Siobhan Aslett24.08.2016

Online sportsbook, Tempobet, has signed an advertising deal with German Euroleague basketball team, Brose Bamberg, giving it the opportunity to expand its presense in the regulated European gaming market.

Under the terms of the agreement, Tempobet and Tempocasino.com brands will appear on court-side advertising and television broadcasting during home games that Bamberg plays. This deal is similar to one between the Spanish football teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid, in that their games will also feature Tempobet and Tempocasino brand advertising.

Tempobet has focused on football sponsorships in the past, through the deal with the Spanish football teams, as well as with a number of high profile English football teams such as Manchester City FC, Burton Albion and Middlesbrough FC.

“I’m delighted to have secured this advertising,” announced Mark Clayton, managing director of Tempobet.

“Basketball is a hugely popular sport with both our existing customers and among potential ones, and the opportunity to be the only sportsbook on the billboards in Germany was too good to miss.”

Brose Bamberg, which is based in North Bavaria, has taken home the German championship titles seven times and the German Cup four times. The billboard advertising will feature in at least fifteen regular season games and will be viewed in a number of different countries throughout Europe, significantly increasing their exposure in the region.

The deal, which was for a six-figure sum, was made possible because of the technology that is available for perimetre billboard advertising. The technology makes it possible to digitally modify the advertising by territory in order to customise it and make it relevant to local audiences.

“Having one deal that gives us simultaneous coverage in multiple European territories with audiences of many millions at the same time will help take us to the next level,” added Clayton.