How To Start An Online Casino

Online casinos are an exciting business. The gambling industry has a lot of potential for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to create an excellent gaming experience for players in different countries all over the world. Online gambling is extremely lucrative, regardless of whether they have previous experience in the field. 

However, several things need to be kept in mind when venturing into a casino business - what details need attention, what comes first, what marketing strategy should be used, and whether all kinds of games will be offered. You need to have the answer to these questions first. 

This guide will teach you all the information you need to get your business plan in order. We will share the step-by-step process of opening a casino, how much it costs to start one, the cost of the licence, and other details that will help you stand out from the crowd as an indomitable force in the gambling market.

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Quick Answer 

Here is a very brief overview of the process to start an online casino. We will be going into more detail later on in this article. 

  1. Come up with a strategy for your online casino. 
  2. Draw a budget for your licence, website, software developer, and marketing and promotions. 
  3. Start with getting your licence. Check gambling jurisdictions across countries and the charges. 
  4. Identify your target audience. 
  5. Contact a software developer for pricing. Prioritise good quality software. 
  6. Set up payment methods
  7. Create an optimised website. 
  8. Develop a marketing strategy that knocks the ball out of the park. 

Thinking Over Your Strategy

Here's a brief overview of the various points you have to take into account when developing a casino platform:

  1. Be ready to invest heavy capital in your online business.

  2. Set aside a budget to buy licences to run your casino legally. This is a crucial point for all casino projects, as you want to avoid fraud, develop a good reputation, and become a profitable enterprise with potential for growth and smooth operations - if you are an illegal casino, something is likely to stop your operations.

  3. Deliver attractive and lucrative game content.

  4. Use advanced technologies, solutions, payment methods, and security tools for a happy target audience. 

  5. Use an excellent marketing strategy to retain customers and visitors. 

  6. Beat out the competition by consistently working on various aspects and products of your brand to make a profit. Popularity within the target market is just the thing to turn the tides in your favour. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Start an Online Casino?

To begin your casino, you first need to outline a budget. As a casino operator, you must know what you will invest in.

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The licence cost depends on which country you will be running your business in. For example, a licence in Curacao will cost around €119,000 with a €33,000 set-up fee and a monthly fee of €5500 for the first two years. This is without tax.

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Creating a Website

You must set aside a budget for creating your own online platform. In this case, it might cost between €2500 to €12,000. The cost incurred depends on the service/software provider you choose, your budget, and the functionality of your website. Remember, your website should be able to support thousands of guests at one time - withstanding a high load without compromising on speed is a key feature for the success of a gambling website.

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Software Development

The next step is to factor in the cost of the software. Several options are available on the market, all offering various types of solutions, like Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, and NetEnt. Some software providers are synonymous with one type of game only, like Aristocrat is with slots. You need to outdo your competitors but shouldn't be paying a hefty amount to do so. Exceptional games are a mark of excellent gambling platforms, and the expenses for software can go up to €500,000 depending on the size and scale of your casino.

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Marketing and Promotions

Once you have a platform, you need to start marketing it with your team members. Online casinos spend vast amounts of money promoting their sites before and after the launch. This is a crucial strategy, and you should expect to spend almost €600,000 in the first year alone.

The Main Factors 


Getting a licence should be the number one task on your list because that is the only legal way to enter this industry. Once you have obtained the licence, you need to open bank and merchant accounts, negotiate with providers of electronic payment systems and shop around for registered gaming software. You can only promote your platform and accumulate users with a licence. The information provided in this article is for your knowledge only. You should contact law professionals in gambling law for expert advice according to your jurisdiction. 

All countries have their own laws regarding how to get a licence. Therefore, you should carefully study the gambling jurisdictions of your country, which include requirements, costs, taxation policy, and much more. 

Some additional regulations you should be aware of include the following:

  1. The online gambling business is illegal in the US except in specific states like West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. 

  2. You can have gambling businesses in Canada, but the requirements vary from province to province. For example, Quebec has its own casinos, but you can't operate an online casino in Canada. 

  3. The online casino business is completely legal in the UK. The gambling commission regulates all issues with a close eye on detail for online and offline casinos. Thanks to their diligence, most casinos are legal and safe.

The safest online gambling authorities are:

  1. UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

  2. Curacao eGaming.

  3. MGA - Malta Gaming Authority. 

  4. Isle of Man Gambling Commission.

Figure Out Which Type of Casino You Want to Run 

Players will always judge you based on the games you offer. If someone wants to play slots, and you don't offer them, they won't choose your site. Therefore, to attract as many players as possible, you must focus on the categories of the games you offer. It should be diverse - everything from jackpot slots, online slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, and even online bingo should have a place on your casino website to drive up traffic. 

Multiple games mean multiple revenues. It is also valuable to study the gap in the market and offer that game. For example, if casino sites rarely offer European roulette, you could mix that into the games offered. You can also offer a live casino with real dealers and video streaming to players. This will cultivate elements of reality in the online realm, creating a more immersive experience for the player. In addition, you should allocate space for virtual sports betting, like a sportsbook, to attract sports bettors to your site. The website should support the seamless integration of all games.

