Siobhan Aslett23.11.2016

Irish online sports book and casino company, Seaniemac Ltd, has announced their sponsorship of native Irish MMA fighter, Ritchie Kiely, for his debut fight which will take place in the 3 Arena Dublin on Friday, December 16, 2016.

Kiely is the latest Irish fighter to join John Kavanagh’s team and to fight out of the well-known SBG Gym in Dublin. A former title winning kickboxer, Kiely is a promising new fighter in the MMA circle and is expected to become a name in Ireland and International fighting. The fight in December is his first MMA fight since moving over to the sport.

“We are delighted to partner with Ritchie at the beginning of his journey into the MMA,” announced Gareth Core, chief executive officer at Seaniemac. “He is an exciting fighter who we feel can make an impact on the biggest stage and we look forward to a long and successful partnership.”

The debut match will be broadcast live on television throughout the world and a capacity crowd of 9,500 people is expected to attend to watch live at the 3 Arena Dublin. Under the terms of the agreement, Kiely will sport the Seaniemac brand on his clothing, including his pre-fight outfit and the trunks that he’ll wear during the fight, as well as on his ringside banners.

As a young fighter and an up and coming name in the MMA, Seaniemac’s personal sponsorship of Kiely is expected to bring the gaming company wide exposure to an audience in Ireland, as well as Internationally.

“The sponsorship will give our brand amazing worldwide exposure to a new audience for Seaniemac and is a continuation of our marketing strategy,” Core pointed out.