Siobhan Aslett11.15.2016

Irish gambling company, Seaniemac, has partnered with London-based company, Project 11, in an advertising deal. Through the agreement, Seaniemac will be able to advertise through Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

According to the terms of the agreement, Seaniemac will be able to advertise via digital sideline boards for La Liga 2017 football games. This will be available at a mixture of away games by Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, two of the largest football teams in the world.

Viewers across Ireland and the UK will have access to these advertisements which will be broadcast as one to two minute live TV in-play sideline advertising, as well as additional footage from highlights, repeats and online and mobile device viewing, resulting in a combined total of seven to nine minutes of broadcasts across all media outlets.

With an estimate that the El Clasico, the game when Real Madrid and FC Barcelona match up, attracts around 400 million viewers, this partnership will extend the reach of Seaniemac throughout Ireland and the UK.

“We are excited about the exposure this partnership will bring to Seaniemac,” stated Shane O’Driscoll, chief executive of Seaniemac. “Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are arguably the two most popular football clubs in the world, featuring the world’s two most talented and popular players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.”

Seaniemac focuses on the Irish gambling market, specifically through the Gaelic Athletics Association (GAA), as well as Irish horse racing and soccer. However, it is also offers an online service and has recently updated its website to offer improved VIP services. It aims to offer an industry-leading online product for sports betting, casino gaming, bingo, poker and skilled games to all customers, particularly in Ireland and the UK.