Software Development 

The type of gaming software provider you choose for your site depends on the customers you are hoping to attract. Good quality should be at the forefront of your mind as you attempt to balance pricing and features like security, guarantees, and gaming reviews. You should also pay attention to gaming content, certifications, technical support, and individual cooperation conditions. A full-service package should have all the answers to your needs, but you must research the company before choosing a product for the site. 

Another option, in this case, is B2B companies that offer a services-and-tools package with gaming content from a third-party vendor. Keep in mind that your casino games are the benchmark of entertainment. They will define the style and scope of your casino site. Additionally, the resources you have at your disposal for your players will define your gambling platform in terms of trust, opportunities, and expectations. 

Here's a checklist of a range of features to choose the best software provider for your site:

  1. Gaming licence or assistance in obtaining one from partners like the Malta Gaming Authority. 

  2. A variety of gambling games. 

  3. Multiple currency features.

  4. Multiple languages.

  5. Various payment methods.

  6. Device compatibility - web and phones.

  7. Customer support services.

  8. Cross-platform software development.

  9. Partner assistance. 

  10. Customer relationship management.

  11. A variety of service plans for every budget. 

  12. Custom front-end features.

  13. High security.

This isn't an exhaustive list, but it contains our main preferences for features in a robust gaming site. Here is a brief general breakdown of the costs from

Pre-launch expenses:

  1. Company set-up: 5-7%.

  2. Software set-up: 30-40%.

  3. Licence: 10-30%.

  4. Staff: 10-20%.

  5. Marketing: 20-40%.

  6. Other expenses: 10-20%.

Post-launch expenses:

  1. Licence fees per month: 5-15%.

  2. Software support: 10-15%.

  3. Game providers: 15-20%.

  4. Marketing: 50%.

  5. Staff: 10-20%.

  6. Other: 10-20%.

Payment Methods 

If you make payments seamless for your clients, you will win on all fronts - deposits will be quicker, creating cash flow, and clients can withdraw their winnings and funds without any hassle, creating high levels of customer satisfaction. You must integrate several payment methods to make withdrawals comfortable. Consider working with the following payment system providers with high levels of expertise in the field:

  1. Neteller: An extremely popular choice among online casinos. It offers anonymous payment methods, high transaction speed, and is easy to use for everyone. 

  2. PayPal: Known by users all over the world, most casino websites offer PayPal as a service because it's very secure, fast, and can be anonymous when needed.

  3. Visa: Debit/credit cards offer fast and secure transactions. 

  4. Skrill: Also very popular. You can cash out winnings easily while maintaining complete anonymity. 

  5. Cryptocurrencies: Some casinos offer cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, as a payment option. This is becoming very popular amongst players. 

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Create Your Website 

Your website is the face of your business in the online realm. A well-optimised website has many advantages, from customer retention to attracting new employees. You should create your platform with the user in mind because the reality is that your customers will make or break your business. That is not to say you can't implement your own unique idea here and there. Still, casino operators must consider what will make the player happy rather than themselves.

One aspect to nail is the visual appearance of the website to enhance brand value and attract customers. Other basics include:

  1. Attractive, unique designs of good quality. 

  2. No overcrowding with graphical elements like UI and UX. The selection should be tasteful but not overwhelming. 

  3. Ease of navigation for intuitive use. The design should be simple but impactful.

  4. Front-end integration with a database.

  5. The transfer from the website to the platform should be seamless. 

  6. You can use ready-made templates or take the brand to the next level by designing your own website.


Marketing and promotions are the last steps in the game. When you are ready to launch your website, creating an effective marketing strategy is important to generate traffic and enable website engagement. The first step is to identify who your target audience is. Your campaigns must be able to draw in exactly the type of people you want. And once you've hooked them in, the site's technology and benefits should be enough to retain them. 

Here's the best approach to marketing and promotions:

  1. Create a client profile by gathering data on the user base, like their interests, preferences, location, social media activities, skills, and other things that give you the information you need. Use the data to reach out to customers across various platforms like TV, social media, PPC, and other types of advertising. 

  2. Create exclusive content. 

  3. Offer bonuses like free spins, cashback, and match benefits. Create loyalty programs with different stages to keep players engaged. 

  4. Benefit from affiliate marketing to increase user engagement and boost traffic to the website. Ask gamblers and influencers to review your site for promotion.

A decent marketing strategy plays a crucial part in the success of your business. In some cases, it might even be the basis of your success - because no matter how excellent and robust your site is, if you can't get the momentum going, all your efforts will be in vain.

Do I have to pay taxes as a casino business?

It depends on where you are, but yes, you have to pay taxes in most countries. Contact a tax professional to get help with the forms and other information.

Do all game developers offer the same product?

No, different developers offer different games; you can check their catalogues for the ones that match your target audience's preferences.

Where do I get a gambling licence from?

You can get your gambling licence from a registered gambling commission. Refer to the License section for more information.

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