim is to beat his total with a hand that can't go over 21. The difficulty is hitting this goal while using different techniques and moves to increase the house's edge. Like with most casino games, it is best to step onto the battlefield with a good understanding of the game to bag the most wins. It isn't possible to master everything, but learning basic offensive and defensive strategies will give you a clear advantage over the dealer. In short, you need to know when to rise to the challenge, when to fold, and only split your cards when necessary to increase your chances of taking home the winnings. 


This casino game is highly popular at both land-based and online casinos. As with many table games, the game's rules are deceptively simple, but there is a level of depth and theory to the game that only serious players understand. 

As the name suggests, Roulette involves a little wheel with the numbers 0 through 36. A small white ball spins around the numbers on the wheel, and the gambler places bets on the table over positions on a table that correlate with the slots the ball can potentially land on. The slots on the table feature all the numbers and other options, like first 12, second 12, third 12, even, odd, black, and red. 

While the game sounds simple, that's not even half of what it is about. In this game, you must know about the types of bets and their associated odds to make it work in your favour. Roulette is a game of chance, so there is no exact method of playing the game. But intelligent people know how to decrease risks and increase their chances of winning. 

In this game, you can place an 'inside bet' where you guess the number or the type of pocket the white ball will land in. For example, betting straight up on one number may pay 35 to 1. A corner bet on four numbers, however, pays 8 to 1. On the other hand, an outside bet is on non-specific numbers and includes colour, odd, even, or dozen betting. Roulette is a game of probability and comes with a house edge. The casino has an advantage over the player with the addition of the numbers 0 and 00 on the wheel, lowering the odds of a bet landing on a single number. 

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This game has an element of excitement unmatched by other options available. As exhilarating as it is, it is also difficult to understand some of the rules put in place. Craps is a dice table game. The table displays all the bets you can place - around 40. In the online version, you are the shooter, which means you roll the dice. Before rolling the dice, you place a bet on a pass line, or they don't pass the line. Wagers include: 

  1. A total of 7 or 11 means the pass-line bet has won. 

  2. The pass line loses if a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled. 

  3. Any other total rolled becomes the point. Once a point is established, the shooter rolls the dice until the point gets rolled again or a 7 comes up. If the point comes before a 7, the pass-line bet wins. If the 7 is rolled beforehand, however, the pass-line bet loses.

These are just some of the basic rules. There are also many factors to keep track of when playing craps, and given that it is a game of chance, it is hard to devise a strategy to win. There is no way to anticipate the outcome, but there are some simple ways to make sure you increase your chances of winning:

  1. Take safer bets with a low house edge. 

  2. Take relatively safe pass bets. 

  3. Don't take pass bets at all. These have a house edge of only 1.36%. 

For gamblers who don't understand the game, it is best to stay away from craps and play other games on the list that are simple to understand and, therefore, easier than craps. The terminology used by players and the fast-playing tempo make Craps a complex game. 

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In this game, there are only three outcomes - a player wins, the banker wins, or there's a tie. Many call Baccarat a BlackJack twin, but adding a few more rules makes all the difference. Two hands get dealt to the player and the banker, with the highest hand winning. Players can bet on either hand. 

After the initial two cards get dealt to either hand, a complex rule decides whether or not a third card gets dealt to either hand. The best play to make is to bet on the banker. This bet has a house edge of 1.06%, while a bet on a player has a house edge of 1.24%. You can also bet on a tie between the player and the banker's hand, which carries a huge risk. 

This game, like Craps, relies mostly on luck. But in this case, you can learn a couple of tips to help increase the odds of you winning:

  1. Do not bet against a winning streak. 

  2. Do not bet every time. Observe results from previous hands and bet with a streak.

  3. Keep in mind that the banker draws more cards; thus, his hand is more likely to win.

  4. The number of decks used affects the odds.

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Here we will focus on the basic poker game, played using a standard deck of cards, sometimes with the addition of jokers. The idea is to win money by getting the pot, which contains bets placed by players throughout the game. 

Players place a bet hoping they have the best hand or convey the impression that they have a strong one to convince their opponents to fold their cards. In Poker, it is crucial to understand when to fold a hand and know when to bet. 

The game sounds simple enough, but it can be hard to master Poker. Here are some tips to help you get going:

  1. Start with low stakes to get a feel of the game. 

  2. Focus on increasing your bankroll slowly by using maths and stats. Don't go for the boom or bust strategy. Growing your bankroll takes time, but it is more likely to pay off.

  3. Limit losses by opting for pot-limit games. 

  4. Fine-tune your strategy, but tweak your regular pattern to disrupt the rhythm expected from you by other players. 

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Expert's Verdict

As mentioned above, in this article, we go into great detail on some of the hardest casino games out there. These games require strategy and skill and may seem overwhelming to some. However, we got you covered! We explained each game and how to play each game and we also have several guides on our website to check out and learn more. In conclusion, don't let these games overwhelm you as we explained everything in great detail!

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Which games have the worst odds?

Slot Machines and Wheels of Fortune have the lowest odds of winning, with a house edge of 10% or more. Slot machines also make it impossible for players to shift the house edge in their favour.

How can I win at roulette?

Roulette is a game of chance. It is simple and pays well. Bet on your favourite numbers, and if the number comes up, you win. You can also stick to betting on Red and Blacks, which gives you a 50-50 chance of winning.

Why are craps so hard?

Craps has become popular because of social media, movies, games, and TV shows. But this game is not meant for beginners. It has complex rules, many bets, terminologies, and a quick pace, making it one of the most difficult games to master in the gambling industry.

What is the house edge?

House edge refers to a casino's mathematical advantage in all the games it offers. It is a percentage which denotes the expected loss ratio to the money wagered. Games like Poker, Roulette, and Craps are popular because they allow the player to shift the house edge, unlike slots.

Can I win by playing casino games?

Yes, you can. The games are random, which gives you a high chance of overcoming the odds - which you will, should luck be in your favour. You are likely to win in the short term, but not in the long term.

Are all casino games based on luck?

Most casino games are based on luck. Some of them, however, have some element of strategy involved, which punters can use to minimise the house edge. While you can minimise the house edge, you can’t completely eliminate it.

What casino game has the best odds?

Video poker would be your best bet. Blackjack is also regarded by some as having the best odds.

What is the easiest casino game to win?

Blackjack because it has the best odds of winning and you are only up against the dealer.

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